Microsoft Tries to Downplay PS4’s Spec Advantage, Draws Attention to it

As the week comes to a close, Daily Reaction wouldn’t be complete without discussing a baffling comment made by an exec. Today, Seb and Dan discuss whether the PS4 and Xbox One’s specs are “meaningless” in what will surely be a pointless argument. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker1510d ago

Yeah, Specs don't mean anything, so we should just keep playing our 360s, right Microsoft?

TrendyGamers1510d ago

360? I'm still playing my Xbox 1 with Halo 1!

fenome1510d ago Show
Boody-Bandit1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

If you are gaming on an Xbox 1 shouldn't it be Halo 5 you're playing? /s

Redrum0591510d ago


you guys are all making me laugh

+bubbles for everyone with the xbox classic references. but yes xbox classic is cool

thechosenone1510d ago

Already debunked.

So did Microsoft just spin a downclocked esram based on pure bs?

zebramocha1510d ago

Xbox just wants to have fun.

dalibor1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Or you could just color code them
Green/Phat Xbox(even though it wasn't green just the logo) = the original
White/Matte Xbox = 360
Black/Glossy Xbox = Xbox 1

Grey PS = the original
Black PS = PS2
Glossy/Phat PS = PS3
Bi color PS = PS4
Yes there is discrepancies between each model but just put together the biggest differences between the first systems released, not the later revisions.

I_am_Batman1509d ago

@dalibor: Why would you need a colorcode for PS?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1509d ago


Stop it's too early for this level of hilarity to ensue...

plaZeHD1509d ago

See it makes everything so complicated. Out of everything why would they call it 'Xbox One'? Just retarded.

pixelsword1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

@ plaZeHD:

So they could market it with Dog armor.




All the things the modern war-dog needs.

Ezz20131509d ago

lol at those comments

anyway i post this in other topic
let's destroy MS claim once and for all:

********"So this article at the top of /r/games sounds pretty rosy. They're claiming the esram on the XBO can actually push 192.0 GB/s. That sounds really great...

Except if we read the actual statement, it is this.

However, with near-final production silicon, Microsoft techs have found that the hardware is capable of reading and writing simultaneously. Apparently, there are spare processing cycle "holes" that can be utilised for additional operations.

No, they didn't wake up one morning and realize there was an extra data line in their memory module, so lets drill down to what that actually means.

Apparently, there are spare processing cycle "holes" that can be utilised for additional operations.

In other words, no, it isn't capable of bidirectional data transfer. Their trying to push through a few extra memory operations, but the it's still strictly read or write.
Now, look at the actual numbers. I have to give credit to R_K_M and Boreras for pointing this out. I'm just aggregating, so I'm going to direct quote.

If I am not mistaken, that just means that they lowered the clock from 800 to 750 and are using the bi-directonal bandwith number for marketing when everyone else is using the bandwith number in one direction. - R_K_M

you're right the numbers do match up perfectly for that (750 (GPU clock) * 128 (bus width)*2(read&write during same cycle) = 192.0 GB/s --- if it were 800 MHz you would get 204.8 GB/s) - Boreras

So we can basically confirm that cboat was correct. The numbers tell the truth. The esram has been downclocked, and Microsoft's PR department is trying to spin it as an increase in total bandwidth based on some cycle tricks that are probably being exaggerated."*********

keep the DC going MS ...keep it going

x5exotic1509d ago

"X-box it doesn't matter because they all sucked"

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chrismichaels041510d ago

Its amazing...the more Microsoft tries to defend themselves, the more they just come off looking clueless and confused.

Godmars2901509d ago

Maybe because they are clueless and confused.

Maybe they've been believing their own hype all this time no matter what other sources told them.

Honestly, when always online was just a beginning of rumor and reaction to it was obvious, even before Orth, plans should have been changed then. Instead they let the second strike saying worse than nothing pre-E3, then compounded on things post. And now they show no real signs of getting any balance. Are only making more smaller mistakes.

Automatic791509d ago


"as long as they do it honestly and without bias"

This is coming from a bitter troll who goes on Microsoft articles and post comments like the one below

"Its amazing...the more Microsoft tries to defend themselves, the more they just come off looking clueless and confused."

Gamers beware of fanboys who try to come off as respectful toward the competition when in fact they are trolling articles and can't stand all the good competition has done.

nosferatuzodd1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Microsoft have a gun point at their feet and how many times they pull the trigger now 10 maybe 20times wow give these guys some crutches cuz i don't think there ever going to walk straight after this generation

chrismichaels041509d ago

@MichaelLito - my fellow gamers, don't mind MichaelLito. Hes a bitter and biased fanboy that spreads lies and misinformation all over these forums. He's mad at me for catching him in a lie and calling him out on it. Now he's lowered himself to personal attacks. Just look up his last few comments. Many of his biased comments have racked up disagrees in the 40's and 50's and one of his recent comments passed 105 disagrees and was blocked for "trolling" and he lost a bubble as a result. Don't waste your time with this troll, he's not worth it.

medman1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Right....and horsepower doesn't matter in automobiles either. I'm sure that Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab can now rest easy because this gentleman has let us all know that performance is irrelevant. No need to push the boundaries at all. These sorts of things don't matter when you're on the short end of the stick. I bet this guy doesn't think penis size is important either, most likely because he's hung like a common shrew. That's what happens when someone else has what you desire, you make excuses. And excuses are tools of the incompetent. There are very few industries or performance metrics where the phrase "more is better" does not apply. Somebody better wake the dopes at Microsoft up, they are getting slaughtered, and every other word from their mouths is gibberish.

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kevnb1510d ago

Well it's all theoretical performance given so far, but I guess Microsoft is confirming its beaten in real world performance too... Good job guys.

PSjesus1510d ago

So if Xbone is inferior to PS4 why it's 100$ more expensive .... oh yes you force Kinect in every box so you can spy on us while eating chicken wings

IBleedXbox1510d ago

does it matter. people have laptops with build in cameras, who knows if it is recording them or talking pictures. same with phones. most phones come with a front camera and we don't know if it is recording But people still use it. at least with the xbox one you can turn it around facing the wall. if you are concerned about it recording you then buy sound proof foam and wrap it up in it and that fixes your problem