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PS3 revision with 28nm RSX and 22nm Cell next year?

Digital Foundry tweet:

"On a related note, the word is that there's a new super slim hardware revision with a 28nm RSX... 22nm Cell next year." (PS3)

Credit url: neogaf.com
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LOL_WUT  +   448d ago
Another revision? The PS3 is fine the way it is Sony should just work on the Vita instead ;)
2pacalypsenow  +   448d ago
It makes the Ps3 cheaper to make, its a good thing
FlyingFoxy  +   448d ago
Vita is already pretty sleek.. if it's too thin & small it will be difficult to hold unless you have kids hands.
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kneon  +   448d ago
I already have a Vita but I would prefer if they came out with a slider version similar to the PSP GO design. I have both and the GO isn't too small, of course a Vita wouldn't be quite as small due to the larger screen.
Donnieboi  +   448d ago
I think it will be an attachment for the ps4. It might plug into the auxiliary port for quick speed and access. Maybe even not have a blu ray drive to save money. It can utilize the ps4's blu ray drive and HDD to save a butt load of money while also bringing ps3 backwards compatibility to the ps4.

Besides it would give everyone backwards compatibility without making us pay for Gaikai's b/c. And trust me, Sony probably would have lost MORE money by using cloud b/c since running cloud servers for gaming has yet to prove to be profitable (look at Gaikai before being with Sony, or Onlive, CiiNow, etc). So maybe Sony should re-focus Gaikai onto more profitable venues such as cloud computing, dedicated servers (which will entice 3rd party devs), etc...and just make a device that will let us play our old ps1,2,and 3 games on our ps4.
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kneon  +   448d ago
I've made that suggestion before but if they were going to create this PS4 add-on they should have included a high speed interface like lightning bolt or Dock Port. USB3 could be a bottleneck.
Donnieboi  +   448d ago
@kneon: That's why I said Auxiliary port. It's very high speed. Practically as if the ps3 attachment would be built into the ps4. Currently the ps4 auxiliary is for the ps4 camera. But it could be used for a ps3 attachment.
kneon  +   448d ago
Have they mentioned any performance specs for the aux port? I've haven't seen anything.
Ingram  +   447d ago
To all of the above:

A 2010 patent, a PP + 4SP, kinda like a stripped down CELL, now here comes the good part: Look at the memory interface, and the kind of memory it's designed to tap into.

hint: PS3 had separate memory pools.
stuna1  +   448d ago
Actualy I think this is a good thing! This could potentially mean this new PS3 model could last a lot longer time than previous models due to less heat being generated! Also less money being spent to have games streamed or remade in order to be playable on the PS4, plus online will still be free on the PS3, without the need for PS +.
nnodley  +   447d ago
It's just a revision on the components. Not the whole thing. This will make it cheaper so they can drop price and still make a great profit.
nnodley  +   447d ago
Just disregard my comment first comment. I read the post I replied to wrong.
yewles1  +   448d ago
It's not a shell revision, it's just fab shrink. Most likely leading to a price drop.
GribbleGrunger  +   448d ago
I agree, but I'd like them to remove that corrugation from the sliding panel that covers the blu-ray drive, it ruins the overall aesthetic.
PurpHerbison  +   448d ago
I know what you mean. For me, I personally get this unwanted retro vibe when all I wanted was for it to be sleek.
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Dojan123  +   448d ago
Agree. My Fat(80g)YLOD for the second time last month. Did not want to spend another $100 to fix it (or do myself). Just picked up the new one. Big let down as far as the look of it.
DarkBlood  +   448d ago
damn lol, least it will be cheaper for when i plan to buy multiple ps3's for my collection and retro sake of playing the many games i have for it
PositiveEmotions  +   448d ago
Is this bad or good?
HammadTheBeast  +   448d ago
Neither, just kind of useless.
CBaoth  +   448d ago
it's good
hopefully it means that people who are on budgeted incomes and/or don't place a premium price tag on virtual entertainment can now purchase a $199 PS3. Personally I'd have an economy bundle/deal ready for Black Friday ($499 for a 40" 720p LCD set and a PS3, $399 for 32") for people just hoppin into the HD era.
IcicleTrepan  +   448d ago
I'm still confused how they managed to replace the front loading disc drive with a top loading one and still didn't decrease the price for consumers.
kreate  +   448d ago
Maybe becuz they lost so much money with the front loading ones they can't afford to lower the price on the top loading ones.

Hopefully the price will come down.
nnodley  +   447d ago
Because they are trying to get as much profit as they can out of the new super slim. Just like how MS released a new super slim 360 at E3 but kept the price the same. Anyway Sony needs all the profit they can get right now.
DxTrixterz  +   448d ago
Hyper Super Slim PS4? So it's like Capcom's fighting games
adorie  +   448d ago
Only better. Lest they sell the BR drive separately and have hidden USB ports only accessible when you download a 34kb file from the PSN store...

Good thing Sony isn't Capcom. :)
nevin1  +   448d ago
I hate the slide out top loader. They should just have it like the slim PS2.
Pancit_Canton  +   448d ago
A cooler and more relaible PS3 is the way to go. I would certainly buy another one if the price is right. I got tons load of PS3 games that needs backtracking right about now.
Gamerchik87  +   448d ago
Is digital foundry a good source??
CaulkSlap  +   448d ago
That would be good to get a final PS3 version in the $150 range. Make it the best alternative for those who can't afford next gen. And give new PS4 fans a cheap way to get access to the PS3 exclusives they missed.
Pillsbury1  +   448d ago
Ultra super mega slim ps3! The thickness of a piece of paper.
ded1020  +   448d ago
I think its weird to sell new hardware only $100 more than the old system. I hope they can cut at least $100 off ps3 by ps4 launch. It's weird to think these consoles have been out for so long, yet are STILL $300.
nnodley  +   447d ago
What I think is that they will announce this new revision(just the internals) at gamescom and announce a $199 price for the lowest sku and $250 for the highest sku. The super slims, I don't think cost over 200 to manufacture and with cheaper internal hardware it will be even lower so they can still have a healthy profit.
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Monkeysmoke  +   448d ago
Sony bought the Cell Plant for a huge sum of money and *we don't know the reason yet*

My guess is that sony is still working on another revision of the cell, somehow making it easier with bigger cache size and Bus.
This news shows that sony is still Shrinking the cell. If the cell can be shrunk to less than 20nm in the future it will be very possible to pack more cores without over heating. A configuration of (4PPUs + 32SPUs) will be very possible.

I believe we will still see the cell in sony's console (PS5) in the future because sony can't buy a whole power plant for $millions and dump it for nothing.

The cell is a very unique CPU all its just need are some tweak to make it easily accessible and also be on a single chip with a GPU and i believe this is what sony is working on at the moment just that the time frame to perfect it might be around the PS5.

We wouldn't have had great games like Uncharted, Killzone, GOW3, The last of Us without the uniqueness of the Cell.
Imagine the Cell combined with PS4's GPU and 8GB GDRR5 RAM. Wicked!!!
kingPoS  +   447d ago
The overall shell will likely stay the same just like the first slim. 120gb ps3 to 160gb ps3. It'll run cooler & use less juice.

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