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The game's extraordinary AI along with the fabulous combat make the gaming experience extremely intense while the deep emotional story helps bring the player closer to the game.

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jeffgoldwin1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Great game, but awkward name for a game, imo. Last of us sounds like something you'd referring to breaking up with a girlfriend. "You cheated on me, this is the last of us!"

FlunkinMonkey1996d ago

I understand bro.. That crystal meth can hit hard when you inject it into your face.

What on earth are you talking about brother? ha.

jeffgoldwin1996d ago

Injecting meth into your face, shows whos really the drug addict here. Who even thinks to do that? You have issues bro.

sdozzo1996d ago

Haha no-one says "this is the last of us!"

FlunkinMonkey1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Yes, my name's Flunkinmonkey, and i have a drug addiction.. At this point i have a thousand meth syringes hanging out my face, and i resemble Pinhead from Hellraiser, whose name was originally inspired by 'meth head'.

You have a seriously good grasp on taking a joke, and sensing sarcasm.. Let's see if you fair better this time around.

@below - If it was a joke, apologies.. Just didn't read like that.

jeffgoldwin1996d ago

Yes you don't get jokes either like what I posted. Guess we have that in common.

Allsystemgamer1995d ago

Uh if you don't get the meaning if the name....look at the games themes and archs then re read the name. It's the best name they could have given it.

jeffgoldwin1995d ago

Nothing to do with the meaning, the meanining is obvious to anymore with an IQ over 40. But it's still odd, imo. Get over it, just how I feel.

Some fanboys are so touchy when you don't praise every detail of their precious exclusives. It's kinda pathtic really. I have multiple systems, so I guess I'm not so brain washed and worshipful of just one, so I'll never understand that mentality myself.

Allsystemgamer1995d ago

I have every system. I'm not a fan boy.

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seepamann1996d ago

This Game 95% score in metacritic yet which is best score indian1234 metacritic yet in 2013 yet

Kos-Mos1996d ago

I didn`t think metacritics was important at all. Especially when the reviews came in for battle all stars royale.