The 3DS and Vita compliment each other

From the article, "I own both a 3DS and a Vita. As someone who has always collected every dedicated handheld gaming device over the years, I couldn’t help buying and loving both. It’s because of this that I realized something. The two really aren’t in competition with each other. Rather, I find the two act as compliments to its rivals abilities, meaning someone who owns both systems will have access to some of the best games available this generation."

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GreenRanger1965d ago

It's like owning a ferrari and a monster truck.

Both are awesome, and it's better to have both than it is to have one, because you'll always be missing out on something if you only have one.

PopRocks3591965d ago

I concur completely. They have different experiences, but both have something amazing to offer.

sherimae24131965d ago

i go to a mall yesterday because i bought a new pouch for my vita and P4G and in the counter i see girl who had 3ds xl she bought a game... its project x zone? she looks at me and we chat a little then she ask what games are on my vita
i said i have ac3l and GR and my newly bought p4g
she ask if she could try GR and says i could also try her 3DS for experiences ^_^

i played kid icarus.. and its VERY fun! haha i enjoyed it, i said to myself im also getting a 3ds if when im not tight on my budget hopefully this year, and claire, the girls name ive met also enjoyed GR too ^_^

Tewi-Inaba1965d ago

But what if the ferrari has no gas?

Pillsbury11965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Are you implying the vita has no games or its dead in the water? Because its niether.

Krew_921965d ago

Then go buy the gas, there is plenty to go around.


g-nome1964d ago

Like owning a ps3 and wii u . Currently playing pilot wings resort , super Mario u and last of us.

Pillsbury11965d ago

They both have their own appeal. Nintendo has their high Nintendo quality franchises and Sony has amazing Sony polished games. Some do argue that one is for kids and the other is for adults but games are games. I own a ps vita and when the ps4 releases it will be the ultimate companion to my home console.

PigPen1965d ago

Vita is dead in the water.

elhebbo161965d ago

Really? thats weird... because I'm having lots of fun with mines right now :/

Hicken1965d ago

Face to face, sure. But what about in private? Do you think they badmouth each other behind the other's back?

sherimae24131965d ago

the sad truth..

i wonder, how many years will he going to say those words? 5, 7 or 10 yrs maybe

tarbis1964d ago

It's a trolling account. Bring it down.

elhebbo161965d ago

you are talking about the actual handhelds or the fanboys?

Blank1965d ago

For a person like me with two jobs this combo complements each other perfectly. They both have good hunting games, portable version of series, and a exclusives that appeal to me personally for on the go.

MasterChief36241965d ago

Welcome to the world of handheld gaming ever since Nintendo's Game Boy had competition? :P

Pittoo1965d ago

I have both and like them both.I really don't give a shit what anyone else prefers.

sherimae24131965d ago

good answer pittoo ^_^
these handhelds are made to be enjoyed anyway

IMightBeRetarded1965d ago

Making you own opinion and not giving a shit about other people's opinions is generally the best way to go.

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