Development On Watch Dogs Began In 2009 "Ubisoft has revealed that they began crafting the early stages of their newest IP, Watch Dogs, as far back as 2009."

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Juxtor1942d ago

It's amazing how many games take so long to be developed..

Square enix much :p

pedrof931942d ago

That's because they had to build from scratch. It's not like Activision or Ubisoft bringing CoD or AC every year.

mephman1942d ago

Kind of ironic that you mention Ubisoft there, since Watch Dogs is made by the same studio as Assassin's Creed.

ZBlacktt1942d ago

AC latest games have been graphic master pieces. I don't mind them at all. Deep story lines also.

rpd1231942d ago

I'd agree, except this is made by Ubisoft Montreal (people who made Assassin's Creed) and the gameplay seems pretty similar to AC games.

ShawnCollier1942d ago

Not surprised due to the quality in that E3 tailer.

SuperSteve1942d ago

Ususally, when these games are first started, there's only a small team of guys working on the title (5-10). Then, as other projects are completed, more guys are brought in to help until there's finally enough working on it for the game to be considered in full production. Then you have the game coming out on every damn platform available, which requires even more programmers (usually small teams assigned to different platforms) due to the variances in system architecture (PS3 and it's "Rubik's Cube" according to Mark Cerny).

Hopefully now that PS4 and XBO are designed similar to a PC, we'll see new quality IPs coming at a much faster pace.

logan_izer101942d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if they began releasing new watch dogs every year..

Supermax1942d ago

Wow now people hate how long games take to looking forward to a polished finished bug free game I don't hav a problem waiting there's plenty games out there to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.