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Submitted by Blankolf 952d ago | news

Tech and Frame-Rate Analysis: Tom Clancy's The Division

"The Division is the next-gen technical pin-up of the moment, taking the mantle previously held by Ubisoft's own Watch Dogs and the now sadly defunct Star Wars 1313 project."

"If there's one thing that makes The Division stand out as a next-gen title, it's the interplay between multiple elements such as the lighting, effects and the advanced physics."

"The Division's frame-rate is a solid 30fps based on what's shown so far, with only hints of an impact to performance during grenade explosions." (PS4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Xbox One)

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jobboy  +   953d ago
can't wait to play this game...really
adorie  +   952d ago
Yeah. You said it. Game is a "mine" "gimme" "do want" You get the idea. :P
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joe90  +   952d ago
Seems like the game has been locked to 30fps,
Ausbo  +   952d ago
this is the best looking next gen game ive seen. In my opinion of course
SuperSteve  +   952d ago
Sorry, you're not allowed to have opinions here.
Darth Gamer  +   952d ago
My most anticipated game of the next gen. My PS4 is already paid off and My XBOX ONE is half way there. I don't care which system I get this for but it looks incredible. The attention to detail is just insane.
Software_Lover  +   952d ago
Ubisoft..........sneaking in always online gaming, lol.

Seriously, this game looks great. I wonder if it will have upgrade paths like an RPG? Better weapons, armor, etc.

Vehicle play please.
adorie  +   952d ago
It did say RPG on a gameplay video I saw. I would expect what you want will be featured in the game in some form or another.
Lwhit6  +   952d ago
This game is going to be amazing. I'm glad that it comes out in 2014 too. The developers will figure out new ways to harness the power of next gen consoles due to the extended time that they'll have making this game. Cant wait.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   952d ago
I'll take this game over watch dogs.
Software_Lover  +   952d ago
Watch Dogs kind of puts me in the mindset of Deus Ex but with a larger city to travel in.
merciless  +   952d ago
With this next gen and mmo's most people are hyped for destiny but if actually pay attention you'll understand that the devs have been crafting something epic. They recreated NY street by street block by block and borough by borough. All free roam?

They deserve my cash for that alone!
6DEAD6END6  +   952d ago
I've lived in NYC for 23 years of my life and its been I while since I visited(moved to FL and I'm stationed at Fort Knox for duty) so to have a game like this will be great and will bring back some good memories for me. It's a day one buy for me.
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Ju  +   952d ago
I like both, this and Destiny. My two favorites so far. The Division came as a surprise. I loved the level of details they put into the scenes. Quite impressive.
Npugz7  +   952d ago
I want this game the most out of all the next gen games!! Can't wait!
younglj01  +   952d ago
seriously 30 fps is just fine with me next-gen if I can get this type of quality.60 fps seems overrated at this moment but wow I'm really pleased with the detail of this game.
andjudunno  +   952d ago
he closed the car door as he hid behind it....nuff said
CrimsonStar  +   952d ago
lol those little details are awesome .
M-M  +   952d ago
I'm fine with 30fps, 60fps will probably be standard within the first year or two of the consoles life cycle. Right now, it's all about pushing the best graphics possible for the time being while sacrificing framerate until a better median is found.
Jughead3416  +   952d ago
Yea I'm pretty sure that 60FPS will be standard as the console life cycle matures. The next gen hasn't even released yet and they're already making games like this. When devs truly unlock the potential of next gen a few years from now, we will all see some amazing photo realistic visuals with framerates at 60FPS. PS4 is already pushing devs to go 60FPS if possible.
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Scrumptious  +   952d ago
The game looks interesting. Definitely would like to give it a try on my PS4. Games like these only get me more excited over what will be revealed next E3.
Jughead3416  +   952d ago
This is one of those games on my list for sure. We'll see if this gets pushed to the back of the line after Gamescom when Sony pulls the curtains back on more titles.

I'm wondering though.....I'm an anti social guy who prefers a single player experience. Will this game allow me to play solo? Or will I have to always play with a team?
ThaMobbFinest  +   952d ago
I keep hearing about this game. Never saw any footage until now and I must say, ooommmggg it looks f**king amazing. Can't wait for this one, day one buy for me.
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