Roundtable: Top Three Most Anticipated Games (Post-E3)

Analog Addiction writes: "Well, its been a while since E3 now, and we have finally taken the time to marinate our thoughts and decided which games got us most amped for the coming years. E3 2013 was among the best showings we’ve seen in years – not just because the next gen has been unbelievable hyped – but because games, glorious games, have showcased, detailed, and teased for our very own pleasure. Without further ado, Analog Addictions’ top three most anticipated games, per editor!"

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Omran1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

For me :

The Order 1886
Infamous L Second son
Watch Dogs
PES 2014
Quantum Break

fsfsxii1935d ago

I've been waiting for a game like the Order for a very long time

Omran1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Yes game based on historical events that's what i like, from what they said before don't forget the game come from the developer of GOW on PSP

can't wait to see how the gameplay looks like

1934d ago
medman1934d ago

Watch Dogs, The Division, and Destiny for me please. The Order looks interesting, but I need to see gameplay first.

crazyboom1934d ago

Infamous second son, Destiny, and The Division.