Sony Using Dragon’s Crown To Show Off Their 4K TVs

Dragon’s Crown will be part of a demo in Sony’s showroom in Ginza. The game will be running on Bravia 4K TVs and Atlus is inviting fans to see the Sorceress in ultra high resolution.

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Need4Game1872d ago

I speculate, Sony going to buy ATLUS.

b_one1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

it would be another celebration... 3rd this year

Felonycarclub81872d ago

I think that will be a good move by sony if they buy Altus

goldwyncq1872d ago

Persona 5 PS4 exclusive!

Timesplitter141872d ago

more like pectoral muscles in this case

ApolloTheBoss1872d ago

@goldwyncq P5 was already confirmed to be coming to the PS3. Hopefully it comes to the Vita as well.

Dir_en_grey1872d ago

Yeah whoever is smart will try to buy Atlus asap.
Hope it will be Sony

TheTwelve1872d ago

I soooooo want Sony to buy Atlus.

Blank1871d ago

Oh man that would megaton!

FamilyGuy1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

I hope so, I know their parent company filed for an equivalent of bankruptcy but are they necessarily even up for sale?

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Godmars2901872d ago

And its "only" a PS3 game.

mark134uk1872d ago

im still waiting to see something in 4k apparently my local currys get them in soon

still going to wait till xmas to buy 1 tho £7 k is far to exp when come xmas they will probly be half that

Knushwood Butt1871d ago

Saw some last weekend.

Very nice, but nice price too.

r211872d ago

Thats...not a bad idea actually. The game has stunning art design and to be viewed in motion on a 4K screen will be eye candy *_*

Godmars2901872d ago

Could crush a coconut in its husk - so I don't know what you're even thinking...

Shadonic1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I'll borrow the Iron man suit...maybe one made with a stronger alloy that would need about 30,000 newtons to even leave a dent and just to be safe ill add an escape jet-pack.

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