How to kill in Spartacus Legends

A video which shows how players can kill, rather than maim their opponents for greater rewards in the free to play Spartacus Legends.

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tristanwerbe1967d ago

honestly this game is not to bad but some fighting could be better...can't wait to play Ryse even more now I love the Roman time periods and I want to see them brought out by crytek and microsoft game studios

Benjammin251967d ago

And next week, how to give a shit about Spartacus legends.

Mustang300C20121967d ago

Every since the servers got resolved I have been having a blast ith this game.

Emilio_Estevez1967d ago

I like it too....If you have Uplay reward points they can give you some of the best equipment and/or silver.

Cmk01211967d ago

The game is very deep and combat is awesome. It's free lets not expect the best fighting game on the market fellas.