Is The PS3 Still Relevant In The Face Of The Impending Next Generation Console

With the PS4 set for release in time for Christmas 2013 and pre-orders for the £349 console already flooding in, playstation techzone is curious to listen to if people should be trading in and trading up their PS3s immediately or if they’re staying loyal to the older console for your time longer yet.

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Chaostar1992d ago

Gran Turismo 6

I think I've made my point.

Need4Game1992d ago

PS3 will live longer thanks to GAIKAI cloud gaming.

AsimLeonheart1992d ago

The PS3 is THE best console to own at the moment and it will be for a long period of time until PS4 builds a healthy library of games. So, it is and will be relevant for a long period of time.

buddymagoo1992d ago

Tales of Xillia 1 & 2
Tales of Symphony HD
Dragon's Crown
Disgaea D2
Jojo's Bizzare Adv All Star
BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma
Unitil Dawn

Enough Said

badz1491992d ago

Was the PS1 still relevant several years after the PS2 was launched?
- YES!

Was the PS2 still relevant several years after the PS3 was launched?

And has the PSP died yet and left out with no support to make room for Vita?
- HELL NO!'s just logical to think that the PS3 will still be relevant several years down the road as Sony is looking at those countries which are still rocking the PS2 as their main console. Brazil and many other asian countries for example are their next target for PS3 penetration and this time around for a profit with every console sold.

It's a dumb question to ask too considering how many 1st party games are coming this year and for several years to come who are we to stop EA from profitting on their dumbed down FIFA for the PS3 while releasing the best version on next gen consoles? They are still releasing FIFA 14 for PS2 and I'm certain that FIFA 25 will likely be their last PS3 game lol!

MWong1992d ago

The PS3 has at least 2-3 more years of life. Not all PS3 gamers are ready to upgrade to the PS4. So not the end of the console and the GAIKAI purchase will insure PS3 games live on with the PS4 and beyond.

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abzdine1992d ago


Enough said..

Inception1992d ago

Tales of Xillia 1 & 2
Tales of Symphony HD
Dragon's Crown
Disgaea D2
Jojo's Bizzare Adv All Star
BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma

Enough said...

RavageX1992d ago

Jojo's Bizzare Adv All Star is coming to the US...right?

The game looks quite badass.

Inception1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Looks like it

Just pray that Namdai will localize this baby asap ;)

HammadTheBeast1992d ago

Puppeteer, Rain.

Enough said.

jammy_701992d ago

The ps3 is like DVD's, will be around for a while ps4 is like Blu ray..

No FanS Land1992d ago

I thought the article would bring that up, but yeah while it is still an excellent console, will publishers want to spend money on its architecture when the PS4 will be way easier to program for?

LiarasBoobs1991d ago

Destiny will also release on PS3 :)

Jaqen_Hghar1991d ago

Not yet. A man thinks LoU shows some relevance along with Puppeteer and Beyond 2 Souls. If Arkham Origins is any good according to reviewers then a man will have more games for PS3 this holiday than PS4 (Puppeteer, KH HD, GTA5, Arkham Origins, and Beyond as opposed to KZ, Knack, Watch Dogs' highly superior version, and BF4's highly superior version). Regardless until Gaikai shows that it's affordable and a man has personally tested it for BC a man will keep his PS3 and all the classics for it he goes back to play constantly including Ratchet (PS2 HD games and PS3 games), Jak HD collection, Sly HD and 4, GoW Saga and Ascension, Uncharted, Infamous, KZ trilogy, and Batman. A man can't go play these on PS4 so he will be keeping his PS3 until he experiences a seamless streaming experience on PS4.

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Majin-vegeta1992d ago

What kind of retarded question is this??Sony is the only company still producing AAA titles unlike the other 2.

Destrania1992d ago

The Last of Us. End of story.

DragonKnight1992d ago

Is this a stupid question that doesn't need to be asked, or even answered?

XXXL1992d ago

Of course it is. Can't wait until black friday this year I'll be picking up another one.

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