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Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Feature Customizable Control Layout Options

According to ter Heide, the game's default settings will cover the important gameplay mechanics present in Shadow Fall, but players will be able to make changes that are best for them. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

Majin-vegeta  +   517d ago
MizTv  +   517d ago
It's just gets better and better
GribbleGrunger  +   517d ago
This is going to make a lot of people happy.
Prcko  +   517d ago
No_Limit  +   517d ago
should be interesting with the added clickable touchpad. Dang, that is one game that I am going to miss not having a PS4 in the beginning. Might have to buy the PS4 and KZ when inFamous is out next year. Looking forward to Gamescom, if Naughty Dog and Santa Monica show something cool, I just might get a PS4 earlier than expected.
GribbleGrunger  +   517d ago
Yeah, same here. I was planning on getting a PS4 at launch but as usual life intervened and I find myself with less disposable income.
pedrof93  +   517d ago
What about customizable MP characters ? Like Halo ?

That would be a great reason to make people stick to the online.
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Muffins1223  +   517d ago
I dont think they ever will...even though they should.I think they just dont want people to see them follow in halos footsteps
Lwhit6  +   517d ago
No, actually, no one cares about customizable characters. Although it may make you look cool, its not a selling point like customizable controller layout is.
pedrof93  +   517d ago
What you wrote doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
Doghead  +   517d ago
Who talked abt halo here???
truthteller  +   517d ago
I think customizable MP characters would be awesome. I never played Halo and I don't think if Halo has it, KZ4 shouldn't.
pedrof93  +   517d ago
What you just wrote doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
DARK WITNESS  +   517d ago
if you never played halo, how are you going to know if halo does or does not have it ?

if you are really that ignorant you could at least make the effort to ask google first and not display your ignorance on here for all to see.

and just so you are clear, yes, you can customize your armor in halo.
saint_seya  +   516d ago
I think u guys readed it wrong, he tried to say that kz shouldnt have to avoid having something only cuz halo had it before.
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TheElderRat  +   517d ago
Still confuses me as to why all Console games don't implement this? If it just turns out to be presets, I'll be disappointed though. Add full customisation to the controller already!
MidnytRain  +   516d ago
I never understood why this was difficult. It seems like it'd only take a minute to do or something.
Koyes  +   517d ago
Thank god. Killzone 2 felt very awkward due to the control scheme
MizTv  +   516d ago
Kz2 is perfect in every way!!!!!
Koyes  +   516d ago
If you think so :) The game itself was great, with great graphics and decent AI.
GezForce  +   516d ago
Play it again with "alternative2" and "hold to zoom" checked. controls feel great. i'm amazed how awesome KZ2 still looks and plays today. I tried playing some halo reach and it looked so incredibly dated. kz2 on the other hand has held up amazingly well.
Koyes  +   516d ago
I did do that control scheme. The problem I had was the cover button, because holding L2 to be in cover whilst also aiming did make things quite awkward. It wasn't a game killer and I did playthrough the campaign on the second hardest difficulty (Elite difficulty is locked till you complete the campaign once) and I did have a blast. I just felt I would have enjoyed it a little more if I could customise fully the controls
TechnicianTed  +   517d ago
Wow, you can customize the controls? Mind blowing stuff.

EDIT:Next gen is here.
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Kos-Mos  +   517d ago
Didn`t you know? Next-gen is all about graphics, not gameplay, good script, engaging stories, customization.
It`s all about many pixels. That`s what sony and ms have understood. Nintendo is last gen because who cares about gameplay, good script, engaging stories and customization?
Let me just hold a controller, push the closest button, and cruise my way through the game. The biggest challenge is finishing school/work so I can get home and do the easy part in life; shooting something with many many pixels. I love it easy and without having to put my brain too much into it.
Blastoise  +   517d ago
Well Nintendo are known for their good scripts and engaging storylines. Links dialogue is always spot on...and the way Mario always has to rescue the princess...
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Kos-Mos  +   517d ago

Guess Mario and Zelda don`t fall into THAT category, but I can find some categories they fall into for real gamers if you like. Would you like that?
On another note, I don`t think you have played many games Nintendo have published...
HammadTheBeast  +   517d ago
Last of Us says hello.
truthteller  +   517d ago
Wow you must be a great person to hang out with. I'm sure Sony forgot all about franchises with great stories like GoW, Uncharted, Sly, Rachet and games like Heavy Rain and TLoU COMPLETELY! We won't be seeing any more of those FOR SURE!!! Might as well play one gazillion Mario games on Nintendo like all these "hardcore" gamers and Zelda fuckers.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   517d ago
TheHardware  +   517d ago
As long as the MP characters have the weighty heavy feel to them, if no...im not buying..love KZ online
franko  +   517d ago
Finally!!! Now i'm waiting for the same thing from Dice.
lucidity  +   517d ago
This should be a standard feature in every game. There's no reason not to do it. I don't care if you've worked out an optimal layout, if I want iron sights on X and shoot on Square, I should be able to have that. And it shows due consideration to people who've physical issues with using inputs in the intended ways.
truthteller  +   517d ago
I agree. There are people with difficulties who are missing a finger or something and can't play because devs didn't include this. Good for Guerilla games.
Bathyj  +   516d ago
agreed. I personally can't understand why people use r2. I get its shaped like a trigger, but I prefer r1 so I can use my trigger finger
Veryoriqinal  +   517d ago
i think that the Xbox one is trying to be too much like a computer with all the multi-media stuff and i thought Sony were going to start doing that in a sense of customizing button layout to your choice but i actually really like this idea
Bathyj  +   516d ago
good Goddamn it.

all games should have button mapping as standard. and aim and crouch holds/toggle settings
naiyo  +   516d ago
I just hope I can play it with Move and Navi. I need pointer controls.
Rhezin  +   516d ago
Meh, I'll play with whatever control scheme they have in mind. They put it that way for a reason, I never mess with control schemes.

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