Game of Thrones versus Grand Theft Auto

This fantastic artwork was made by Mike Wroebel (made into a GTA poster by BogsBinny23).

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tristanwerbe1724d ago

game of thrones sucks GTA would stomp that shit

tristanwerbe1724d ago

obviously had its overrated garbage

elhebbo161723d ago

how ignorant do you sound? Game of thrones is a TV show FFS.

WeskerChildReborned1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

All i gotta say to this is Hodor.

But for real, this comment is really unnecessary, the artwork is just for fun.

HarryMasonHerpderp1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )


All of your comments are garbage.
I'm flagging you as spam.

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Derekvinyard131723d ago

How can you guys even compare these two things? It's only a gta box art with a GOT theme.

elhebbo161723d ago

Title should be different.

Eamon1723d ago

Imagine grabbing a dude off his horse, then busting out Rains of Castamere radio.

MaximusMagna1723d ago

The Lanisters send their regards...

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