Director Nomura Talks Similarities Between Final Fantasy XV And Kingdom Hearts

Siliconera: "We recently got a look at a couple internal interviews conducted by Square Enix, where director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Final Fantasy XV will be considered for hardware that uses DirectX 11 and how they had to recreate graphics after losing the data for the original Kingdom Hearts."

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ShugaCane1332d ago

Noctis in KH III would be cool.

-Gespenst-1331d ago

I'd say it's a certainty, especially since KH III is likely to come out after XV.

Majin-vegeta1332d ago

It will take the same amount of years for KH3 to come just like it took FF VS XIII.

wishingW3L1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

one of the advantages of next gen consoles is that they are supposed to be easier to develop for. And by easier I mean faster development.

Cerny said that what took 6 months to make on PS3 now it takes only 1 to 2 months at most.

Need4Game1331d ago

More strategy can be use for faster development.

adding MMORPG component added to KH3, It'll will attract many Investor to the project.
Money is still a Major factor in game development.

More Money to hire More People,
Less Development Time, Earlier Release.

kalkano1331d ago

Why can't we have Final Fantasy AND Kingdom Hearts? Why do we need TWO Kingdom Hearts series'?

xXxSeTTriPxXx1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Good question.might be that the kh formula is the easiest way to mainstream ff since all other attempt failed.

Dark111331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Because Action-RPG is the future.

kalkano1331d ago

Why is that? Do you like playing the same gameplay over and over again? Is there no room for other genres? I don't understand this kind of thinking.

What if I said turn-based was the future, so action-RPGs shouldn't exist? It wouldn't make sense. It doesn't make sense the way you're saying it, either.

Kalowest1331d ago

What are you talking about? Theirs only one KH series and one FF series! The new FF looks awesome, stop whining.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1331d ago

He' saying that ffxv is using the exact formula as kh (battle system, party etc) so it kinda is a kh game in a ff skin, so stop b#$ching about things you haven't the comprehension to understand.

FinalFantasyFan1324d ago


FF15 won't the exact kh formula, so maybe YOU "stop b#$ching about things you haven't the comprehension to understand."

FinalFantasyFan1324d ago

How about KH becomes FF, and FF becomes KH. Would that please you? If not, then stop whining.

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gano1331d ago

This is nice and all but honestly, i just want release info.
I'm waiting to see if they offer some type of limited ed ps4 with this.

thehitman1331d ago

Lol they wont do that so you shouldnt hold your breath. Game will probably release summer/fall 2014.

ABizzel11331d ago

This game reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus and DMC for some reason.

I can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.