5 of the best JRPG openings

GearNuke: "JRPGs are famous for their exquisite and spectacular openings, they tend to mix beautiful music with jaw dropping visuals to prepare the player for the epic adventure ahead. Keeping this in mind I decided to create a list of my favorite JRPG openings"

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blitz06231969d ago

FFVIII? The opening was the best part about that game

wishingW3L1969d ago

not having that game on the list it's a huge fail.

Pozzle1969d ago

FFVIII's opening was the reason I bought the game. I remember when it was first released, I went into EB Games to buy something else and walked out with FFVIII because they were playing the intro on their tv. I was so amazed by the graphics and music, I bought it right there.

Dj7FairyTail1969d ago

FFVIII as a whole was great. My second fav JRPG after Xenoblade Chronicles.

Hicken1968d ago

The opening was one of many great parts about that game.

Still, it's got the greatest opening of any JRPG I've ever played.

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phantomexe1969d ago

I don't agree with any of those. FF6 still comes to mind for me as the best opening to a jrpg but i know you young pups will say 7 or something else. How did persona 4 or whatever get on that list. I gets that it's good but come on really. It's not epic set the stage jrpg.

truthteller1969d ago

Did you just write " How did persona 4 or whatever get on that list"? Because if you did then you shouldn't be reading, thinking and especially not complaining on JRPG fansites. Next time your mom goes to pick you some diapers tell her to buy P4G.

pompombrum1969d ago

I loved Persona 4 but that opening isn't even on the same level as the likes of FF8.

phantomexe1969d ago

It is on the list read the article.

phantomexe1969d ago

@ truthteller I'm confused as well? Where did you get this idea that i don't like jrpgs? I love them as a matter of fact and jrpg fansites....i'm lost as to what your talking about. I think you have had to much caffeine today. That was my opinion on persona 4 and i wasn't saying it was bad.

Ilovetheps41969d ago

I'm so glad that Kingdom Hearts made the list. That is my favorite intro of all time. The music just goes so perfectly with the video and for some reason it jut felt so epic.

Silber1969d ago

The list is somewhat strange i think.

My favorite JRPG Intro off all the time is the Wild Arms Intro. I restarted the game a whole day, to see the intro again and again back then:) The Music is also on of the best in the Intro.

If there is someone who dosent know the Wild Arms Intro. You need to check it out:

haymoza1969d ago

Chrono Cross number one? I don't know who you are Danial Arshad Khan, but you are my favorite person on the internet right now.

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