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Microsoft Tries to Downplay PS4’s Spec Advantage, Draws Attention to it

As the week comes to a close, Daily Reaction wouldn’t be complete without discussing a baffling comment made by an exec. Today, Seb and Dan discuss whether the PS4 and Xbox One’s specs are “meaningless” in what will surely be a pointless argument. - PSLS (PS4, Xbox One)

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Foolsjoker  +   761d ago | Well said
Yeah, Specs don't mean anything, so we should just keep playing our 360s, right Microsoft?
TrendyGamers  +   761d ago
360? I'm still playing my Xbox 1 with Halo 1!
DragonKnight  +   761d ago | Funny
You mean Xbox Classic.
Kingthrash360  +   761d ago
no you mean xbox first
InTheLab  +   761d ago
Xbox Uno
wenaldy  +   761d ago | Funny
Xbox Juan
madara0sama  +   761d ago | Funny
Xbox that didn't suck.
fenome   761d ago | Trolling | show
Vip3r  +   761d ago
Xbox -359
Boody-Bandit  +   761d ago
If you are gaming on an Xbox 1 shouldn't it be Halo 5 you're playing? /s
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Redrum059  +   761d ago

you guys are all making me laugh

+bubbles for everyone with the xbox classic references. but yes xbox classic is cool
thechosenone  +   761d ago
Already debunked.

So did Microsoft just spin a downclocked esram based on pure bs?
zebramocha  +   761d ago
Xbox just wants to have fun.
dalibor  +   761d ago
Or you could just color code them
Green/Phat Xbox(even though it wasn't green just the logo) = the original
White/Matte Xbox = 360
Black/Glossy Xbox = Xbox 1

Grey PS = the original
Black PS = PS2
Glossy/Phat PS = PS3
Bi color PS = PS4
Yes there is discrepancies between each model but just put together the biggest differences between the first systems released, not the later revisions.
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Urusernamesucks  +   761d ago
Xbox 0
CalvinKlein  +   761d ago
it was just called XBOX.
I_am_Batman  +   761d ago
@dalibor: Why would you need a colorcode for PS?

Stop it's too early for this level of hilarity to ensue...
Ritsujun  +   761d ago
Xbox Origins.
plaZeHD  +   761d ago
See it makes everything so complicated. Out of everything why would they call it 'Xbox One'? Just retarded.
pixelsword  +   760d ago
@ plaZeHD:

So they could market it with Dog armor.




All the things the modern war-dog needs.
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young7yang  +   760d ago
Xbox Senior
Ezz2013  +   760d ago
lol at those comments

anyway i post this in other topic
let's destroy MS claim once and for all:

********"So this article at the top of /r/games sounds pretty rosy. They're claiming the esram on the XBO can actually push 192.0 GB/s. That sounds really great...

Except if we read the actual statement, it is this.

However, with near-final production silicon, Microsoft techs have found that the hardware is capable of reading and writing simultaneously. Apparently, there are spare processing cycle "holes" that can be utilised for additional operations.

No, they didn't wake up one morning and realize there was an extra data line in their memory module, so lets drill down to what that actually means.

Apparently, there are spare processing cycle "holes" that can be utilised for additional operations.

In other words, no, it isn't capable of bidirectional data transfer. Their trying to push through a few extra memory operations, but the it's still strictly read or write.
Now, look at the actual numbers. I have to give credit to R_K_M and Boreras for pointing this out. I'm just aggregating, so I'm going to direct quote.

If I am not mistaken, that just means that they lowered the clock from 800 to 750 and are using the bi-directonal bandwith number for marketing when everyone else is using the bandwith number in one direction. - R_K_M

you're right the numbers do match up perfectly for that (750 (GPU clock) * 128 (bus width)*2(read&write during same cycle) = 192.0 GB/s --- if it were 800 MHz you would get 204.8 GB/s) - Boreras

So we can basically confirm that cboat was correct. The numbers tell the truth. The esram has been downclocked, and Microsoft's PR department is trying to spin it as an increase in total bandwidth based on some cycle tricks that are probably being exaggerated."*********

keep the DC going MS ...keep it going
BLAKHOODe  +   760d ago
Grandpa Xbox
x5exotic  +   760d ago
"X-box it doesn't matter because they all sucked"
chrismichaels04  +   761d ago | Well said
Its amazing...the more Microsoft tries to defend themselves, the more they just come off looking clueless and confused.
Godmars290  +   761d ago
Maybe because they are clueless and confused.

Maybe they've been believing their own hype all this time no matter what other sources told them.

Honestly, when always online was just a beginning of rumor and reaction to it was obvious, even before Orth, plans should have been changed then. Instead they let the second strike saying worse than nothing pre-E3, then compounded on things post. And now they show no real signs of getting any balance. Are only making more smaller mistakes.
MichaelLito79  +   761d ago

"as long as they do it honestly and without bias"

This is coming from a bitter troll who goes on Microsoft articles and post comments like the one below

"Its amazing...the more Microsoft tries to defend themselves, the more they just come off looking clueless and confused."

Gamers beware of fanboys who try to come off as respectful toward the competition when in fact they are trolling articles and can't stand all the good competition has done.
nosferatuzodd  +   761d ago
Microsoft have a gun point at their feet and how many times they pull the trigger now 10 maybe 20times wow give these guys some crutches cuz i don't think there ever going to walk straight after this generation
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chrismichaels04  +   761d ago
@MichaelLito - my fellow gamers, don't mind MichaelLito. Hes a bitter and biased fanboy that spreads lies and misinformation all over these forums. He's mad at me for catching him in a lie and calling him out on it. Now he's lowered himself to personal attacks. Just look up his last few comments. Many of his biased comments have racked up disagrees in the 40's and 50's and one of his recent comments passed 105 disagrees and was blocked for "trolling" and he lost a bubble as a result. Don't waste your time with this troll, he's not worth it.
medman  +   760d ago
Right....and horsepower doesn't matter in automobiles either. I'm sure that Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab can now rest easy because this gentleman has let us all know that performance is irrelevant. No need to push the boundaries at all. These sorts of things don't matter when you're on the short end of the stick. I bet this guy doesn't think penis size is important either, most likely because he's hung like a common shrew. That's what happens when someone else has what you desire, you make excuses. And excuses are tools of the incompetent. There are very few industries or performance metrics where the phrase "more is better" does not apply. Somebody better wake the dopes at Microsoft up, they are getting slaughtered, and every other word from their mouths is gibberish.
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kevnb  +   761d ago
Well it's all theoretical performance given so far, but I guess Microsoft is confirming its beaten in real world performance too... Good job guys.
PSjesus  +   761d ago | Funny
So if Xbone is inferior to PS4 why it's 100$ more expensive .... oh yes you force Kinect in every box so you can spy on us while eating chicken wings
cyberninja  +   761d ago
I love chicken wings...
IBleedXbox  +   761d ago
does it matter. people have laptops with build in cameras, who knows if it is recording them or talking pictures. same with phones. most phones come with a front camera and we don't know if it is recording But people still use it. at least with the xbox one you can turn it around facing the wall. if you are concerned about it recording you then buy sound proof foam and wrap it up in it and that fixes your problem
adorie  +   761d ago
Chicken wings ftw
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   761d ago
mmmmmmm chicken wings
nosferatuzodd  +   761d ago
lol And who like to watch porn micro have a fetish, they want to see what gamers are doing..

They get their kicks from that, and to the ppl who say I'm paranoid just remember this Microsoft turn all you're data keys to the nsa remember that what makes you thing they wont do the same with the ONE
grimmweisse  +   761d ago
Don't be stupid iBleed, with a laptop camera you have direct control over the PCs OS, you can disable the camera completely it's not mandatory. Same with my android based phone, nothing with those hardware features are mandatory, big difference!

If you can't notice your phone or PC camera recording or snapping photos of you then more fool you. The big flashing light is a dead give away that its recording.
titletownrelo  +   760d ago
Google already knows we all watch porn, M$ just wants video confirmation, XD
greenpowerz   761d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
Masterdon   761d ago | Spam
BallsEye  +   761d ago
isn't it funny how suddenly every person on n4g is expert in console architecture, knows exactly the way software works and so on? Maybe all of you should get hired at Sony! I'm sure they would take such experts right away!
FlunkinMonkey  +   761d ago
And i'm sure MS would take you as their resident 'fluffer' (look it up).
loulou  +   760d ago
lol i know what a fluffer is without googling..

but the guy does have a point. listening to the cretins on here, you could almost believe that they are all in the business, and have been for years..

or definately fluffing for sony.. lol
BallsEye  +   760d ago

Aw, did I hurt your feelings? Just because I got all the disagrees it proves my point! Thanks N4g you are the best!
FlunkinMonkey  +   760d ago
Ha yea, i'm crying inside, so deep man.. You're a bit special aren't you? You proved that point man! Well done bro! You are a legend!

Not even a single MS fan agreed with you ignorant buffoon.. Rare to see that many disagrees to agrees wow, way to prove a point man.. Glad you completed your special mission..

ShwankyShpanky  +   760d ago
Or maybe people are just reading what developers and industry people are actually saying about the architecture. And one doesn't even need to be an "expert" to form a valid opinion; there's plenty of information on the web regarding computer technology for people to do their own research.
stage88  +   761d ago
Classic Microsoft.

"Our technology isn't as good as our competitors so we'll say to everyone that its the same".
greenlantern2814  +   761d ago
Ms says specs don't matter then try to say their specs are better than first thought. They say it is about games which sony has that advantage to. Look at the history of the systems sony keeps the games coming year after year. This year Xbox 360 gears4; ps3 = God of war4, TLOU, beyond,puppeteer, tales of xillia.
But I want to point out when they said it was about the games they also said our games will be just as good as our competitors.
4= greatness
1= ms bs
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CRAIG667  +   761d ago
xbox original
solar  +   760d ago
it's really funny, console gamers say til they are blue in the face they dont care about specs or graphics.
RevXM  +   760d ago
SPECS matter to me, and I see myself as a console gamer primarily.

People have different views and opinions. yeah Ive seen "TEH SPECZ NO MATTRZ!", but they do not know any better I guess. Specs do matter.
Ive been playing pc games since I were shittin in pampers and I found out with the years as I started to buy games myself that games like AVP2 doesnt run very well on an OLD pentium 3 based Pc with some crappy Matrox videocard. lol.
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CyberSentinel  +   760d ago
Xbox (1)80
Mr_Nuts  +   761d ago
They said it's all about games but they made it out like that's what they've been giving us for years...all they've really done has been giving us timed DLC. I mean look at the most recent Sony game, have MS gave us their version of "The Last of Us" this year.....nope. The only thing we've had so far is Gears of War Judgement

I mean I'd understand if Sony were the same but they arn't. MS had the most games at their E3 then they've had for years but lets face it, it was only to try and make us see past their horrible anti consumer polices and high price point. Once they get an install base and those games come out shown at E3 you'll never see an E3 like that again I'll tell you that now.

In a way since Sony does have games, more then MS, Sony has games AND better specs
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SheenuTheLegend  +   761d ago
thats the point. next e3 will be all about kinect
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   761d ago
Exactly.If you liked MS's E3, i hope you REALLY liked it because that was %90 of the games you're going to get from them for the next 3 years.

MS always do this.Blow their load at one time and and just chug along with trailers or games already shown for the next few years.They have no skill at pacing themselves.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   761d ago
A man thinks they did it more so at this E3 because they were trying to drown out their own bad press. It obviously didn't work so now the biggest story is getting their policies to not be as bad as they were. Now they've shown most of their games but didn't get any positive buzz because they're timed or just were looked over because of the hate after that Sony conference. Sony meanwhile showed SOME stuff but knew they could get the hype train going with policy and price alone. They now have many more of their 20 first year exclusives to show at Gamescom and TGS while MS has little left for those shows leading up to launch.
crazyboom  +   760d ago
True since I think they have only showed like 5 of the 20 exclusive game coming in the first year to ps4.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   759d ago
what about "state of decay"? (sarcasm)
The_Infected  +   761d ago
Specs don't mean anything? That's right if there's no one to take advantage of those specs. Sony has amazing studios like ND that use those specs to make amazing games. So in theory yes specs matter.
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dalibor  +   761d ago
Everything matters period be it specs or ease of use of the system down to the developers themselves and the games that get released. It's all transitional. Really it is all about the games but specs do matter otherwise we would not need to buy the newer systems when newer games could just keep coming out on older consoles. Thinking that MS should have stated something like "while the Xbox isn't as powerful as the PS4, the Xbox 1 has features that are not found on PS4 that gives it versatility and benefits compared to PS4". Would have been a bit better I would think. At least it would have been the truth and that at least grants respect from people.
Belking  +   761d ago
of course a playstation site would downplay anything from MS....lol
NihonjinChick  +   761d ago | Well said
Wait, so a PlayStation site tried to downplay Microsoft down playing the PS4's specs?

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mkotechno  +   761d ago
Well, it doesn't have logic but, but... did you see Titanfall?
ElitaStorm  +   761d ago
its called downplayception, they need to go deeper
Parapraxis  +   761d ago
I'd love to see how you'd go about boasting about this information Belking.
Care to give it a whirl?
HammadTheBeast  +   761d ago
Amuse us Belking.
Hicken  +   761d ago
Isn't he doing so already?

Seriously, though, what else would you call this? Before, they would have been shouting their technical superiority from the rooftops. But now, for some reason, it doesn't matter?

Now, it supposedly all about the games, but when has Microsoft proven they can best either Sony OR Nintendo in that category?
SCW1982  +   760d ago
I think Belking understands this is Rocket Science Level Stuff guys.
grimmweisse  +   761d ago
They didn't downplay anything , the moron that is Albert Penello should of just kept quite if he can't even be honest about a simple question. His comments made a mess, saying spec means nothing. If you can't find fault with that then you might as well never upgrade and just keep chugging along with an Atari2600, because guess what, spec doesn't matter according to Albert!!
younglj01  +   761d ago
if specs means nothing then why are we getting PS4 and Xbox One later this year? I understand tying too downplay your rival but atleast do it in a better way then these.
HALOisKING  +   761d ago
im geting x1 for halo 5 not specs
fenome  +   761d ago
You do know that bungie's not makin it right? They've got a new DESTINY. lol.
Might as well be a new IP, they just know you love the original 5 exclusives and will buy into their BS because of a name on a game. They're just pumping out more breast-milk for you little trolls to eat up. Buying a box for the name of one game.. pathetic..
#5.1.1 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(5) | Report
SCW1982  +   760d ago
I get a butt rape from Microsoft but not for the specs is what I translated from your statement.
Popoffboy187718  +   761d ago
To be Packin. MAtters Also don't let kno one lie 2 u lol!!!
HG_69   761d ago | Spam
HALOisKING   761d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(4)
RandomDude655  +   761d ago
Now that a GPU downclock is semi-confirmed by ESRAM bandwidth, specs are even more in Sony's favor.


"102GB/s was the embedded memory peak bandwith up until today.

800mhz*128byte * 1 (read or write operation) =102.4GB/s

800mhz*128byte * 2 (1 read and 1 write operation) =204.8GB/s

DF stating the new peak memory bandwith beeing 192GB/s while maintainig 800mhz clockspeed just doesn't add up...

I personally stop here and leave it at that - the numbers don't add up.

Some people are taking this a step further though:

750mhz*128byte * 2 (1 read and 1 write operation) =192GB/s

this means that a 50mhz downclock would alling with the peak memory performances given in the article."
edonus   761d ago | Spam
greenpowerz  +   761d ago
You seem worried about XB1 leaked info. You keep spreading that spun damage control in every article LMAO.

XB1 is now(or has been for a while) more capable in this area and judging by the exclusives shown at E3 most will believe it, give it a rest and enjoy PS4. SHeeesh.

I find the directx 11.2 features and its andvanced hardware enambled mega texture-like tech more interesting than Ram and bandwidth(who cares if XB1 has more badwidth) XB1 Hyper Visor's Ram scaling is nice too showing XB1 to be a very advanced and well thought out when everythings works together. Too bad gamers were not ready for some of the cut features though.
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Foliage  +   761d ago
Xbox One doesn't have more bandwidth; where the heck are you getting that information from?

That 202gb/s (figure pre-downclock); is marketing BS attempting to claim the eSRAM can i/o at the same time; when in reality it's not capable of that. Microsoft used BS to claim they are taking advantages of "holes" to do so; but the hardware is plain not set up for that. Even their own internal tests have NEVER surpassed 133 gb/s. That "theoretic" 202gb/s figure is pure marketing spin that they have never come close to touching.

To put things into perspective; the 133 gb/s for the eSRAM in the Xbox One is competing with 176 gb/s in the PS4. The killing blow is that the PS4 can utilize that 176 gb/s across 8GB of GDDR5 RAM (2-2.5x faster than ddr3). The Xbox One can only utilize that 133 gb/s figure for 32mb of RAM. That was not a typo. We're talking about the PS4 having access to 8GB of RAM that functions at 125% the speed of the 32MB of RAM for the Xbox One.

The Xbox One does have 8 GB of DDR3 RAM; but that functions at roughly 35% the speed of the PS4 solution.

This is not even close.

Furthering the point; only 90% of the GPU in the Xbox One is utilized for gaming. That is compared to the GPU of the PS4 which has been proven to be twice as fast as the Xbox One.

Now getting to the overkill factor: Xbox One only has access to 5 GB of RAM for gaming; versus the PS4 having access to between 7-7.5 GB. All thanks to the bloated 3 GB of RAM reserved for the OS in the Xbox One.

This news just went out to confirm that the Xbox One did in fact downclock their hardware; the rumours point to overheating being the cause (suddenly that big ass fan, external power supply, and comically large box starts to make sense; doesn't it?).

The Xbox One will be competing with the WiiU; the PS4 is in a much higher tier at this point.
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   761d ago
You are seriously messed in the head man, everything you say is so much worse then stupid a new word for it should be added to the dictionary for it, greenpowerz sounds about right. Geez I can't even respond to you cause it's obvious you're slow in the head. Not enough facepalms in this world for you buddy.........0_o

Just in case there's confusion my comment is directed towards green powers you commented while I was typing lol
#9.2.2 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(4) | Report
Foliage  +   761d ago
Here is putting it more simply for you:

Xbox One:
5,000MB DDR3 @ 68gb/s
32MB eSRAM @ 133gb/s

7,000MB GDDR5 @ 176gb/s

(133gb/s for the eSRAM is being generous; it's closer to 102gb/s)

Even if we used your incorrect figures; it still looks like a horrible comparison in the PS4 favour:

Xbox One:
5,000MB DDR3 @ 68gb/s
32MB eSRAM @ 202gb/s

7,000MB GDDR5 @ 176gb/s

The second the Xbone needs more than 32MB of RAM; it starts to have to rely on the MUCH slower DDR3 RAM.

The PS4 relies on the faster GDDR5 RAM at ALL TIMES. As I noted; the GDDR5 RAM in the PS4 is already faster than the eSRAM in the XBone; it puts the DDR3 RAM to complete and utter shame.

Seriously; sit down and shut up, kids.
#9.2.3 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(6) | Report
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   761d ago
I'm confused so theirs people that actually disagree with the fact that I called green powerz stupid. Has he said anything that a smart person would say while I was work or something. I'm as confused as a ms employee right now :s
#9.2.4 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(3) | Report
DoesUs  +   761d ago
@Green ...Words...Simply...Fail...Me. Never read so much bs in my life. You just haven't got a clue.
MysticStrummer  +   761d ago
"You keep spreading that spun damage control in every article LMAO."

You're starting to talk to yourself.

You might need to calm down a little.
XtraTrstrL  +   760d ago
LoL, they talked about mega-texture like ability on PS4 long before this. X1 is playing catch-up if anything. It's already widely known that the X1 APIs are in a much more infantile state than the PS4's APIs.

The 32mb eSRAM of the X1 is there to compensate for the slower ram speed. PS4 could have gone for eDRAM, and Cerney says it could have bolstered the speed to over 1TB/s! The reason they chose against it was that it would go against their new philosophy of super ease of development.

So, X1 will surely be more complex to develop on when it comes to developers constantly deciding what sits in what part of what ram. Add to that the fact that it is still slower than PS4's ram bandwidth anyways, even with the new info that X1's eSRAM can possibly achieve 130+mb/s now, (the 190+ was theoritical).

Even if it was 190+, that's the miniature 32mb, not the full 8GB of ram, so either way, they're still behind in that area of hardware. The added complexity for devs with the inclusion of the 32mb eSRAM is the most important piece of info there though.
#9.2.7 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
sAVAge_bEaST  +   760d ago
Foliage took Greenpowerz to school, sunn.. NICE
Geezus  +   761d ago
specs do matter but only when it comes to exclusives. multiplats will be pretty much indistinguishable on the ps4 and One just look at the 360 and ps3 where one was more powerful but Multiplats were pretty much similar. Multiplats will pretty much be our only point of comparison. Comparing exclusives is pointless Just like the ps3 had good looking games that complimented it hardware so did the xbox and more recently the wii u. Specs matter for saying x console is more poweful that y console and thats pretty much. Each of the new consoles is using its hardware differently and have their strenghy/ weaknesses. The multiplats will be the same on the one and the ps4 and the exclusive on each consoles will be tailored to each consoles strength and weaknesses. in this sense specs dont matter as each console is using it hardware and software differently. and both the xbox and ps and wii u will have exclusives tailored made to their hardware and software that look very very good.
#10 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(29) | Report | Reply
fsfsxii  +   760d ago
Multiplats will look the same because Microshit forces devs to not make the game better on any other console, and they're the cancer of gaming.
Oh, games matter now huh? Well, tell me about the last couple of years with the 360 and how GAMES are important now, holy god, you people are blind beyond believe
Felonycarclub8  +   761d ago
Specs don't mean anything to Microsoft games do? LMFAO they only make gears halo & forza ha ha ja ha ha ha
KwietStorm  +   761d ago
Microsoft does not make Gears.
Felonycarclub8  +   761d ago
I know but they do own the gears franchise right?
KwietStorm  +   761d ago
Pretty certain Epic owns their own IP.
Felonycarclub8  +   760d ago
So there is a chance it could come to playstation but I doubt it Microsoft will just throw a bunch of money to epic
punisher99  +   761d ago
This is just another desparate attempt from microsoft, trying to get rid of all the negative hype they themselves created for the xbox1. Unfortunately, the xbox is destined for last place as usual. There is really nothing they can say or do that can stop the playstation brand.
#12 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GribbleGrunger  +   761d ago
I haven't been this entertained in years. Thank you MS.
Qrphe  +   761d ago

It is and has been very fun, I won't lie
Williamson  +   761d ago
Hilarious how often the term "Sony fanboys" shows up in every comment section. I'm a fan of games and Sony has given me lots of games for years, good for Microsoft for showing games at e3 but they need to keep it up for the whole gen.
SilentNegotiator  +   761d ago
Sony has better fan service, Sony gets more fan attention. Some Xbox fans feel cornered and become bitter, start playing victim, and overcompensate by attacking Sony fans.
PositiveEmotions  +   761d ago
Im sorry to say but ms hired some dumb ass people of course specs matter other wise the graphics would have never improve!!!.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   761d ago
MS you mad? You mad that you can't get on Sony level. You mad that PS4 is 10x powerful and everyone likes it more than your cable box. You mad that PS4 exclusives will be 10x better. Yeah you mad. Please get out the gaming business because you're no longer needed.
d_dogg2007  +   761d ago
Well said man! Hit the nail on the head! MS is cancer and this generation gonna be their last!
Treian  +   761d ago
If specs don't matter, then we don't need next gen consoles MS? lol. Fail so hard MS....
#17 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
drsfinest72  +   761d ago
Playstationlifestyle.net you say eh? Mods and contributors are the worst in this site. Approving biased articles like this is pointless. I'll just quietly die of laughter inside.
Foolsjoker  +   761d ago
Awesome, now do it quietly and we could all be happy.
johny5  +   761d ago
you know what's funny about this xbox one vs ps4 advantage bullshit is they forget it's not how detailed a texture is it's also about how many objects a scene can display at once and said objects not disappearing every 5 seconds!

That's going to be the advantage for exclusives on the PS4 "with it's DDR5 ram" and for games with destructible environments like battlefield 4! They can downplay it all they want but it's going to show especially with all these games being open environment with lots of particles this gen!
Bowzabub  +   761d ago
Yep, just like they were saying at E3, destruction & particle effects are the new physics.
Morgue  +   761d ago
In the end these #'s are meaningless to me because its a lot of technical stuff that I don't understand but reading about them is pretty interesting. What does amaze me is how MS is going about this it's very, childish, unproffesional and the more they talk the more I don't care about them or their system.

" Either put up or shut up "
#20 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
southernbanana  +   761d ago
I question if the people going on about Bungie leaving Halo have played 343's Halo. They improved a lot and I think the franchise is better off.
Rachel_Alucard  +   761d ago
"Let's kill Cortana in the 1st installment of a new trilogy, make the final boss a QTE fest, and let's throw in sprint and instant respawns into multi to appease the ADD CoD audience!"
mxrider2199  +   761d ago
do you honestly believe that or was that sarcasm not seen by anyone else
HugoDrax  +   760d ago
Well I agree, I have been a HALO fan since the original Xbox. Prior to the creation of Xbox live/online gaming which we can thank MS for pushing the console industry in this direction. I played HALO 4 multiplayer for the first time last night, and boy was I impressed by the improvement over the franchise that 343 managed to do.

I also believe you received so many disagrees because of SONY fanboys/brand loyalty which is silly if you're a gamer. How many SONY fanboys actuallyplayed HALO? Instead of enjoying a great franchise, they would chose to bash it. Yet, now that Bungie decided to make a multiplatform title (DESTINY) they're considered one of the greatest developers in the industry lol. I'm almost certain if Destiny was XB1 exclusive Sony fanboys would criticize it as well. Instead it's being praised as the most anticipated game for PS4 lol.

While they chose sides and brand loyalty, I'll be enjoying DR3/Forza on my XB1 and Killzone/Second Son on my PS4 on launch day.
Gamerchik87  +   761d ago
So did he pretty much say sony showed off their hardware to early?? This isnt the 1st time I read somewhere that sony originally plan to give developers only 4gb of ram and trough a source they found out about xbox having good specs and than they started rethinking thier strategy. I think M.S is waiting for the perfect time to announce their hardware
mxrider2199  +   761d ago
they originally had 4 gigs of ram they went to their studios and asked them what they thought some guy said if you only have 4 gigs your dead in the water so they took that to japan and came back and asked about 8 gigs and the studios said that would be amazing
itspeaks  +   761d ago
Only time will tell how well the developers and programmers will be able to use the console assets, including hardware and software as well as internet enabled features. These articles about speculation are fun and entertaining, but the true substance will come in 2-4 years when we see games taking full advantage of the consoles.
AllyBhoy82  +   761d ago
Just a thought will they xboxnone be able to spy on you once RROD happens
SaveFerris  +   761d ago
What I would like to see is Microsoft have someone come out and do a presentation much like Mark Cerny did at Gamelab and to explain their design for the console architecture etc in the Xbox One.
Supermax  +   761d ago
X1 day one like the multiplayer on live and the first party ips interest me more right off the bat getting ps4 a year later.have a nice day bang bang
zoks310  +   761d ago
Just looking at how hard it is for them to get comfortable on stage at E3 over the years was enough for me to realize that they have never really connected with gamers the way Nintendo and Sony did.
Microsoft just wants your money, they don't give a crap about gaming. Just go back and watch them at any e3 and see how scripted they are.
#27 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
_LarZen_  +   761d ago
If there was an award for saying and doing all the wrong things, Microsoft should have received a couple...if not more.
Belking  +   761d ago
That's because sony has all those awards already. No more to give.
DigitalRaptor  +   760d ago
There has been nothing on this scale of f**king up a console before it's even released, EVER in the history of gaming. You'd think that the attention the pathetic DRM situation got would be the end of it, but nope. MS keeps on chugging with the stupid. And as much as I think they should stop, I don't think they will. They HAVE to keep trying to downplay the PS4's obvious and unavoidable advantages.

That's okay, more entertainment for the rest of us.
#28.1.1 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
N4realGMRZ  +   761d ago
Strange, how does the saying go? "Proofs in the pudding" MS games destroyed Sony's showing that is a fact! They also did this on supposedly "Inferior" hardware! lol so it seems like MS is once again flexing its superior Tool and Development know how. So right now First gen Xb1 Games look far superior to PS4 first gen....all this with MS's inferior hardware.....LMAO!
fsfsxii  +   760d ago
First gen running on a PC with superior hardware than the announced specs for the XB1. Yeah, anything that let you sleep in the night.
SCW1982  +   760d ago
So I am guessing you turned a blind eye to how damn good infamous second sun looks.
greenlantern2814  +   760d ago
You realize none of those games where running on Xbox1 right. And ps3 games> 360 games same will hold true in the ps4 Xbox1 gen.
thexmanone  +   761d ago
how old do you have to be to post here?
#30 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
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