5 Things Gamers Don't Have to Put Up With Anymore

Things that gamers had to deal with in the past they no longer have to deal with now.

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shivvy241992d ago

hey i miss memory cards , the days when you save a game and take it to your friends house and play the game together ! lyk dis if you cry evertym !

SilentNegotiator1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )


You can do that with USB now. And that isn't proprietary so it isn't overpriced.

wagnus1991d ago

"Console Expansion Packs" lol nintendo.

komp1992d ago

Batteries in controllers?

theWB271992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Controllers still have batteries unless you have some alternate controller that runs on air. Controllers before batteries were still wired and ran off the power of the system.

FullmetalAlchemist1992d ago

Xbox One controller still uses AA batteries its in the last bullet point.

theWB271992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

@Rio and Fullmetal
The DS4 still uses a battery. 3.7 V lithium-ion battery that's built in and rechargeable. It was a joke at the comment of controllers still using batteries as if some don't.

So in essence...controllers still use batteries. The ones that don't..were wired. Like we used before the 360 introduced wireless controllers as a standard on consoles.

Krew_921992d ago

*Non-rechargeable batteries.

(Without need of purchasing any attachments/accessories...)

RioKing1992d ago


haha I know that DS1,2,3,and 4 all technically use batteries, hell most devices out there do!

But I meant removable ones where you go to your local store for more. Where I work Microsoft sells two "official" versions of their controllers; one for $49.99 (I believe) that uses removable batteries, and a $64.99 one that has a built-in rechargable battery...just like the DS3 (but more expensive, of course)


mrmarx1992d ago

paying for wireless adapters

DragonKnight1992d ago

theWB27: The 360 didn't introduce wireless controllers as a standard on consoles. Wireless controllers are as old as Atari 2600.

1992d ago
s45gr321991d ago

I don't miss that at all. If that's what you mean if not well my bad

LKHGFDSA1991d ago

ahhahaha yeah f***ing Wii and Xbox still using them.

jeffgoldwin1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Using AA sized rechargeable batteries is definitely a benefit with ms/wii (plus the also have battery packs that fit in that slot too, so you have choices). All batteries slowly lose charge capacity after hundreds of charge cycles. Imagine if you told someone they couldn't replace the batteries on a power tool, lol.

Always better/cheaper to replace batteries vs a new controller/cell phone/power tool w/e.

1991d ago
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andrewsqual1992d ago

Old pc dvd style trays. Like the one on the Fat PS2 and ..... Xbox 360.

Krew_921992d ago

Yeah I understand. Every time I open my original PlayStation 2's disc tray it vibrates, surprised it still works even from 2002.

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mydyingparadiselost1992d ago

Memory cards are still needed on handhelds. We've only come oh so far...

meganick1992d ago

They're only needed on the Vita, which are overpriced. The 3ds has some built-in memory, and they all come with memory cards, so you don't really need to buy another memory card unless you really want to.

thechowderp1991d ago

the 3ds doesnt need memory cards because the games are memory cards

1991d ago
Firan1992d ago

What?! Where is your data? Where is it saved? There's no memory card...

Damn, your skills have improved. Or rather, your hardware.

- Psycho Mantis


I read it in Mantis voice. Classic.

Heisenburger1992d ago

I love Otacon's moment during the return to Shadow Moses.

I love not having to switch discs.

killacal131991d ago

Seriously, who disagreed with this comment? like.. what do people disagree with in it? ohh never played MGS4 huh ?

arronax-11992d ago

I bet it's been a LONG time since anyone even heard of those two words.

AceBlazer131992d ago

remember having to leave my tv on over night if i wanted to beat a game and hope no one turned it off and beating games in 1 run or at least try

FlyingFoxy1992d ago

It became irritating running out of space on those, Dreamcast's VMU was the last great memory card though.

Infamouskat1991d ago

The Vita uses Memory Cards...

Speider1991d ago

Yeah. Thank the internet gods for cloudsaves.

Goldenarmz1991d ago

I remember way back on PS1 days with memory cards, i had Xenogears saved on it, made it to the last disk. And my sister ended up throwing it out. All those hours wasted cuz of a dumb memory card. I do not miss those days.

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Lwhit61992d ago

Someone unplugging the controller when you're playing.

Godmars2901992d ago

Now all they have to do is say, "Xbox off".

RioKing1992d ago

you missed an important F-word after xbox

pixelsword1992d ago

Yeah, but if it did that, I'd get one.

s45gr321991d ago

LoL a lot easier for parents. All they have to say is xbox off bwahahaha.

GodGinrai1992d ago

Blowing cartridges..which actually made them worse.

jeffgoldwin1991d ago

Haha no way some wouldn't work unless u blew the dust out of them.

WeaseL1992d ago

Waiting for demos on magazines

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ramiuk11991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

haha yeah i miss that dude.
i miss gamesmaster with p moore.
how fast u can do a lvl on sonic etc.

im 32 and i think i can safely say i grew up in the best gaming era.
james pond-robocod
mortal kombat
snake rattle and roll

the list is endless

levian1992d ago

Controller cords dangling from a console sitting on top of a TV.

levian1992d ago

And then someone tripping on the cord and the console falling off.

I lost SO many saves on my SNES because of this.

Jaqen_Hghar1992d ago

a man's dog used to always try and walk between the TV and a man and would always trip on the cords! Though a man was probably a boy then.

1OddWorld1992d ago

They would dangle right in your food or knock over your drink, or some ass hat who didn't watch his step would trip over the cord and yank your console to the floor. My PS2 took a licken and kept on ticken through all the abuse.