$443 DIY Cheap Bastard's Gaming PC Build - June, 2013

GamersNexus: "For less than $450, you can build a very capable, cheap gaming HTPC that should also overclock well with the new Richland A10-6800K APU powering it. So if you have a limited budget, and don't intend to play graphics-heavy games like Crysis 3 or Metro: LL on highest settings, this is the build for you."

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2pacalypsenow1965d ago

Lol yeah cuz a gemer would game on Pc with a APU versus a dedicated GPU ... these DIY build are so pointless

"So if you have a limited budget, and don't intend to play graphics-heavy games like Crysis 3 or Metro: LL on highest settings, this is the build for you."

Or just buy a Ps4 that will last over 6 years for

Mr Tretton1965d ago

I normally don't agree with the 'just buy a console' thing, but in this case, yes. You're gonna go PC, go all the way or don't bother. And by all the way, I mean, you're gonna drop at least $800-1K.

That said, it's still a good PC at $443, but not a 'gaming' PC. Good to have a PC to upgrade later, which you'll absolutely have to do. But that's not a gaming PC.

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jeffgoldwin1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Please stop comparing laptop/ps4/xbone gpu's to desktops. You wont win. Desktop version of gpu are far faster (more expensive, yes) and it's not even close.

Deividas1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

GTX 770 is no where near what the PS4 is equal to. You think that there is a $500 Graphics card equivalent in a $399 console? Are you out of your mind? I know that the console is a custom made chip (which is not as good as a desktop GPU) but its still closest to a 7850, which is not even close as good as 770.
But that made me laugh so thank you :)

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hennessey861965d ago

550 because there is no OS included in the price

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Philaroni1965d ago

Its hard to build a good lasting gaming PC for anything less than $1200. If you factor in the OS, a decent gaming mouse and keyboard. A good monitor is a huge factor as well that people overlook in all these builds. If you want to play over 1080p resolution you need to bust out a few extra hundred for the monitor. All of these 'budget' builds are very misleading I feel.

Mr Tretton1965d ago

True, but a lot of people have a 1080p TV they can use at first. The OS does have to be factored in. The keyboard doesn't. A cheap kb will do and they are cheap. I wouldn't game anything less than a G700 Logitech mouse though. That is a must. Every PC gamer should have that mouse, and it's not a cheap one. (I found it used for $60)

Autodidactdystopia1965d ago

I don't think so

gaming mice and kbs are nice but to me they are just placebo bling.

I have gamed on a Logitech kb and a ms mouse for years never had a problem haha.

Mr Tretton1965d ago

More dpi and buttons isn't 'bling'. Tap dancing with your left hand on the kb is absurd. Offsetting a bunch of functions over to the mouse changes everything.

Cobberwebb1965d ago

I've had this ATI HD5770 and Intel Q6600 (quad core) with 4GB DDR2 RAM for years now and it runs games at 1080 perfectly fine. You don't need to drop huge amounts of cash on a rig.

jimmywolf1965d ago

am not a fan of console vs pc as i enjoy both, i found this link if you want build a pc


it shows $250 pc up too $3100 pc, an list them in order of what your getting for the price.

not sure if it outdated, but the parts can still be used as a reference, if your wanting too build one an debating how much you should spend.

MidnytRain1965d ago

Seems pretty useful. And you could always replace/remove a part or two if you want.

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