Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Feature Customizable Control Layout Options

According to ter Heide, the game's default settings will cover the important gameplay mechanics present in Shadow Fall, but players will be able to make changes that are best for them.

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GribbleGrunger1632d ago

This is going to make a lot of people happy.

No_Limit1632d ago

should be interesting with the added clickable touchpad. Dang, that is one game that I am going to miss not having a PS4 in the beginning. Might have to buy the PS4 and KZ when inFamous is out next year. Looking forward to Gamescom, if Naughty Dog and Santa Monica show something cool, I just might get a PS4 earlier than expected.

GribbleGrunger1632d ago

Yeah, same here. I was planning on getting a PS4 at launch but as usual life intervened and I find myself with less disposable income.

pedrof931632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

What about customizable MP characters ? Like Halo ?

That would be a great reason to make people stick to the online.

Muffins12231632d ago

I dont think they ever will...even though they should.I think they just dont want people to see them follow in halos footsteps

Lwhit61632d ago

No, actually, no one cares about customizable characters. Although it may make you look cool, its not a selling point like customizable controller layout is.

pedrof931632d ago

What you wrote doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Doghead1632d ago

Who talked abt halo here???

truthteller1632d ago

I think customizable MP characters would be awesome. I never played Halo and I don't think if Halo has it, KZ4 shouldn't.

pedrof931632d ago

What you just wrote doesn't make any sense whatsoever.


if you never played halo, how are you going to know if halo does or does not have it ?

if you are really that ignorant you could at least make the effort to ask google first and not display your ignorance on here for all to see.

and just so you are clear, yes, you can customize your armor in halo.

saint_seya1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I think u guys readed it wrong, he tried to say that kz shouldnt have to avoid having something only cuz halo had it before.

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TheElderRat1632d ago

Still confuses me as to why all Console games don't implement this? If it just turns out to be presets, I'll be disappointed though. Add full customisation to the controller already!

MidnytRain1632d ago

I never understood why this was difficult. It seems like it'd only take a minute to do or something.

MajorLazer1632d ago

Thank god. Killzone 2 felt very awkward due to the control scheme

MizTv1632d ago

Kz2 is perfect in every way!!!!!

MajorLazer1631d ago

If you think so :) The game itself was great, with great graphics and decent AI.

GezForce1632d ago

Play it again with "alternative2" and "hold to zoom" checked. controls feel great. i'm amazed how awesome KZ2 still looks and plays today. I tried playing some halo reach and it looked so incredibly dated. kz2 on the other hand has held up amazingly well.

MajorLazer1631d ago

I did do that control scheme. The problem I had was the cover button, because holding L2 to be in cover whilst also aiming did make things quite awkward. It wasn't a game killer and I did playthrough the campaign on the second hardest difficulty (Elite difficulty is locked till you complete the campaign once) and I did have a blast. I just felt I would have enjoyed it a little more if I could customise fully the controls

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The story is too old to be commented.