Would You Buy An Xbox One Without Kinect?

ThatNaijaBlog - Over the last few weeks, a lot has changed in the camp of Microsoft in a desperate attempt to have significant dominance next-gen. This includes updating the Xbox One game policy which ended Microsoft’s premature vision of the future with compulsory DRM restrictions. All those have changed now but it seems Microsoft would need more than just an updated gaming policy if they ever dream of slowing down the momentum of the PS3 which offers great value at a $100 bill less than the Xbox One.

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ShugaCane1968d ago

It would still have no exclusives that I'm interested in (Sorry if you find Titanfall amazing, this is just not my kind of games), so no reasons FOR ME to buy it.

xPhearR3dx1968d ago

Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break (Possibly), Titan Fall, Forza 5 all look great to me. I would certainly buy one if they offered one without Kinect mostly because many of the PS4 launch titles don't interest me as much as the ones listed above. Until they get rid of Kinect as a requirement, I'm not buying and sticking to my PS4 pre-order.

shivvy241968d ago

i was interested in sunset overdrive and quantum break ! But the PS exclusives were way better !

RumbleFish1968d ago

I would never buy a console with "exclusives" that I can play much better on my PC.
Playstation is the only console I need since I am not a Nintendo fan.
On top of that my time is very limited.
So I would never buy a M$ console, no matter if Kinect is included or not.

1968d ago
Blankolf1968d ago

The problem with this is the following, with Xbox1 you have timed exclusives from 3rd party studios or not actual exclusives that end on PC, the true console with exclusives is the PS4.

NewMonday1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

no Kinect and for $400?

yes 100%

this means Kinect is not mandatory and I'm not being watched

my dream set-up will be a PS4 plugged into the XB1, I can then switch games and friend-lists instantly.

but the first year I can afford the PS4 only, and the will get the WiiU after the release of "X" and Bayonetta 2, so maybe in 2015 and IF Kinect is removed.

I_am_Batman1968d ago

No self publishing - no buy.

Army_of_Darkness1968d ago

That would depend.. would xbone still work without it and not prompt me to plug in kinect??

The_Con-Sept1968d ago

Got my PS4 preorder set in stone. No need for an Xbox one what so ever. But I would be glad to see Microsoft say the kinect isn't needed. That would be great.

DragonKnight1968d ago

No mandatory Kinect would certainly make the Xbox One pretty enticing to a lot of people. People who don't care that Microsoft tried to strip them of their rights and only reversed that attempt after being forced to see how damaging it was being to their bottom line, but enticing nonetheless.

Personally, the only games that look even remotely interesting to me are Project Spark, Dead Rising 3, and maybe Ryse if it weren't Son of QTEs.

Autodidactdystopia1968d ago

In short yes. but only because ryse gives me the same feeling gears did when I was watching the e3 05 demos.

ryse is something special but im a pc guy.

something about the ripped sails flapping in the wind after the soldiers first jump off the ship. it just looked epic :)

without Kinect I would purchase xbox just for that as I would purchase ps4 for shadowfall

karl1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

i do like those XONE exclusive especially dead rising and forza 5 but they dont look as special for me to endure MS shitty policies...

besides u never know... some of this exclusives may come to PS4 and i always have my gaming pc to play the rest

i will miss on forza.. but i have always love gran turismo more and its coming to ps3 this year...

sooo get some first party studios MS... u wont get my money with your timed exclusives tactics

and yeah i would buy it with kinect or not.. had it had at least a few worthy exclusives that i knew wont be coming to other platforms

mananimal1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Making Kinect 2.0 Prism mandatory is just plain dumb, Honestly though Ive always viewed MS as the most Evil Corporate entity in the U.S., they've further illustrated this with What they've attempted with there All-in-One entertainment Box called Xbox Done.

Im looking forward to getting PS4, & maybe a Wii U.

Titan Fall looks cool but its another COD Clone with a Sci-Fi edge to it, its too attract Sci-fi fans like Halo fans to a COD style shooter.

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zeal0us1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I wouldn't regardless of price or exclusives. Most of the games I played this on my 360 has been multi-platform games. Sure I played Halo, Gear, Fable, Forza and PGR but honestly I've grown tired of shooters and racers.

Not to mention XBL is really staying the same. You still need Gold to access services like Hulu, Netflix, which you already pay for. It would be cheaper for me to switch.

dedicatedtogamers1968d ago

That, and Microsoft has reached the point where they're not really pushing new IPs like they used to (cue the replies of "but look at what they showed @ E3!" )

What Microsoft has failed to do - twice in a row, now - is support their console over the long haul. For both the Xbox and the 360, Microsoft stopped releasing new IPs for their system once it crossed the 3-4 year threshold. The last new IP worth a look on 360, was...Alan Wake back in 2010?

MikeMyers1968d ago

Here's a thought, if the Xbox One serves no interest why do we continue to see people go out of their way to post about it in Xbox One topics? So either people are trolls or fanboys because common sense would dictate people would focus on the things they do have interest in and it seems no matter what Microsoft does some continue to just pick another area they don't like. Those are not the customers Microsoft was trying to seek out because they will never be customers so why won't these people simply move on?

Those who are interested in the system like games they've seen so far like Titanfall. Sure it will come to the PC but so do many games like Call of Duty yet look at how well those sales are on consoles. Heck, that is the highest selling franchise on the PS3 and Xbox 360. So obviously a lot of people prefer gaming on consoles. Then you have games like Forza, Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break that have shown no signs of coming out on anything other than the Xbox One. Sure people can hope it comes to other platforms but again sales have shown with games like Bioshock and Oblivion that even when they do come out later most people buy other games instead. Most game sales are front-loaded. This is another reason why the Wii U is suffering, gamers don't see much incentive buying Batman and Mass Effect all over again.

So again, if the Xbox One shows no interest why do we keep seeing some of the same people in topics about it never saying anything good about it? This is where the mods really need to step up and push these people along instead of allowing this fanboyish and trolling behavior. Unless of course this site likes that as it creates more controversy and gets the topics into higher degrees. Which could be what is really going on when you see topics like Microsoft downplaying the PS4 specs being the hottest topic which goes to show how much people seem to care about console wars.

abzdine1968d ago

No I wouldn't buy it.I prefer PS4

ape0071968d ago

crackdown and gears of war, killer games to me

i find crackdown massively under appreciated

ShugaCane1968d ago

Those games are typically designed for the Xbox audience. I mean, don't get me wrong, those are great games. Gears is a quality franchise. But it's brainless. You move, you shoot. It may be graphically beautiful and fun to play, but it's really not what I'm looking for. I want a story, people to care about, etc..

minimur121968d ago


you mean like the last of us?


stage881968d ago

@minimur you've obviously never played the last of us. It is the game that defines this generation.

FlunkinMonkey1968d ago

@ minimur12

Maybe when you are old enough to have a job and be able to buy a PS3 at some point in the future, i think you will find that The Last of Us will still be at the forefront of story telling in gaming ahead of many many other next gen titles, that is of course unless The Last of Us 2 has been released by then..

Run along kiddo...

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EasilyTheBest1968d ago

Everyone who is saying they wouldn't get an X1 even if Kinect didn't come as standard could you now please stop coming into X1 threads and repeatedly telling us about why you are not buying a X1 because you'll be spied on etc etc etc etc etc.

I want an X1 WITH Kinect so go ahead and hit disagree after reading the following -

PS4 is an absolutely amazing console.
yeah take that.

zeal0us1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

It is my god given right to complain

All jokes put aside, if MS wanted to send the NSA videos or pics of me playing games naked, I wouldn't care.
I just feel sorry the guy that has to watch the video just to make sure I'm not committing any acts of terrorism.

RedHawkX1968d ago

im gonna complain so every knows how crap the xbox one is and everyone can buy the ps4 and then all gamers will have a ps4 and we all win. dont see why you guys want the xbox one around when the ps4 can do everything better and will get all those xbox one games as well when xbox one goes out of buisness and microsoft goes back to windows.

EasilyTheBest1968d ago


If everyone bought a PS4 Sony could then keep the price of games etc high and never drop the PS4 price.
When its time for PS5 expect to pay $600 again.

Oh and theres a ton of stuff the X1 can do that the PS4 cant, it doesn't work so well the other way around.

DigitalRaptor1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

@ EasilyTheBest

There is one thing that PS4 does better than Xbox One and it's certainly more relevant than "the cloud": it puts games, gamers and gaming first. The company that designed and support it didn't try to put a stranglehold on the industry, force the consumer out of their rights nor did they lose their preferences.

The fact MS removed the policies changes nothing - their policies were shot down, they didn't land and peacefully apologise.

EasilyTheBest1968d ago

But the games for the X1 look equally as good as the PS4s if not better.
I just think the PS4 is a faster better graphically PS3, there just doesn't seem to be anything different and new.

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PunisherRevenge1968d ago must be a boring gamer if Microsoft didn't have at least one game that interest you. Microsoft showed so many good games at their E3 presentation. Sony showed a whole bunch of nothing and if I was a betting man I would bet you are still going to buy a PS4 anyway with no worthwhile exclusives. Hell I'm still trying to wake up from that snore feast Sony put on. So let me say this before y'all do, yes the PS4 has more exclusive this is true, but the fact of the matter is most of them suck and most of them are already available for PC. So as of right now it seems that Sony is doing the something's they did with the PS3. They are gonna launch with very little to no good exclusives and make you wait 2-3 years to finally have something worthwhile to play. With that being said, I am not trying to persuade y'all to not buy a PS4 actually I encourage you to, so you can let them off the hook again like most people did with the PS Vita and PS3 when they don't deliver the games for your $400 dollar investment on day ONE.

MysticStrummer1968d ago

Wow... You must have quite an ego if you think everyone has to like the games you like in order to not be a "boring gamer".

; )

In my honest opinion, the two best things MS showed were a multi-plat and a timed exclusive that's not actually an exclusive to begin with.

PsnGammer211968d ago

Not going lie only cool game from m$ is project spark but then I can save money and just play minecraft. Only three or for exsclusives shown will stay micro and that's quantum break, forza, ryse, and kinect sports. Crapcom will realase dead rising three later to ps4 as will Titan fall will realease to ps3 and 4 project overdrive might see a multiplatform relase don't know bout that one and so far only one interesting game I have put up there that will be on xbone and that's spark (aka minecraft better graphics lol) but I will say ryse will be cheap knock off of god of war like forza is to grand turismo and quantum break I really hope doesn't fail but probably will and kinect sports will be kool if the put bowling in it. The only time I will this is probably 3 years from now when halo and fable comes out cause those are the only two games worth owning on xbone. Bc ps3 is even better than the xbone :)

iamtehpwn1968d ago

Titan fall is also available on 360 and PC, so it's very much skippable on Xbox One.

PunisherRevenge1968d ago

Yeah your right it is skippable on the X1, but the fact of the matter is the X1 version is gonna be the best version.

hellzsupernova1968d ago

Agree 100%
Microsoft will have a strong first year with exclusives but that's where support tends to stop, where soy have proven time and time again they support consoles long after they are succeeded

RedHawkX1968d ago

yep this. tired of the people who ignored the ps3 this entire gen just to play the same 4 games over and over again on xbox and then now try to act like the xbox one has some kind of ground breaking games when sonys been having more ground breaking games and more aaa games this whole gen. and i like how people try and say only sony games dont appeal to me. then they go get some ms rip off game thats way worse and say this game looks cool.

oof461968d ago

I think everyone is missing the point.

Microsoft Pre-180: We designed the console to always be online. This is the way we made the machine. Deal with it.

Post 180: We listened to the lopsided pre-order numbers...err..we mean the feedback from fans and we're changing our policy.

Kinect: The Xbox One is designed to work in tandem with the Kinect. This is the way we made the machine.

Is there a Kinect 180 in the near future?

SilentGuard1968d ago

Just like Sony dropped PS2 backwards compatability to lower the price of PS3, MS will eventually drop the Kinect requirement for the One. They can't indefinately sell a $100 more expensive console thats weaker and expect to succeed.

marinelife91968d ago

I would not buy it with a boat, I would not buy it with a goat.

oof461968d ago

Would you like it in a house? Would you like it with a mouse?

redwin1968d ago

I want the kinect, I imagine my self playing the new fable and giving the bartender the finger and getting a

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DarkBlood1968d ago

it would be a start since i cant see any actual use for it i never got it for the 360 because i would only used it for like 3 titles one in particular being rise of nigtmares

CalvinKlein1968d ago

without kinnect Id sure be more open to buying one as I hate motion controls. But Id still get the ps4 first and all multiplats on ps4. At this point id rather buy a wiiU if I get a second system because it offers something different ass opposed to the xbox1 that has alot of overlap with the ps4 that Im already getting. Havent had nintendo system since n64 so Id like to try some of their games again someday maybe.

Kingthrash3601968d ago

I would buy w/o kinect.....IF I felt I could trust them.....they are like the bank of america of the gaming industry...always finding a way to rape your wallet.