PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U - Everything You Need To Know About The New Console Wars

Now That E3 is over, all the dirty details on the next generation of consoles are hanging out in the open. Microsoft and their Xbox One went into E3 with a lot of bad publicity; their only goal for their presentation was to redeem themselves. While they seemed to do a good job at that kicking off E3 day one with their presentation, some of their statements or things left unsaid left a lot of fans rubbed the wrong way. Sony and their PlayStation 4, however didn't have a reputation to repair, but they had a lot of details they needed to bring to the table. With the PS4 conference closing day one of E3, fans almost unanimously agreed that they blew Microsoft out of the water! Of course, Nintendo and their Wii U kicked off E3 day two with their console already out, fans had low expectations for surprises.

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Majin-vegeta1967d ago

Sony will murder the competition and team up with Ninty to double team M$.

Blackdeath_6631967d ago

last time nintendo tried to team up with sony it didn't end well for them and the PSone was born hence the beginning of the playstation brand

elhebbo161967d ago

off topic, were is that clip from?

Majin-vegeta1967d ago

Its from the early days of WWF.World Wrestling Federation

BigPappaPump1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

@ elhebbo16: The clip is from one of the episodes of Fist of the Northstar. Assuming Blankolf's clip.

Thepharaoh1967d ago

the war is pretty much going to go like this" The ps4 just knockedd out the xbox one someone call an ambulnece quick ,Wii u Wii u Wii u Wii u Wii u Wii u Wii u

Blankolf1967d ago

You know what you are?

You know you are don't you?

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TemplarDante1967d ago

Everything I need to know?

Sony 1st party > MS 1st party

Sony commited to gamers.
Ms commited to money, at expense of gamers.

PS4 has a 7850 GPU. @800MHZ
Xbox One has 7790 [email protected]

PS4 will ALWAYs Have core gamers in mind.

Xbox One wants to lure early adopters and then release Kinect games and keep soccer moms happy with yoga and deepak chopra channels after the 1st two or 3 years.

Im a core gamer.
Im a fan of gaming.
I have one bubble, so its not an argument, but a FACT.
I want a gamers console, Im getting a PS4

Blankolf1967d ago

You forgot GDDR5 and DDR3 one of the features that help achieve 50% more power than Xbox1, Sony with upgradable hardrive and Microsoft not, Microsoft associated with PRISM and now with an always on and listening device, one of the many things that helped me decide old friend.

Elit3Nick1967d ago

PS4: 8GB GDDR5 RAM = 176 GB/s
Xb1 : 8GB DDR3 RAM + 32 MB ESRAM = 192 GB/s
MS officially announced an improved ESRAM so nice try...

GribbleGrunger1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Here, have a read through this. It takes a while but you'll eventually see how these numbers don't add up.

IMightBeRetarded1967d ago

and that's not even counting the magical power of teh clowdz! Xbone will pwn teh bs4 with the magic microsoft has promised us. MICROSOFT ROOLZ TEH WORLD!

Elit3Nick1967d ago

@GribbleGrunger I'm also taking this with a grain of salt, but I'm not ignorantly denying it.

@IMightBeRetarded What's magical about the cloud?, Onlive was a great example of cloud computing, plus Azure (which is what the Xb1 is using) already lends cloud processing servers out to people with windows. BTW MS has spent around 1 billion to improve their cloud infrastructure.

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Sincere01211967d ago

Clearly your not a core gaming fan because the Playstation cant make games that can rival Nintendo.
Untill Playstation can catch up and learn how to make good quality games that can stand the test of time like Nintendo, I'm avoiding them.

No point in having a powerful console when the games are weaker than that of a weaker console like the wii u.

Quality over Quantity.

MysticStrummer1967d ago

Oh no...

I don't fit your idea of what a "core gaming fan" is...

How will I go on? : (


macusa221967d ago

Playstation made some of the best games this generation. The Last of Us. All systems got great games. Get them all and enjoy

vikingland11967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I agree that Nintendo does make great games, but to say that Sony doesn't is pretty far fetched. The Last Of Us says wut up? Myself I like gaming period. And I love all the consoles for different reasons.

greenlantern28141967d ago

Ever hear of uncharted, of GT, or TLOU, or infamous, or little big planet, KZ. Nintendo makes good games to but to say some one is not a hardcore game because they prefer sony games over Nintendo is ridiculous.

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MikeMyers1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

This right here shows the real intentions of many and that is Xbox One versus the PS4 just like PS3 versus the Xbox 360. For some reason that is the center on the universe, those two consoles battling against each other which sadly brings out the fanboys who are all about attention.

The PC will always trump the consoles in many areas yet we will likely see another drawn out battle over specs on those two consoles because that's what console warriors love to do. See who has the better specs, the better online, the better games, even down to the better controller. You often wonder if some of them even enjoy playing games anymore.

MysticStrummer1967d ago

The reason why is obvious.

PCs are not standardized and consoles are.

As for the console wars, they were started by Mattel with blatant ads making fun of the Atari 2600.

They were started by a company and they are encouraged by the companies to this day.

People will argue about anything, and If you don't want to see people arguing about game consoles you should probably avoid sites like this.

latincanuck1967d ago

yet not everyone can afford to upgrade their PC's on a regular basis, and the PC's are not usually bought just for games. They tend to be multi functional. However consoles are made with games in mind and pretty much that's it. Games usually come first and everything else is secondary. So yeah PC's are better, depending on which one you are talking about and how much you upgrade, and how much you are willing to spend, heck I know people that have spent over $3000 on their PC's. So what? I want to play games I use my PS3. Most of my friends are not into playing games on PC anymore.

greenlantern28141967d ago

Except in number of people buying the games. Pc has better specs if you can afford to spend the money.

dark-hollow1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

What kinect games? Seriously why people pretend that the Xbox one library is anything like the 360 kinect galore?

Xbox one sure have disadvantages against the ps4 like the price and the power, but games are not the problem with the xbone.
YOU wanted core exclusives (and new IPs at that) and you got it. Wither they will continue to pump them up in the future is pure speculation.

herbs1967d ago

Funny how fanboys are already defending the memory speeds of the Xbone, they are probably the same people who bashed the Wii Us memory speeds. The truth is that the Xbones memory architecture could in theory come close to the memory speeds of the PS4 but this would only be achieved with perfectly optimized code after years of tinkering and figuring it all out. The Wii U is using the same approach (with much less memory) except its Edram is even faster than the Xbones Esram lol. People only like the facts that fit in with their own beliefs.

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