PS4 Demo The Dark Sorcerer: Even More Impressive Technical Specs Unveiled, and a Little Mystery

More impressive technical specs surface about the PS4 real time tech demo The Dark Sorcerer by Quantic Dream, and also a little mistery about a discrepancy in the number of polygons displayed.

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DoomeDx1509d ago

Sorry man. I love the PS4. But this is bullshit
"The framerate was not optimized at E3, and ran between 30 and 90 frames per second."

Dont tell me you guys believe that :p

Abriael1509d ago

I don't see why we shouldn't?

Enemy1509d ago

^ How could we not believe it? They're not even allowed to lie about this, so wtf are you even talking about?

pedrof931509d ago

I wonder it says that uses 4 gigs of ram of 8. But it's like it used 3 + 1 (from the OS) or 4 from the 7 available for gaming ?

nnodley1509d ago


I read in another article that this was created using an early devkit that had only 4gb available for them to use. The way it sounded is they didn't use the full 4gb. So it could be 3.5 or even 2gb.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1508d ago

So cute to see all the youngsters post on this site. They have no clue about the PS2 and Toy Story CGI graphics.

Still have my PS2 hooked up. Still waiting for that game with those graphics.

one2thr1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )


Fun fact: Sony never actually said that, it was the "Media" that twisted up their words and made it seem as though they did say that...

Thought you should know, mate...

NewMonday1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

"The DualShock 4 can be used to dynamically move the camera position and switch lighting (between studio mode and film mode) within a single frame"

this proves it's a real-time engine


they way it gets so much detail could be because of the small area to render, low depth of field and fewer AI objects in the environment.

mrmarx1508d ago

he's acting like it's microsoft making this statement..

RyuStrife1508d ago

@midnight lol except the toy story thing was never Sony.


It was Bill Gates

inveni01508d ago

Toy Story 1 CGI was really not all that impressive. Go back and watch it. Pay attention to Sid's dog. (Yes, I know the names of the characters. I have three kids. And those movies are good.)

Secondly, this is easily CGI quality. And it's proven. It's not a promise. The Division: Have you seen it? We're there, people. Excellent fidelity has arrived. I can't even begin to imagine what Naughty Dog will do on PS4 after what I saw in The Last of Us.

abzdine1508d ago

''The demo has been created by using the PS3 development pipeline used for Beyond: Two Souls, as PS4 development tools still weren’t available.''

Enough said!imagine how that'll be when they have created their own dev tools for PS4

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Gran Touring1509d ago

Why wouldn't we believe it? They said the code wasn't optimized so there would be fluctuations in the framerate. What's so unbelievable about that?

Abriael1509d ago

My PC goes between 30 and 90 fps all the time :D

DoomeDx1509d ago

IM actually talking about it techwise.

Only 4gb used, 1080p, and 90 FPS with graphics like that? You must be the biggest fanboy in the world to even believe that.

Read my comment history and you will see that I am a big sony fan. But this is redicilous

Abriael1509d ago

@DoomeDx: I believe what a developer says officially more than what some dude on N4G says, that's for sure.

GribbleGrunger1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

@DoomeDx: What would be the point in them lying? Even if it only ran at 30fps/1080p, it would still impress anyone. 90fps seems such an arbitrary figure that it strikes me as the truth.

DoomeDx1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

@ Abriael: Ah, so you are that kind of guy that believes that Infinity Ward really made a brand-new engine for Ghost? Or that believes that dynamic-fish AI is next gen? Or that EA DLC is not on-disc because ''the developers told us that''?

Grow up. Developers lie often. Thats a fact. Same thing counts for other businesses

Abriael1509d ago

@DoomeDx: I believe what I see. The demo is very complex, but it features only three characters on screen tops and at times only ones. The environment is complex as well but isn't very big. It's entirely credible that the rendering could have hit 90 frames per second in the less crowded scenes since it can stay over 30 in the more crowded ones.

It's really simple logic, and you're disbelieving what they say with no reason to other than an irrational "it's impossible!" belief.

Destrania1509d ago

Actually when it spawns all those goblins, there is more than 3 characters on screen.

Foliage1509d ago

I think the confusion stems from you not understanding what FPS actually means. It's fairly easy to vary between 30-90 FPS. Any PC gamer will tell you that pretty easily.

The PS4 is an absolute beast; with twice the GPU power of the Xbox One; along with 2.5x faster RAM and a larger quantity of it used for games.

I don't even see why this would be something to question. There is no reason for them to worry about optimizations at this stage. Why would they care about locking the frame rate; especially on a product that will not hit retail?

Google is your friend; it might be a good start for you to start your research and stop sounding like an idiot on here.

Baka-akaB1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

" Ah, so you are that kind of guy that believes that Infinity Ward really made a brand-new engine for Ghost?"

Those guys lies through their teeth on a bi annual basis . We have very few reasons to doubt the word of Quantic dream so far .

And i think you are mistaking those 90 fps spikes and variation as a good thing that would deserve hyping . Iit's an unstable result from experimentations and a tech demo

starchild1509d ago


No, the PS4 does not have twice the GPU power as the Xbox One. It has exactly 50% more graphics power as the Xbox One.

The Xbox One has 12 compute units, while the PS4 has 18. As a comparison my AMD HD 7950 graphics card, which uses the same GCN shader architecture, has 28 compute units.

You also can't say the PS4 has 2.5 times the memory bandwith because in order to reach that figure you would have to pretend the ESRAM in the Xbox One doesn't exist. I'm not saying Microsoft's claims of 194 gb/s are accurate as a general measure of data throughput, but to pretend it doesn't exist at all is equally disingenuous.

The PS4 is definitely more powerful than the Xbox One. There is no need to lie or distort the truth.

Hercules1891508d ago

If it was a dev for xbox one would ppl still be saying positive stuff like this, Ill bet no, everybody mocks at the belief that the specs are closer than we think, thats why they are both at the same price cus u figure about 100 for kinect. On paper ps4 sounds better, but so did the 360 and u know what with the ps3 came out to be about equal to 360 once the devs knew how to handle the custom parts so we should be giving microsoft the benefit of the doubt.

NewMonday1508d ago


you are not very accurate either, 10% of the XB1 GPU is locked, this leaves about 1.1 TFLOPS for games compared to the full 1.84 TFLOPS on the PS4, so the gap between them is like 3 XBOX360s.

as for eSRAM, it can only stream 32mb at a time.

BallsEye1508d ago


But when developer says something good about XO you believe what N4g folks say not him. How Ironic.

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mattkelly19911509d ago

Frame Rate Fluctuations Are A Government Conspiracy.

Monkeysmarts1508d ago

No, it's the Illuminati!!

NeXXXuS1508d ago

So Is Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word That You Type. Oh God.... They're Onto Me! D:

FamilyGuy1509d ago

There's not much going on in the scene that would eat up resources and it's a small, confined space.

There' nothing impossible about it.

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's fake.
Quantic Dream has a track record that easily supports them as leaders in visual fidelity.

What is there to doubt?

windblowsagain1509d ago

Yes it looked fantastic and of course unless locked framerate would be up and down.

But the Division was running on PS4 and looked awesome and huge. So i don't doubt graphics like that are possible. Optimized or not.

I_am_Batman1509d ago

The problem is that most people don't understand what a tech demo is. The Dark Sorcerer scene is extremely detailed yes but the PS4 has not many things to render. Of course you won't have such detail in an open world game where the PS4 has to render 50 or more people, buildings, maybe vehicles at the same time.

Angrymorgan1508d ago

Yeah. I remember the t rex tech demo on ps1. Very impressive but actual game animations were no where near as smooth or realistic.
Tech demo's simply show what the hardware is capable of but shouldnt be taken as in game standards