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"While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing Borderlands 2 like a fiend the last ten months, I never found myself to be fully satisfied with the game. Sure, it feels great to get all the uber-rare weapons and mods and take on all the raid bosses and whatnot – I’m talking about emotionally: if there’s one way Borderlands 2 disappointed me, it was how it mostly wasted its opportunity at creating a resonant narrative: even the death of a beloved character didn’t provide anything but the most particular story beats."

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UNGR1993d ago

This DLC was disappointing. Any heartfelt moments with Tina accepting Roland's death were quickly swept under the rug, and the campaign was a snore with cheap jokes to get you to those moments. No guns that are better than previous ones, the raid boss was a joke compared to the rest, no enemies that seemed cool besides dragons, even then they had horrid AI. I was expecting more, it didn't even have side missions to keep me entertained, just a lot of fetch quests which is developer for "we can't do anything original in out quest design". It's a 5 at best for the level design, art style and colors used, and the neat addition with the fairies giving bonuses when you caught them. Add in the numerous bugs, poorly designed arena, overall shortness of a DLC that's had plenty of time to be worked on. It's a 5/10 for me, I was expecting better, but Gearbox has been messing everything up lately, I should have seen this coming.