Game-Boyz: Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Review

Game-Boyz writes: "Hot Shots Golf has been around for quite sometime. Known as Minna no Golf (translation: Everybody's Golf) in Japan, it was brought to N. America in 1998 and released on the original Playstation. The first version was developed by Camelot Software however subsequent versions have been developed by Clap Hanz. I remember my first experience with the series as being quite enjoyable and I ended up playing various sequels on the original Playstation, PS2 and PSP. Acutally, I really did play a lot of Hot Shots golf on my PSP as it was such a great game to take on the run.

Well the PS3 has been out for almost 17 months now and Sony has started to release a lot of their franchise titles on their next-generation machine, and Hot Shots has finally found its way to its new home. Once again developed by Clap Hanz, the latest iteration, entitled Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, brings the familiar gameplay to next-gen gamers everywhere. They have also made a few changes and added some online multiplayer support as well. So how does the game fair? After some extended playtime with the title I would have to say: 'It's great to have you back Hot Shots Golf, I missed you.'"

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