Editorial: Oh, So Now Microsoft Doesn't Care About Specs?

Hey, remember when Microsoft kept promoting the original Xbox as the "most powerful video game console" in the universe? Yeah, nobody forgot that.

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FrigidDARKNESS1993d ago

Well specs on paper to prove that your system is better don't mean a damn thing. Its the engineering and components inside.

dedicatedtogamers1993d ago

Are you aware that the "specs on paper" are directly culled from the engineering and components inside?

It's like saying "your car's 0 to 60 doesn't mean a thing at all. What matters is the torque and the size of the engine block".

FrigidDARKNESS1993d ago

Yes ...after spending years in the hi end audio video industry talking to engineers in that field. You can build a component with superior specs but its the engineering design and components inside is all that matters.

NewMonday1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )


sorry to brake it to you, but the engineering and components are a bigger advantage for the PS4 than the specs.

the XBone is full of property design..

- "move engines" will force developers to make costume pipelines for data flow in their game engines.

- split RAM(DDR3/eSRAM) is very big problem and the first thing developers warn against.

- programmers have to work over an OS, and the XBone has 3 OS layers, I repeat 3 OS layers

only big studios will have the resources to use them in full, and will take them more time, smaller developers may have to downgrade their game engines settings, some may decide not develop for the XB1 at all..

Sony in the other hand..

- using a large unified pool of GDDR5, as an example for the benefit full stages or even full games can be entirely loaded into the RAM

- increasing steady data flow without by implementing a simple method of cache bypass, like digging a straight forward tunnel instead of the Move engines "Spaghetti Junction".

- "coding to the metal", developers have full and direct access to the GPU, multiplying the power gap even more.

BallsEye1993d ago

Are you aware that there is much more to a gaming system than number on RAM and GPU? Are you aware than xbox one has hypervisor (look it up if you posses that skill) move engines and esram? You have any idea why MS went with MODIFIED (yes upgraded) DDR3? XBOX ONE was built from ground up to be running on directX 11.2 with tilling in mind. For tilling you need fast RAM and DDR3 is way faster than GDDR5. How does tilling work? Check out new video they've released. Basicly, a scene that requires 3GB of ram to be displayed, can be rendered by using only 16 MB of ram with their architecture + dx11.2 16MB from 3GB!!! Do YOU UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE? That's why specs on paper don't matter much, besides MS never released spec of GPU .

kneon1993d ago


Do you know what a hypervisor is? Apparently not since you seem so excited about it. All that is going to do is consume more resources, and it's only needed because the XB1 is running multiple OSes

As for tiled resources I haven't seen a good technical explanation, only the PR fluff. So far to me it looks like a version of mipmaps.

Diver1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

balleye dude there is a reason ms won't release specs.

an you better brace yourself or at least do a better job of thinking about what you are saying. cause every single thing ms has done an by that I mean talking cloud an every sort of pr doublespeak without discussing numbers points to one thing.

a far weaker system. I'm gonna mark this post for sure.

so get ready cause when the consoles launch they are gonna get ripped apart down to the last screw an when the truth comes out theres gonna be a lot of new accounts on this site.

ever bit of logic says if ms had superior anything they would be touting it to the moon an back and the fact they won't even cone near a interstellar ship says a helluva lot.

morganfell1993d ago


You need to go over to GAF and watch programmers rip that ESRAM story apart. MS may have also accidentally let out a PR nightmare that will come back to bite them.

You also need to realize if you won a Porsche but are restricted to driving in school zones,'s called a bus and not the yellow kind.

Mikeyy1993d ago


Now Xbox fanboys claim MS can render 3GBs worth of data while only using 16MB of RAM?

I've heard it all...

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GreenRanger1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

@ FrigidDarkness
You don't have to be a rocket scientist (hehe..) to see that the PS4 is vastly superior to the Xbox One.

Those clouds in the Xbox One sure sound fluffy, though.

Kingthrash3601993d ago

@frigid rrod.....=bad engineering and components inside.
e3 xb1 games ran on pc's with better components inside...for a system to release this year thats scary...after the rrod debacle I doubt they will get it right by rushing xb1 into the market this november when it clearly wasent ready 5months prior at e3

sic_chops1993d ago

I'm baffled that people still trust M$

gano1992d ago

the general consensus is set in stone.
The ms workers are earning their pay.
nobody is buying that trash.

Godmars2901993d ago

Thing is, aren't there a few stories out now that are trying to suggest that the XB1 is more power than its specs? More powerful than the PS4?

Nevermind that twice now the Xbox brand has had the superior specs and done nothing with them. A game which set general benchmarks, just usually something on the Xbox for that year.

fathoms1993d ago

General benchmarks? After the first Halo, Xbox never set any benchmarks. Franchises like Uncharted set benchmarks.

torchic1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Xbox One is still weaker man.

I'm not going to explain why. learn to understand what you're reading, unless you're purposefully spinning.

Belking1993d ago

"I'm not going to explain why"

Because you can't. You don't probably don't have any tech knowledge and just going off what is said here on the N4g channel.

morganfell1993d ago


The numbers do not add up. It's as I stated elsewhere. There is an almost 30 page thread at GAF and there are some very knowledgeable people in there that realize the MS power story has some serious math holes in it. In the midst of boasting with their invented math they may have exposed something they do not necessarily want people to know about.

And superior specs this gen? Uhm, no.

Godmars2901993d ago

Do people actually think I'm trying to defend or support MS? I'm just putting out the statement since there are at least two articles about it on N4G.

I am amazed - astonished - that MS has not only messed up to the degree that they seem to have done, but continue to do so with each new news item.

At this point the only things they seem to have in their favor is TV support - which both still has its own problems and has nothing to do with games - and their exclusives, a few of which likely wont be in a year or so.

Meanwhile with Sony generally only good things and *game development* are being spoken about. In fact as much as MS seems to be trying to emphasize the systems similarities - when then not "suggesting" that the XB1 is better - I'm only hearing that devs love working with the PS4. Nothing about the XB1.

2cents1993d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this interview was directly after the may reveal, OXM decided to hold this news piece back till now just to stir the pot even further.

His remarks were also in answer to a question of the importance of hardware specs etc. he even stated that he didn't even want to have this conversation implying that he didn't want to open his zipper and get a measuring tape out. The so called gaming press is often more immature that the fanboys hanging of their teats.

We all know and should just accept the fact that the PS4 is a very powerful and simple machine that is going to be very easy to develop for. This is a cause for celebration! The Xbox is a complex beast that is not about raw horsepower but custom engineering to support the wealth of features. They are very different machines.

It comes down to choice, we don't need to fight over the word plays that these reporters conjure for hits and giggles. We should be smarter than that. There is no denying that there is a wider gap this generation between MS and Sony, but I'm not talking just about graphical fidelity but the bigger picture, Sony is a games console with media capabilities, whereas the Xbox is a entertainment device that also is a high end games console. As long as MS deliver on the core gaming front there is nothing for the true gamer to worry about.

Enough of this 'he said she said' rubbish, make up your own minds, don't be slaves to this ridiculous circus that is sucking all of the joy out of being a gamer.

Godmars2901993d ago

The thing is we're already knee deep into the "he said she said' rubbish.

It was already well established that going into E3 that Sony was providing more first party support for their system while MS's had turned spotty, yet when they announced they'd have "X" exclusives and "Y" new IP people latched onto that as it were Gospel. Nevermind the other questions regarding XB1 or if MS would continue strong system support throughout its life when they haven't done so for two console generations.

Given past evidence MS has much to strive for as well as live down, by current example aren't showing they can, and yet the best counter-argument which can be offered in their defense is that "Sony's just as bad" when clearly they aren't.

2cents1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

There has been a systematic breakdown of Ms and every word that comes fom them is obsessively analysed, speculated and commented on. Since sony's reveal in feb the barking started. It was everywhere, every single person demanding to know what MS have in store, industry leaks gave many things away and made many things very cloudy :)

Sony said that they would not be announcing anything due to fears that the competition could steal and implement ideas, then they shocked the world with the feb announcement. They played a stunning game with the fans, press and MS. 

MS said nothing about an announcement nor gave over any promotional information about the 720. To the press.  Can they be blamed for sony's deception? Since that moment in Feb speculation about the Xbox went nuclear, spec leaks, rumours and lots of demanding that we wanted to know. Since when do we demand from a company, their information about an unreleased product still in development, we don't. We wait for the press releases about the new products when the company making them is damn well good and ready to.

There is no excuse for the hostility and behaviour towards MS, when everyone witnessed the Sony launch in feb they were happy, excited and eager to see what Sony were going to offer in the way of information. The same people who were then viewing the MS release in May were carrying so much baggage, so many questions, worries, concerns that MS already had no chance of pleasing, considering that if they had announced before Sony or before any leaks and the #dealeithit fiasco. The reception would have been far more different. With far more intelligent analysis of what MS was trying to do for the user with the always online model. 

The thickest vein pulsing on the forehead seemed to be, where the hell are the games??? What the hell is an Xbox One???

Then we have E3, Xbox message was... Games Games Games, the world was more like... 24hr checkin, used games, physical media ownership!

Continued below...

2cents1993d ago

Sony continued in the same fashion as before by focusing their show on their offering while taking constant stabs at MS, playful you may think, no. It has developed a righteous justification in the hearts of fanboys to open and unashamed attacks on  everything MS. 
And Sony making that video about how to share games, really cheap, mocking a competitor in the same industry that is trying really hard to do something different. 

I've watched everything that has been going on from a distance on both sides, not having allegiance to any has allowed me to see what's going on from a detached perspective. This is really messed up. 

There are so many nickel n dime gaming websites that post so much trash and bias opinionated drivel that is being absorbed  en masse and regurgitate over every comment section is making things worse by the day. We are in a situation now where:
Sony says something, anything, it is taken with big childish grins on our faces and we accept it, even when it's not such good news.
MS say anything, and it is guaranteed to be completely torn to shreds, people looking for hidden meanings, playing it backwards to see if the gates of hell will open. It's insane. 

There is nothing but a continual pile up, every positive is drowned by negativity, spin, speculation,, hate, sarcasm, abuse... 

I am speaking because this is an open forum, I am not trying to justify actions, decisions, choices or comments made by MS or Sony. I am a gamer, I want some new consoles, I come to N4G to bathe in the glory of gaming goodness, when I read the comments section I hope for interesting debate on a shared passion. Sadly all I seem to find is battle after battle, like Katamari, the fight just keeps rolling from one article into the next. So I want to try to start some debate from my perspective.

Godmars2901992d ago

"There is no excuse for the hostility and behaviour towards MS"

Besides the DRM policies structured around the console and the used games issue, then Kinect 2.0.

Despite anything that Sony did, before the Orth leak, MS had plenty of time to both measure and get those "rumors" under control. Then the Orth incident happened and they fired him, but again failed to address the concerns he raised. Only confirmed them after a pre-E3 presentation which hardly covered anything game related. Then come E3 while they did show games they let the undercurrent of what was now their official stand do even more damage. Where arrogant, aloof and canceled an expected post press meeting because, as it turns out, the stance they were promoting wasn't their actual stance.

After all that, when all of that negative publicity had finally begun to leak into the main media and the public consciousness, only then did MS pull their one-eighty.

By contrast to all that mess, all Sony has done is not reveal their used games protection. Had better sense than MS, saw the storm that the other had stirred up, and allow them to mangle themselves to the degree MS has.

2cents1992d ago

I'm in full agreement with you regarding their handling of the situation. It's a real shame, even with all the negativity around their DRM and Used game policies, they still believed in their vision, their direction; so did many of the public... Just not enough. Change is always difficult, it was clear that the majority were nowhere ready for such a drastic shift. I for one could not get my head around the fact that we wouldn't be able to play the console without Internet.

It's a case of forgive and forget, forgive but never forget, never forgive and never forget. I'm in the second camp. i feel they have done so much in regards to innovation, integration and fluidity that I am very excited for their next iteration. And the fact that they did show many games, with many more to announce, I'm happy for now. 35+ exclusives across both platforms means I'm going to be getting sore thumbs for the year to come :)

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SpideySpeakz1993d ago

Just more console war rubbish on MS's side. They're just trying to throw off the consumer. All talk, no explaining. Sony have already stated why they have the superior console. MS didn't even try to explain WHY specs don't matter in this situation. Its all smoke, just like the Cloud.

PS: To all you MS apologist/loyalist, don't even try to explain for them. MS is a $100 billion net worth company, and I think MS can better explain their own product better than some minimum wage fanboy.

sic_chops1993d ago

Haha... I'm just gonna sit back and let them get owned by m$

Automatic791993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

To hardcore gamers hardware matters in terms of bragging rights. To the general population they want to play excellent games and could care less about system tech and specs. Most of you forget that MS has the infrastructure regarding online looked in. So while many are focusing on how the games are going to look it is how you use all your components that really matter. Sony ps3 hardware was a very solid system compared to Xbox 360 but when you look at it 7 years later it fell behind compared to Xbox 360 in terms of OS. No one cared about hardware after a while because even 7 years later games on both systems were looking better and better for example PS3 with Uncharted, Last of US and Xbox 360 with Halo 4, Gears of War. Third party games like Assassins Creed and Battlefield 3 kept pushing equally stunning games.

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