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Weekly Digital Roundup: “Do you like hurting other people?”

"Rebuying games for other platforms: it’s something many of us our guilty of. And with Hotline Miami being available on PS3 and Vita as of Tuesday, I just couldn’t resist going through it again.

If you haven’t bothered with the Steam version of the game, then you owe it yourself to get engrossed in the disturbing nature of this top-down “****-em-up” on PSN. The game is cross-save and cross-buy, so not only do PS3 users get the Vita version free and vice versa, but they can transfer their save files between the two through the magic of the Cloud™.

On the Nintendo side of things, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has been given a 3D uplift on the 3DS’ eShop, and a shoot-em-up by the name of Kokuga should be relevant to anyone who’s a fan of Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun: it features the same director. And while the Wii U’s Virtual Console in Japan may have gotten a fantastic dual Square Enix release of Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI, us North Americans will just have to settle for SNES casino game Vegas Stakes.

To top things off, Steam finally has a Mac-compatible version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Xbox Live is featuring some choice games like Sine Mora, Spelunky, Limbo and Perfect Dark for half-off. If you’re a Gold member, that is.

For the entire roundup, hit up our massive list after the break."

- Patrick Kulikowski (3DS, Hotline Miami, Kokuga, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Vegas Stakes, Wii U, Xbox 360, XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

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