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Nintendo Expects Own Software Development to Help Revive Wii U

Nintendo Co., the world’s biggest maker of video-game machines, plans to revive demand for its Wii U through the release of its own new titles as sales of the console failed to meet forecasts amid a lack of software.

“The only way to improve earnings is to sell good software titles,” said Masao Katsuura, an individual investor who attended the meeting in Kyoto yesterday. “I’m worried whether the company can release games as it plans.”

Nintendo fell 0.4 percent to 10,940 yen at the close of Osaka trading yesterday, paring this year’s gain to 19 percent. (Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   697d ago
I believe Nintendo are some of the best software developers in the industry, but they cannot carry this system alone. Gotta get more partnerships Nintendo. Talk to indies and publishers. You gotta get something going.
yeahokchief  +   697d ago
I think they can.

I didn't buy WiiU for 3rd party. I bought it for 1st party games as a sidepiece to my PS3 and PS4. Exclusives are the only thing I'm going to buy for it. So if they are going to involve third parties, they should go for exclusives. Games developed specifically for the WiiUpad that are only on the WiiU otherwise i'm playing them on the PS for trophies.

They need to start developing games for a more mature audience in addition to the family stuff though. One or two really solid, fun and challenging games.

Mario Kart and Smash Bros should do the trick for a lot of people. But I really, really, really hope these games have ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. The new 3d mario mulitplayer will be local only so I probably won't be buying that as it doesnt look like it would be much fun to play solo.

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is a game i'm looking forward to more than the next Zelda. Retro did about as good a job as an oldschool fan could have asked for. While I'd prefer more kremlins over pixar enemies in TF everything else they're doing from bringing back David Wise to having some challenging content to multiple playable characters is perfect.

I'd really like to see another SuperMarioRPG type game on the WiiU. That game was one of my favorite rpgs back on the snes with the timed button presses in the turn based combat. The second screen would be excelletn for an rpg like that with instant access to inventory etc. You wouldnt have to pause the game to access anythign like that.

I really hope they don't screw up the next Zelda like they did with Skyward Sword. I'm playing through Skyward Sword right now (skipped vanilla wii) and it's just ridiculous. This is the first Zelda game that I honestly feel is a chore. The game tells you where to go at every turn. YOu don't explore anything. You go from zone to zone clearing everything. Playing the harp in it is ridiculously simplistic and the songs are forgettable. The amount of useless text you have to skip over is astounding. This game was a real insult to my intelligence. Previous zelda games had a bit more respect for the player. I'd give this game an 8/10 right now. Controls are great but the game is completely lacking. Feels like it was thrown together around the controls haphazardly.
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XXXL  +   697d ago
Couldn't agree more with yeahokchief. And to all the fanboys out there yes, skyward sword sucked.Hated the graphics, it was a chore to play and is the first Zelda i never completed. Just couldn't continue to play it. Bored out of my mind
elhebbo16  +   697d ago
if all else fails they still got the 3DS to fall back on... but your right they should look for more support. I could easily see them attracting a lot of indie games besides expanding and adding more first party studios.
LOL_WUT  +   697d ago
No, GTA, no more CoD, BF4 or all the big multiplatform titles, it's definitely going to be an uphill battle for Nintendo. ;)
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PopRocks359  +   696d ago
No kidding. I'm sure that makes you all happy inside.
DivineAssault  +   697d ago
Well ya, theyre the only ones who will make games from the ground up to utilize its strengths.. Most 3rd party devs wont bother because they dont want to risk losing out if no1 buys.. I dont know if nintendo can revive the wii u without a price cut & much better looking/playing games than what theyve showed us so far.. Everything they have is the same thing with a fresh coat of paint & minimal online functionality.. Some coop games dont even have online which is completely stupid! None of the games have any realy perks for the gamepad to make it any better either! Whyd they make this gamepad if they arent putting it to use?!?! People dont want to have to buy a pro controller on top of a console to play games that they can get on systems they already own!

They NEED a price cut
They NEED new IPs
They NEED games that use the gamepad in innovative ways
They NEED more 3rd party support
With out those, the wii u cannot be revived..
yeahokchief  +   697d ago
I dont think new IPs are going to help them too much. One or two new ips sure. But they should use their existing franchises mostly.

Make another 2.5D Super Metroid similar to what you did with Donkey Kong Country. And not like that Metroid other M thing. A straight up 2D game that only plays with the camera when you go on elevators or between areas. All the gameplay should be strictly 2d i mean. That would sell like crazy. Much better than a new IP imo.

I'd like to see a WiiU exclusive 2D Castlevania that all the oldschoool castlevania fans are crying for after Lords of Shadow. (i loved LoS but would also like to see another symphony of the night type game again)

I'd like to see another Zombies at my Neighbors type game. Top down. I think you could do some really cool things with the gamepad for that type of top down experience. Zombie games are popular now. I think this would be a good time for sega or konami to reboot it. Add in coop online mulitplayer. bam. good game.

I'd like to see another top down Zelda on the WiiU or just bring the 3ds game to the WiiU. Better yet bring the entire 3ds library to the WiiU. Bam, it has tons of games. Crossplay ftw. I'd buy more games.

But sure make some new IPs too. They need more games period, but the quality has to be there.
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PigPen  +   697d ago
Nintendo don't need a price cut. I can agree with almost everything else. I would like Nintendo to spend some of that cash and form four more 1st party developer studios and get to work. Once more and more games come to the console it's going to sell.
DivineAssault  +   696d ago
They really do need a price cut when the deluxe 32GB model is only $50 cheaper than a 500GB PS4.. Plus most core gamers will want a pro controller adding an additional $50 & then an external HDD for digital content which is another $30-100 depending on the GB.. Dude, wii u NEEDS a price cut if they dont want to be overlooked.. They have very little 3rd party support so your buying a console just for 1st party software.. All the expenses add up
Blankolf  +   697d ago
Wii was revolutionary, and WiiU brought a tablet, I sincerelly want Nintendo to succeed to keep pushing the boundaries, but a tablet controller has proven not to be the way, they must think of something revolutionary before launching it, WiiU looked rushed, rushed to the point it's considered less powerfull than PS3 and Xbox1.

I know hardware isn't everything, but is something, or we would be all playing PS1 still.
yeahokchief  +   697d ago
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yeahokchief  +   697d ago
And one more thing. They should try and make a RTS or MOBA game with that gamepad. RTS or MOBA would be perfect for the touchscreen.

Make a competitve RTS game. Something where you build buildings and units similar to the old WC3. That would be cool.

You could use the 4 face buttons for control groups. And the L1/L2/R1/R2 for unit abilities. Movement you just tap the gamepad where you want the stuff to go and select the units by tapping them or select multiple units by scrolling over them on the gamepad. Use the analogs to scroll the map.

Or you could make a game like this where the left analog controls the character and the right analog scrolls the map. But I think tap to move/attack would be best.

I think a game like DotA, LOL would be PERFECT for the gamepad. POinty clicky type games. Doesnt even have to be a RTS.

Hell youd have plenty of buttons for all the character abilities. I think a MOBA would be sweet to play using the touchscreen.

Imagine if you could play DotA2 on the WiiU. That would be sick.

If I was given a ton of money to make a wii u exclusive game i would do something like this. This or a multiplayer zombies at my neighbors reboot with online coop.
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yeahokchief  +   697d ago
Somebody get on this shit and you'll make a lot of money.
project_pat36  +   697d ago
someone likes dota..
AJBACK2FRAG  +   697d ago
I was saying the same thing about the Wii. I thought the Wii remote would be perfect fo controlling a traditional rts. The game pad would be great also.
jcnba28  +   697d ago
Nintendo's software has always sold its systems whereas third party games like call of duty and battlefield sells ps4's and x1's.
PirateThom  +   697d ago
Maybe if they weren't so stagnant, I'd believe it.

Mario will always sell. Zelda will always sell. When you've been playing the franchises since the NES it's hard to get excited.

Talented, but ultimately lazy and unwilling to try anything new. That's Newtendo.
PigPen  +   697d ago
Zelda is what I am waiting for. Monolith Soft X looks really good but its Zelda I am the most excited for.
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kagamer79  +   696d ago
Nintendos a great company with some of the best ips to ever grace a gaming console, but they need third party support. I dont get why some ppl say nintendo doesn't need 3rd party support because every console needs 3rd party publishers to fill in the gaps and keep a steady stream of games flowing. Wii u may be weaker but they can still remain relevant with a price cut and a good game line up that doesn't disappoint. I personally think 3rd party is crucial to having a well rounded system and giving your console more value from the variety it offers. IMHO i think nintendo needs to buy as many companies as they can to make games for them. Atlus and sega would be a great start in my opinion. Nintendos fate really is in their own hands when its all said and done. Its simple really,1. Fufill your promises to get 3rd party on board. 2. Pick an audience to cater to and stick with them. 3. Market the shit outta wii u and inform ppl what it is and offers. 4. Last but not least show us a game where developers and gamers alike finally see the innovation and unique game experience the gamepad can offer. Nintendos down but I'm not counting them out just yet. They can still turn this around and be successful with the right game plan executed properly. Lets just hope they execute the plan soon.

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