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Submitted by Abriael 952d ago | news

PS4 Demo The Dark Sorcerer: Even More Impressive Technical Specs Unveiled, and a Little Mystery

More impressive technical specs surface about the PS4 real time tech demo The Dark Sorcerer by Quantic Dream, and also a little mistery about a discrepancy in the number of polygons displayed. (PS4, The Dark Sorcerer)

DoomeDx  +   952d ago
Sorry man. I love the PS4. But this is bullshit
"The framerate was not optimized at E3, and ran between 30 and 90 frames per second."

Dont tell me you guys believe that :p
Abriael  +   952d ago | Well said
I don't see why we shouldn't?
Enemy  +   952d ago
^ How could we not believe it? They're not even allowed to lie about this, so wtf are you even talking about?
pedrof93  +   952d ago
I wonder it says that uses 4 gigs of ram of 8. But it's like it used 3 + 1 (from the OS) or 4 from the 7 available for gaming ?
nnodley  +   952d ago

I read in another article that this was created using an early devkit that had only 4gb available for them to use. The way it sounded is they didn't use the full 4gb. So it could be 3.5 or even 2gb.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   952d ago
So cute to see all the youngsters post on this site. They have no clue about the PS2 and Toy Story CGI graphics.

Still have my PS2 hooked up. Still waiting for that game with those graphics.
one2thr  +   952d ago

Fun fact: Sony never actually said that, it was the "Media" that twisted up their words and made it seem as though they did say that...

Thought you should know, mate...
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NewMonday  +   952d ago
"The DualShock 4 can be used to dynamically move the camera position and switch lighting (between studio mode and film mode) within a single frame"

this proves it's a real-time engine


they way it gets so much detail could be because of the small area to render, low depth of field and fewer AI objects in the environment.
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mrmarx  +   952d ago
he's acting like it's microsoft making this statement..
RyuStrife  +   951d ago
@midnight lol except the toy story thing was never Sony.


It was Bill Gates
inveni0  +   951d ago
Toy Story 1 CGI was really not all that impressive. Go back and watch it. Pay attention to Sid's dog. (Yes, I know the names of the characters. I have three kids. And those movies are good.)

Secondly, this is easily CGI quality. And it's proven. It's not a promise. The Division: Have you seen it? We're there, people. Excellent fidelity has arrived. I can't even begin to imagine what Naughty Dog will do on PS4 after what I saw in The Last of Us.
abzdine  +   951d ago
''The demo has been created by using the PS3 development pipeline used for Beyond: Two Souls, as PS4 development tools still weren’t available.''

Enough said!imagine how that'll be when they have created their own dev tools for PS4
Gran Touring  +   952d ago
Why wouldn't we believe it? They said the code wasn't optimized so there would be fluctuations in the framerate. What's so unbelievable about that?
Abriael  +   952d ago
My PC goes between 30 and 90 fps all the time :D
DoomeDx  +   952d ago
IM actually talking about it techwise.

Only 4gb used, 1080p, and 90 FPS with graphics like that? You must be the biggest fanboy in the world to even believe that.

Read my comment history and you will see that I am a big sony fan. But this is redicilous
Abriael  +   952d ago | Well said
@DoomeDx: I believe what a developer says officially more than what some dude on N4G says, that's for sure.
GribbleGrunger  +   952d ago
@DoomeDx: What would be the point in them lying? Even if it only ran at 30fps/1080p, it would still impress anyone. 90fps seems such an arbitrary figure that it strikes me as the truth.
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DoomeDx  +   952d ago
@ Abriael: Ah, so you are that kind of guy that believes that Infinity Ward really made a brand-new engine for Ghost? Or that believes that dynamic-fish AI is next gen? Or that EA DLC is not on-disc because ''the developers told us that''?

Grow up. Developers lie often. Thats a fact. Same thing counts for other businesses
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Abriael  +   952d ago | Well said
@DoomeDx: I believe what I see. The demo is very complex, but it features only three characters on screen tops and at times only ones. The environment is complex as well but isn't very big. It's entirely credible that the rendering could have hit 90 frames per second in the less crowded scenes since it can stay over 30 in the more crowded ones.

It's really simple logic, and you're disbelieving what they say with no reason to other than an irrational "it's impossible!" belief.
Destrania  +   952d ago
Actually when it spawns all those goblins, there is more than 3 characters on screen.
Foliage  +   952d ago
I think the confusion stems from you not understanding what FPS actually means. It's fairly easy to vary between 30-90 FPS. Any PC gamer will tell you that pretty easily.

The PS4 is an absolute beast; with twice the GPU power of the Xbox One; along with 2.5x faster RAM and a larger quantity of it used for games.

I don't even see why this would be something to question. There is no reason for them to worry about optimizations at this stage. Why would they care about locking the frame rate; especially on a product that will not hit retail?

Google is your friend; it might be a good start for you to start your research and stop sounding like an idiot on here.
Baka-akaB  +   952d ago
" Ah, so you are that kind of guy that believes that Infinity Ward really made a brand-new engine for Ghost?"

Those guys lies through their teeth on a bi annual basis . We have very few reasons to doubt the word of Quantic dream so far .

And i think you are mistaking those 90 fps spikes and variation as a good thing that would deserve hyping . Iit's an unstable result from experimentations and a tech demo
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starchild  +   952d ago

No, the PS4 does not have twice the GPU power as the Xbox One. It has exactly 50% more graphics power as the Xbox One.

The Xbox One has 12 compute units, while the PS4 has 18. As a comparison my AMD HD 7950 graphics card, which uses the same GCN shader architecture, has 28 compute units.

You also can't say the PS4 has 2.5 times the memory bandwith because in order to reach that figure you would have to pretend the ESRAM in the Xbox One doesn't exist. I'm not saying Microsoft's claims of 194 gb/s are accurate as a general measure of data throughput, but to pretend it doesn't exist at all is equally disingenuous.

The PS4 is definitely more powerful than the Xbox One. There is no need to lie or distort the truth.
Hercules189  +   952d ago
If it was a dev for xbox one would ppl still be saying positive stuff like this, Ill bet no, everybody mocks at the belief that the specs are closer than we think, thats why they are both at the same price cus u figure about 100 for kinect. On paper ps4 sounds better, but so did the 360 and u know what with the ps3 came out to be about equal to 360 once the devs knew how to handle the custom parts so we should be giving microsoft the benefit of the doubt.
NewMonday  +   952d ago

you are not very accurate either, 10% of the XB1 GPU is locked, this leaves about 1.1 TFLOPS for games compared to the full 1.84 TFLOPS on the PS4, so the gap between them is like 3 XBOX360s.

as for eSRAM, it can only stream 32mb at a time.
BallsEye  +   952d ago

But when developer says something good about XO you believe what N4g folks say not him. How Ironic.
sexybeast69  +   952d ago
Frame Rate Fluctuations Are A Government Conspiracy.
Monkeysmarts  +   951d ago
No, it's the Illuminati!!
NeXXXuS  +   951d ago
So Is Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word That You Type. Oh God.... They're Onto Me! D:
sexybeast69  +   944d ago
Its My Stupid Phone.
FamilyGuy  +   952d ago
There's not much going on in the scene that would eat up resources and it's a small, confined space.

There' nothing impossible about it.

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's fake.
Quantic Dream has a track record that easily supports them as leaders in visual fidelity.

What is there to doubt?
windblowsagain  +   952d ago
Yes it looked fantastic and of course unless locked framerate would be up and down.

But the Division was running on PS4 and looked awesome and huge. So i don't doubt graphics like that are possible. Optimized or not.
I_am_Batman  +   952d ago
The problem is that most people don't understand what a tech demo is. The Dark Sorcerer scene is extremely detailed yes but the PS4 has not many things to render. Of course you won't have such detail in an open world game where the PS4 has to render 50 or more people, buildings, maybe vehicles at the same time.
Angrymorgan  +   952d ago
Yeah. I remember the t rex tech demo on ps1. Very impressive but actual game animations were no where near as smooth or realistic.
Tech demo's simply show what the hardware is capable of but shouldnt be taken as in game standards
BallsEye  +   952d ago

Ow yea the T-Rex demo blew me away when I got my psone (big jump for me from sega saturn!). Never saw a game with that kind of graphics on psone. Will be same here. When you're not watching pre-made scene where everything is baked in but actually playing a game it's much much more complicated.
christian hour  +   952d ago
Finally someone who can look at tech demos without rose tinted glasses. I loved that Trex Tech Demo, and the Manta Rays too! Loved the music in the manta ray one, so haunting!

But yeah everyone here knows the score, while graphically impressive it was still a small confined set, the more you expand on that and the more assets you add for the console to compute, the more of a hit you'll take on graphical fidelity, not to take anythign away from this insanely impressive tech demo.

Quantic Dreams always seem to hit close to their tech demos so I'm curious to see what this game ends up becoming and how it ends up looking.

Quantic Dream games tend to have locked camera angles and only show you what they need to show you at any given time, so they know exactly what needs to be rendered where and when in relation to the player character, which enables them to populate thier levels in as much detail as possible and carefully balance it so as not to e hit a dip in performance or crashing the system, i have probably worded that terribly but hopefully i made some sense of it.
Angrymorgan  +   951d ago
I forgot about the manta ray lol. I remember liking the music tho
I remember it was on a disc called demo one
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Destrania  +   951d ago
Considering that Beyond: Two Souls is running at a higher visual fidelity and is technically more impressive than the Kara tech demo that came before it, I think that what they showed with The Dark Sorceror is definitely achievable in a full, large scale game, especially considering it is in fact real-time running on PS4 and not pre-rendered. In a couple years, games on PS4 will go far beyond what's been shown already. Just depends on the developer and how far they want to push and optimize the game they're creating.
Thomper  +   951d ago
LOL... People are disagreeing with you. They actually think a real-time game with actual gameplay could maintain this level of detail!!

Funny how we haven't seen a single game that can even come close to this.

ZeroX9876  +   952d ago
what do you believe?
the PS4 Devkit was still not finalized and I'm sure this tech demo wasn't polished as well as a complete product. We saw some hiccups here and there on certain games at E3, but the footage was awesome for a early reveal.
We've been stuck with the same old hardware for 7 years, so seeing a big gap between the two gen is not that surprising to me.
running code on devkit can be rough at the beginning. at least it ran on the actual hardware....
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jay2  +   952d ago
Of cause it can run between 30-90FPS.
imt558  +   952d ago
Yes, we believe.:)
despair  +   952d ago
I don't think you understand even slightly what you're talking about, all you hear is 1080p and 90 fps and you go off the rails, sometimes when scene shifts focus then less processing is required as its a smaller area its focused on, at that point if there is no vsync and optimization then the framerate will skyrocket even if its for a second or less.

When a lot is going on (technically speaking) on screen the framerate will fall and when there is little going on then the framerate will rise, its probably as simple as that and I know very little about these things myself.
isarai  +   952d ago
why not, it was an enclosed set piece, only two characters(until the goblin multiplies)filmed only facing one direction, and no form of AI whatsoever. not hard to believe at all really, but still very impressive
mistertwoturbo  +   952d ago
You obviously have zero technical knowledge on the matter.

My GTX 680 can play Battlefield 3 anywhere from 60-90fps without V-Sync, it will fluctuate depending on the usage.

The Dark Sorcerer demo is a highly focused small area, so of course they will be able to achieve 1080p with the frame rate all over the place. It's not a game, and it's not super optimized.

It's a tech demo, and an impressive one at that.
BABY-JEDI  +   952d ago
@ Doomedx, don't take things to personal... The demo is really impressive. But I don't think they have reasons to lie. It's a show piece work & if found to be questionable, then it could be really damaging. Case point KZ 2 trailer...
Swiftcricket  +   952d ago
While I get what you're getting at DoomeDx, this is actually possible seeing as it only had to render this single small room. It definitely looked incredibly smooth and if anything I'm more surprised that it ever dipped to 30 fps. It becomes a lot different when there's a whole world being generated and not just one room.

One personal example I can think of is Silent Hill 2. That ran at 30 fps the whole time except for this one room you could go into about the size of a really large closet that would make it suddenly jump to somewhere around 60.
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edonus   952d ago | Spam
d3nworth1  +   952d ago
Why not believe it. God of War 3 and ascension run from 30 to 50 fps on the ps3. So 30 to 90 on a next gen console isnt out of the question.
RyuCloudStrife  +   952d ago
can you please grow up IMPOSSIBRU
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one2thr  +   952d ago

"All particle effects are simulated in real time and emit light/create shadows."

"Effects that would normally be applied in post production like Lens Flare, True 3D Depth of Field and Motion Blur are implemented in real time based on an accurate optical simulation."

"Physics-based real time rendering is used for reflections and done by the rendering engine. When the lighting changes, the shaders don’t, but the reflection effect still changes dynamically based on lighting. This is a technique that was previously possible only for pre-rendered CG at this level of detail."

"An advanced technique named Subsurface Scattering (SSS) is used to simulate the shading of the skin. It involves letting the light penetrate translucent materials and then scatter and refract a number of times at irregular angles and exiting the surface again a different points. It’s another technique that was previously only used in CG."

"All clothes, accessories and hair (including the feathers in the sorcerer’s collar) are physically simulated in their motion and interaction with the environment, like they were worn by a real actor"

"The demo has been created by using the PS3 development pipeline used for Beyond: Two Souls, as PS4 development tools still weren’t available."

These are some of the key reasons why the frame rate fluctuated...
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mercury228  +   952d ago
I agree, these consoles will be out done by PCs in no time, but they can still produce good looking games. Just not the best looking out there.
ufo8mycat  +   952d ago
The fact that it ran between 30fps and 90fps proves it wasen't optimized.
Chaostar  +   952d ago
"Each human model has 380 different bones: 180 in the face, 150 for the body and 50 for the exoskeleton. This is three times the number of bones used in Heavy Rain and twice the number used in Beyond: Two Souls."

I'm guessing bones means something different here as I'm pretty sure there's only 206 bones in the average adult human. I'm not 100% sure on the bone count of goblins though... or camp demons.
Abriael  +   952d ago
In game development bones are simply segments of the models that can be independently animated. So there may be more or less depending on what you want to simulate.

A human skull has a lot less than 180 bones, but in order to achieve that level of fidelity you need 180 "bones" in the face of the model.
Chaostar  +   952d ago
I thought so :)

I wonder how many bones Call of Duty dog has?
despair  +   952d ago
my guess is that there are "bones" in the face to mimic muscle movement to improve facial expressions.
Drasill  +   952d ago
They should recreate this tech demo on PC to compare.
coolmastermarktwo  +   952d ago
and? what's the point?
FamilyGuy  +   952d ago
To compare what?

It's already better than anything seen on PC.

You're curious about how much better it could look if higher end hardware is used as a source when it's already on top of anything seen in PC or console games to date. Only things comparable are the Uncanny Valley tech demo and Capcoms Deep Down (working title).
#3.2 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
mercury228  +   952d ago
Another guy that does not know what he is talking about. Dude, There were games already struggling to run games well at E3 and the consoles are not even out yet. This is a tech demo, my PC can push shit like this my friend if a PS4 can. My specs already out do the consoles lol. The Ps4 will still look fine, but not better than PC, its not to be a dick but its true.
FamilyGuy  +   952d ago
The point isn't that a PC can push the specs, the point is that no game released on PC thus far looks anywhere near as good as this tech demo.

I mean what's the hold up? PCs have been as strong as (stronger than) the PS4 is about to be for a few years already.
sorane  +   952d ago
Of course it would look better on a high end pc, but that's just common sense since it has much better hardware. Makes me excited to see these graphics on ps4 cause it'll only make pc graphics that much better.
sklorbit  +   952d ago
I have been so surprised that more PC gamers don't share your sentiment! I play PC and for me, better console hardware means bigger, better, prettier games for me to run on my PC!

Stop being stupid "master race" and be happy for the console crowd. Hell if the ps4 has some great exclusives in the next few years I will be excited to pick one up
sorane  +   952d ago
I'm sure I sound like a pc "fanboy" plenty. I just really love my platform :) I'm nothing but excited for these new consoles though. The thought of 6-8 core cpu optimization and that my next gpu upgrade is going to have 4-6 gig ram makes me drool. My 4x wireless 360 pads are starting to burnout so it'll be nice to be able to pickup 4x wireless xbox one pads once I'm able too.
ufo8mycat  +   952d ago
From someone who has played Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light on both 360 and PC, I honestly have to say PC graphics are overrated. Yes it looks better, but not THAT much better, which is quite a shocker to me considering the difference in hardware capability. Perhaps this has to do with most games being ports, and the difficulty in opitmising properly for PC, since theres so many hardware variants.

Not trying to diss the platform, but the other thing is that there are hardly any great PC games anymore. 99.9% of the great AAA titles I can already play on my PS3 or 360. There really isn't any PC games for me to continue upgrading it.
starchild  +   952d ago
I'd say the Agni's Philosophy demo looked on par with this. Besides, it's a tech demo. When a game comes out looking equally good then we can talk.

If you want to talk about tech demos, I was more impressed with the Infiltrator tech demo.

But again, lets wait until we see the actual games.
Destrania  +   951d ago
Considering that Beyond: Two Souls is running at a higher visual fidelity and is technically more impressive than the Kara tech demo that preceeded it, I know that The Dark Sorceror tech demo will be completely achievable in a full scale game. Games on PS4 will surpass this in a couple years, which to me seems crazy, but it's true. I can't wait!
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truthteller  +   952d ago
Keep in mind this was made on a PS4 with 4GB of RAM. Imagine what could they've done with 8.
WolfOfDarkness  +   952d ago
Yes , sooner or later all of us will witness Avatar like graphics on PS4 . It's only matter of time .
DoomeDx  +   952d ago
Why would we need to remember that? Its written in the article already. If you read that actually.
imt558  +   952d ago
- They did not use PS4 tools, they used their PS3 development pipelines (same as Beyond) and just used high fidelity assets
- Only 4GB of dat GDDR5 is being used
- The set is 1 million polygons
- The lighting is dynamic as is the shift between the film lighting and the studio lighting, which they are able to shift back and forth within 1 single frame

Very impressive.
#4.3 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Pandamobile  +   952d ago
Sooner or later, you guys will start to realize that using more RAM does not necessarily mean better graphics.
starchild  +   952d ago
Yeah, just imagine! It would look twice as good, because 8 is twice as much as 4! We all know that.
Walker  +   952d ago
Truly jaw-dropping !
jujubee88  +   952d ago
When the guy with the controller controlled the camera popped the bg in an out....I'll admit my jaw kinda drapped for a sec.

I mean, when they say real time they mean it. But seeing it being controlled altered my preception of the game and....yeah. :-)
theWB27  +   952d ago
The question is...will this translate into a full game and not just a man and a goblin on screen.

I know when they first showed it I was seriously in awe until it proved just to be a demo.
FamilyGuy  +   952d ago
Their plan is to finish optimizing the engine and use the tech to create a game.

This is just a tech demo, like "Kara", showcasing what they'll be attempting to in their next game. They've made tech demos before each game they've made and in every instance the game has surpassed the tech demo.

I'm really looking forward to what they do.
I'm surprised they don't sell game engines.
theWB27  +   952d ago
That's true about the game being better than the demos. I'm sure the next game will be exceptional looking...hope the controls are good though. Heard a guy say Beyond didn't have the best layout. Either way...looks good.
PigPen  +   952d ago
Another over hype game for Sony. I think developers are announcing games for the Playstation 4 cause they know the fanboys will eat it up.
Abriael  +   952d ago
You sound a little mad... why?
PigPen  +   952d ago
I not mad at all and very happy with a Wii U thank you very much. Looking at the game just doesn't get me excited. But what I laugh at is Quantic Dream. Rockstar has been around since the PS2 and been in the game industry more then I care to remember. Quantic Dream make one are two games and they try act and make comments like they have star power like they are up there with Rockstar. They haven't proven themselves well enough yet. And this game is not my cup of tea.
karl  +   952d ago
i dont think quantic dream makes games that appeal to the masses like rockstar, so a different audience will pay attention to it. u are not part of it...

secondly. u called this a game. its only a tech demo... and u only need to read a little bit to know that.

and finally u do sound a little mad
#7.1.2 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(0) | Report
PigPen  +   952d ago
That different audience that do pay attention to it is niche. Any Mario Party game will sell more copies. It's a tech demo of a game so what's your point. If I want it i'll buy it and that means a PS4 with this game. There is no need to get mad. But I'm not thinking about a PS4 now, or this game either. Nintendo Monolith Soft X game makes me happy. Zelda: Wind Waker HD remake makes me happy. This is not the time to mad about anything gaming and let alone this game.
#7.1.3 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(27) | Report
saikorican  +   952d ago
@ PigPen I'm sorry but that comment was a cluttered bit of nonsense and I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to get at?
karl  +   952d ago
a tech demo of a game?
are u implying we are gonna have a game thats called the dark sorcerer?
because m8, we wont.. it wont be a game
quantic dream does tech demos from time to time and they dont end up as games..

now.. im sort of half a fanboy... i can reach for logic from time to time..

and let me tell u .. quantic dream games are not overrated...
i know this type of games wont be taking the cod podium any time soon in sales..

but this is what this guys are good for.. telling a compelling story.. why would they try to make a top selling franchise like cod or GTA5..

they have a different set of skills and they are damn good at it...

borrow a playstation from a friend.. try playing Fahrenheit on pc or heavy rain on ps4..

they are good games.. not telling you to invest money on them.. but try to live the experience first. ppl who hate on this games call it more of an interactive movie

but its still one hell of a ride
FamilyGuy  +   952d ago
This isn't a game announcement, it's the specs of a tech demo.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   952d ago
this isnt a game its a tech demo so before you start going fanboy this and that do some research
PigPen  +   952d ago
I don't have to do any research cause I wasn't sold the moment I looked at it. And the tech demo still not my cup of tea. I know I Know i'm mad, right. Lol
Funnymonkey013  +   952d ago
Lol r u retarted cause its just a tech demo showing what the ps4 can do not a game moron. I'm guessing ur a Xbox fanboy and if u r then what a shitty fanboy u r:)
PigPen  +   951d ago
First of all, kiss my ass just to be clear. A tech demo are not it doesn't interest/excite me. I have my opinion and you have yours. Quantic Dream is not a Rockstar to me and if you feel different, ok. Save the name calling for your mom.
wenaldy  +   952d ago
You just went full retard.
MysticStrummer  +   952d ago
Quantic Dream has been around since PS2 also, if not before.

If the game isn't your cup of tea, that's fine, but that doesn't make it over hyped.

It's not a game anyway. It's a tech demo, just like several others QD has made. A lot of people enjoy them. If you don't, oh well.
BABY-JEDI  +   952d ago
@ Pigpen Why are you here?
#7.7 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
greenlantern2814  +   952d ago
Quantic dreams always makes great games with stunning visuals, that are not just your standard games. Not only do they have great graphics but great stories as well and are often very unique. But this was not a game just a tech demo of what they see as possible, so after heavy rain and beyond I for one can not wait to see what they deliver on ps4. Even if that will be a few years from now.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   952d ago
xbots and Rep.Mgmt. are getting "oh so mad". would it be better if sony said "magical cloudz,a billion transitors, and “tiled resources",. made this tech demo?>
Popoffboy187718  +   952d ago
Sony going in for the kill! What P.S game over hype? This is starting to get real with Sony since 09.i just kno we are going be playing games this gen that's going melt your face. Sony on another planet again.
thecurseddevil  +   952d ago
you know david cage was not bullshiting when he said that tech can enhance the facial expressions and hence the whole mood of the game.

only when you watch the demo that you realise that how shitty facial expressions characters had all these years.
itspeaks  +   952d ago
NERDGASMED ALL OVER MY KEYBOARD! No, but seriously, I could read a book about this tech demo.
Sarobi  +   952d ago
Interesting stuff. I really do want to see how this all translates into a playable game.
Judge_Rez   952d ago | Spam
FullMetalTech  +   952d ago
Its quantum dreams. Heavy Rain, Beyond: 2 Souls, Indigo Prophecy. They have literally pushed boundries with characters so I do believe what they say is credible.
carreirabr  +   952d ago
Not running Windows, that's the answer.
buynit  +   952d ago
Look im impressed with the ps4 and i will def. Get it day one. But this damn demo shit has to stop, im expecting big worlds not a little cave..
SpinalRemains138  +   952d ago
Same here, man.

TBH it doesn't even impress me. If I wanted to see Dispicable Me I would watch it.

I want to see actual videogame gameplay of games which are coming out.

I get that you need tech capabilities to achieve the CGI like effects. I get it.

At the end of the day though, I don't want to watch trolls and old dudes. I want to play a dam videogame.
buynit  +   952d ago
What gets me is all this braging about 1million polygon and only using 4 gigs of ram... That's half the damn ram for a Cave? Or am i missing something.
husomc  +   952d ago
So what you want is an old man and a troll with a gun shooting it off at the grand canyon ?
Redempteur  +   952d ago

The assets are unoptimised and bear in mind that all the post processing effects ( that are usually added later in CGS ) are done on the fly in real time.
Not to mention the animation ( this thing eat ram )

what you saw was just after a few month of work , not even using a PS4 dev pipeline. This means that despite using that much ram they have an incredible room to grow and do more by optimising .

So yeah this is a cave but that's where they target render is...and judging by their previous tech demos , they are likely able to surpass it.
Kos-Mos  +   952d ago
Is this Quantic Dream`s answer to wreck-it ralph? Why waste so much time creating high-end graphics with a script that belongs to the most hip series on Disney channel?
It wasn`t funny at all. Couldn`t they just make beautiful scenery or some half naked women?
I wonder if there are someone in this thread that can reply me without fanboyish comments, and I wonder if it`s possible for fanboys to not reply me.
MysticStrummer  +   952d ago
1) I don't know
2) I don't know
3) I didn't think it was funny either
4) Of course they could

Cage seems to like those movie set or audition tech demos, like this one and the one before Heavy Rain. The Kara video was different though, and the coolest of the three in my opinion.

Peace and good gaming.
Kos-Mos  +   952d ago
I totally agree that the Kara video were very interesting, and should have ended up being a plot for a game. Consider that they supply motion capture solutions to movie and video-games, I think they should quit making games, and focus on that business.
The three they`ve made are half finished projects with no understanding of separating a good script and top notch graphics.

Quantic dream:
1999 Omikron: The Nomad Soul
2005 Fahrenheit
2010 Heavy Rain
2013 Beyond: Two Souls
iceman06  +   952d ago
Quantic Dreams always does a "proof of tech" demo before they work on a full game. It's really a way to prove that the engine is functional. There are probably massive dollars at stake for funding the project. The subject of the demo doesn't ALWAYS have a lot to do with the actual game. It's really about what the demo a achieving...all the tech stuff that their engine and team can do.
Kos-Mos  +   952d ago
So it`s all about graphics...
MysticStrummer  +   952d ago
Cage's "tech demos" are a way to show the expressiveness of the character's faces. I don't think the script or the overall graphics are his main focus. He's not trying to sell a story or wow anyone with a record polygon count.

I've played three of the four games you listed, and personally I'm a fan. The tech demos just whet my appetite for Cage's brand of non-standard gaming experience. I'd say The Dark Sorcerer wasn't as cool as Kara or The Casting, but it served it's purpose, which was to show off the old man's facial expressions.
Kos-Mos  +   952d ago
Well, if I wanted to buy motion capturing technology and were presented with this (of course they have "worked" to make a script), I would not have taken them seriously. Bad jokes is an easy sell-point, but some of us can see through it.
iceman06  +   951d ago
It's not just about graphics, although that is a major part of the engine. It's about the promise of being able to achieve a certain standard (graphics, framerate, sometimes even concept) with the engine that they created. This concept might or might not see the light of day. Before Heavy Rain, they showed random faces that no one knew would be part of the game. Since then they released a tech demo called Kara, which was about a female cyborg being "born". Nobody knows what that will be, simply because the next game they announced was Beyond Two Souls. So, this could just be them playing around with the engine or a tease of a concept. Only David Cage and Quantic Dreams really know.
Kos-Mos  +   951d ago
Read my other comments and you will understand more of my thoughts.
iceman06  +   951d ago
Bad jokes are bad...I get it. I would agree that it was a bit cheesy. But, the technology is really the selling point. The pitch here is more of a "look what we did...imagine what you could do" and less of a "this is the game we are should do the same." I DO understand the script issues though.
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   952d ago
I loved this tech trailer it looked great and was funny as hell... I liked it a lot can't wait to see more....
aLiEnViSiToR  +   952d ago
I must say that was truly awesome and hilarious at the end xD when i 1st saw it in E3. Just imagine games in 10 years O_O
Blacklash93  +   952d ago
I must be crazy, because I didn't find the demo that impressive. Animations still have much of the same uncanny valley elements to them, the goblin looks really uncanny in relevance to an actual human face, and it killed the joke midway through after the 3rd time the set failed.

The facial detail is impressive, though.
Bolts  +   952d ago
Generally I ignore tech demos. They are pointless muscle flexing and hype designed to fool the masses.
one2thr  +   952d ago
But Quantic Dream has a track record of delivering in both the graphics department and game play department and their final products so far has always looked visually better than their tech demos examples:

The Casting - tech demo Vs Heavy Rain

Kara - Tech Demo Vs Beyond: Two Souls
#22.1 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Freak of Nature  +   952d ago
Alot of technical talk...Looks fantastic and comes from a legit studio known to have integrity along with talent.

Bring me this fully conceived along with Deep down, Naughty dogs new Ip (Uncharted 4, whatever), The division, Media Molecules new Ip and or LBP3, and SSM's new Ip along ith GG's new IP, oh and while I am calling out for my most wanted I am still dying for the last guardian....
sAVAge_bEaST  +   952d ago
legit list.
TemplarDante  +   952d ago
Mighty Impressive! After a year or two, PS4 is going to stretch its legs and leave Xbone in the dust!
black0o  +   952d ago
believe what u want to believe .. but dont expect me to believe what u believe
Sm00thNinja  +   952d ago
Wait I'm missing some thing is that 4gigs for just this cave scene?
#26 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
darkz3r0  +   951d ago
All I wanna know is why is yoda in this game? lol

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