Would you be ticked off if you found your face in a video game?

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: While I should be doing a lot of important things at this moment in time… I find myself writing this opinion piece. Yip, what would you do if you came across a character that resembled you in a video game? Would you be ticked off, annoyed, or sue the hell out of the company that decided to use your unique facial features within their game?

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DarkBlood1968d ago

Not for me, i would think it be pretty badass if done right

raytraceme1968d ago

i'd be showing off to my friends if that were the case :P

titletownrelo1968d ago

Why would anyone be "ticked off" lol, especially to find your face used as a character from the masterpiece that is TLOU.

Murad1967d ago

I think Ellen Page has her own reasons to be honest. Specially considering that she is also part of Beyond Two Souls, which seems to be competition for TLOU, considering the demo/ trailer showed something that was on par with TLOU, so I guess that? Also, because TLOU seemed to use Ellen Page as a character to get more attention based off her innocent look, but then again, it could be just the character; we will never know D:

DarkBlood1967d ago

Hell i can already imagine it right now me as a terminator lol.

_QQ_1968d ago

I wonder how Sarah Palin feels

CrossingEden1967d ago

they had her permission -_-

Murad1967d ago

Lol, they didn't need her permission.

fsfsxii1968d ago

No, i once tried importing my face in Fifa, and it did not end well

GodGinrai1968d ago

Only if they made me the last boss on insane-super-super hard. I dont like the idea of being beaten! lol

V0LT1968d ago

Yes, I would sue for millions of dollars.

titletownrelo1968d ago

It's that kind of mentality that makes the world such an effed up place at times.

V0LT1967d ago

Guess no one can distinguish sarcasm.. :)

GameOn1967d ago

But you couldnt.

How many times has family guy or south park been sued for using celeb likeness'? It might look like you but the "creators" can just say it isnt you.

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The story is too old to be commented.