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Amazing writing, acting and gameplay make The Last Of Us the game of the generation!

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Walker1942d ago

Another perfect score in Metacritic !

ltachiUchiha1942d ago

My sister tried out the game today & after the 1st 15 minutes she started crying. I felt bad for her because she truelly is a soft hearted person but after she told me she never realised how powerful a video game can be & understands now why i love story based games. Shez a nintendo freak that enjoys zelda, mario, & other rpg's but said she never played a game that can just floor you & make you so emotional. Naughty Dog did an outstanding job with this game & I cant say enough about how proud i am to have gotten to witness such a masterpiece. If i were to die tomorrow, id die a happy gamer. =]

Conzul1942d ago

OMG I feel the same way! What happens next doesn't matter - we've gotten to experience the awesomeness of TLOU.

Also my 2nd sister played through it on normal with barely any help. She seemed awestruck, but more I think because she didn't know games could do that. She just ordered me to order her a TLOU tshirt :P

WarThunder1942d ago

Nice gif!

You got 7 disagree. lol facepalm!

Walker1942d ago

Naughty Dog haters everywhere !

HarryMasonHerpderp1942d ago

Cool gif!
Someone should make a gif where Drake, Sully and Jak & Daxter all pop out of the box too.

isa_scout1942d ago

How dare someone disagree with you!!! The only people that disagreed with your FACT is peole that apparently have never played a Naughty Dog title. The Last of Us GOTY!!!

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dafegamer1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

The first game that legitimately made me feel for the characters, like beloved relatives
Just wow naughty dog game of the generation for me
Dat gameplay, dat Story, dat everything

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Just made it to the woods before you get to Bill's town.......INCREDIBLE GAME! Naughty Dog is gonna go bat-shit crazy with the ps4's hardware.

FlunkinMonkey1942d ago

It's going to get a lot better in my opinion.. Enjoy

greyhaven331942d ago

This game is the reason I play video games. It's hard to describe an experience like this to non gamers, I love books and movies but imo nothing compares to an immersive game of this caliber. Kudos to ND, thank you for an incredible experience

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