Xbox Evolved: Dark Sector Review

It definitely will hold people over until Gears of War 2, it is by far the best looking game out on 360 this year, and while the variety they try at the end half of the game is hit and miss, the story is garbage, and it isn't quite as polished as it could be, the elements that they don't borrow from other games are great, and the multiplayer experience isn't all that bad either.

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longduckdong3760d ago

I should have known. D3 has never made a good game

Blaze9293759d ago

Maybe THAT is the reason ive been hearing so much negativity on this game BEFORE it even went gold. I never heard of D3 before this game, are they really THAT bad? I mean this game is good, just not great, you know? Like when you say that, you give the impression that its awful.