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Battlefield 4 is the most pre-ordered next-gen game

Battlefield 4 is ahead of first party titles such as Killzone Shadow when it comes to next-gen pre-orders. (Battlefield 4, PS4, Xbox One)

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kennyg3739  +   425d ago
I doubt it if above Call of Duty Ghost, the casual love that game.
nypifisel  +   425d ago
Casual gamers aren't early adopters. Few hardcore gamers find COD to be intriguing games.
MizTv  +   423d ago
I'm so sick of cod same shit every year
It's time to move on sheep
DecoyOctopus  +   425d ago
Well call of duty ghosts cant really be counted as a 'next gen' game since it looks the same as current gen
Donnieboi  +   425d ago
^ Tell 'em, brother
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latincooker214  +   425d ago
well said FATCAT i dont see the big different on assassin creed BF as well.
PigPen  +   425d ago
It really don't have to be/look like a next gen game.
fsfsxii  +   425d ago
Casuals love shooters nowadays
dasbeer88  +   425d ago
Whereas young adults love My Little Pony!! :D
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KONAAs  +   425d ago
i think bf4 will win COD in ps4 and x1 for games sold, hardcore gamers will be the first to buy the new ones, moms will not shell out 400 or 500 for a new one when they can play it on a ps3 and x360,
Trunkz Jr  +   424d ago

It means destruction will change how the map is played. The giant building has a cap point at the top, when it falls down, the cap point is now on the ground with rubble, that completely changes how to get that point, making it easier for vehicles to capture/defend it.
Andreas-Sword  +   425d ago
Battlefield 4 on the PS4 and Xbox One will be the best Console-Shooter-Game 2013 and 2014!
+ 64 Player online
+ 60 fps
+ Destructible Environments
+ Levolution Feature
+ Spectator Mode
+ Commander Mode
+ several lots of vehicles
+ etc...
friedricr  +   425d ago
whats levolution feature?
Truehellfire  +   425d ago
It is definitely going to be an amazing game. Ill be getting it on PC, but I am glad next-gen console owners will be able to enjoy 64 players and 60fps. That is the only way to play Battlefield.
Levolution is basically DICE bringing destruction back up to Bad Company 2 standards and beyond. Fully destructible environments, collapsing buildings, etc.
Maninja  +   425d ago
@fredricr they even mentioned that there'll be a map with a destructible dam that will flood the map during the match,
PigPen  +   425d ago
64 player online with origin, ugh. Anyway I leaning towards COD: Ghosts.
BattleAxe  +   424d ago
The only problem is that with every Battlefield release since Bad Company 1, they've had major server issues for the first 3 months and the game always gets released with minimal content. I really want to buy this game, but I think BF4 is going to go into micro-transaction overdrive, so I'm going to wait for the premium edition, just like I did with BF3.

Another issue, and this might only be on the PC version, is the frequent glitching with known glitches that DICE has never bothered to fix. DICE is one of the worst developers for refusing to properly maintain their games after release.
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   425d ago
Casual gamers play Angry Birds, not COD. COD is as pretty core gaming as there is.
nypifisel  +   424d ago
Hahah just.. no
LAWSON72  +   424d ago
Comment of the day.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   424d ago
Right.. because casual gamers can use both analog sticks and every button on the controller for something too right? As well as clicking down the analog to knife.

Right. COD is a casual game. So is BF and Halo.
cell989  +   421d ago
mmmm no Im sure its a pretty casual game
RickHiggity  +   425d ago
I doubt the call of duty fanboys will decide to pick up a new console, considering Ghosts is also available on Xbox 360 and PS3.
cloak365  +   424d ago
Completely agree to me cod ghosts is what mw3 and blops 2 should have looked like.
jairusmonillas  +   425d ago
Battlefield 4 is going to be awesome, big difference not only for the graphics but the 64 players multiplayer online for console is huge.
CrimsonStar  +   425d ago
64 players that's what I'm most excited about .
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   425d ago
resistence fall of men was 64 players nothing special..
xPhearR3dx  +   425d ago

Resistance wasn't nothing special to begin with. 64 players in certain games make it much more enjoyable. BF is a prime example. Imagine COD with 64 players? Yeah that would be one hell of a lag/noob tube feast. Not fun at all.
Salooh  +   425d ago
Well , both are great games. No need to fight. I would kill for a resistance 1 remake . Online was really fun.
MizTv  +   423d ago
Oh hell yeah!!!
Ray186  +   424d ago
Eh. MAG had 256 playews all at the same time.
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MizTv  +   423d ago
Yeah but it kind of sucked.....
Ray186  +   423d ago
Forget about the game. They have the ability to have 256 players playing at the same time with no problems. And remember even though you were spawned in one section of the map, you were free to travel to any other. I also remember the youtube videos of all of the players on one side traveling together throughout the maps.

The tech is there. I can't wait to see what they do with it.
cell989  +   421d ago
for me 64ply count and more vehicles per map is what IM looking forward to, oh and the improved destruction
Supermax  +   425d ago
Not surprising,console gamers will love the big battles that bf4 offers
SITH  +   425d ago
Everyone I know at least pre ordered Battlefield 4.
latincooker214  +   425d ago
well i have BF4 & KZSF pre-ordered so im good on the FPS side of things and madden 25 nba2k14 knack and DriveClub. but nooooo COD-ghost for this gamer. PS4 FTW:)
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Lwhit6  +   425d ago
I'm not going to be getting COD until wayyy later. BF4 will be my first game. Then Watch Dogs. Then possibly Assassins Creed (not really liking the look of the new AC). Then call of duty.
theWB27  +   425d ago
I basically skipped online gaming last gen. Especially shooters like Battlefield since I knew it wasn't the full experience PC'ers were getting. Since consoles are this time around...I will be there. Oh yes....
latincooker214  +   425d ago
yep AC and Watch Dog dont look next gen i just dont see it. it doesn't say hey you damn it im talking to you buy me right now damn it. like BF4 & KZSF do and DriveClub
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annus  +   425d ago
... It was extremely obvious when Watch Dogs was shown that it wasn't running on current gen systems, I think that makes it next gen.
jjb1981  +   425d ago
I played all the call of dutys up to black ops 2. Insanely because if the campaign set pieces. Once I get into multiplayer I remember how disgusting it is to play without dedicated servers. I hope Battlefield 4 beats Call of Duty but the chances are slim since it breaks its own records year after year.
latincooker214  +   425d ago
but wasn't it first shown on high-end PC???
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Pandamobile  +   424d ago
It's only been shown on PC so far.
mkotechno  +   425d ago
Surely because is actually the unique next-gen title announced, and not only a current gen game with mOaR gRaPhIcZ!!!!!!
Grimhammer00  +   425d ago
I prepaid KZ:SF & AssCreed:BF
The latter solely due to pirate theme & my love of mp in these games.

I'd preorder BF4.....but I'm so burnt out on military shooters. Currently loving last of us mp.

Looking forward to Destiny most of all.
JoseV76  +   425d ago
Cant wait for this game, they deserve these numbers of pre-orders and i hope they stomp cod. Just not sure what system to get it for ps4 or xbox one!
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sevilha82  +   425d ago
this game is goig to be amazing,can´t wait to have a typical Batllefield moment and press the share button to my friends,let just hope that the comunnity does not destroy it like batllefield 3(at consoles i mean)if you people know what i mean.
play it like it´s supost to be played.And enjoy the greatest war game ever made.
UNGR  +   425d ago
Proof that the hardcore gamers have much better taste in military FPS games.
Grave  +   425d ago
Lmfao that BF4 is somehow "next-gen".
UNGR  +   425d ago
When you play the 360/PS3 version and then you play on a moderate PC, you see a massive difference. BF4 with improvements alone, and the fact that next gen consoles and PC's are the only things that can play them to it's fullest is proof enough it's next gen. 64 people, huge maps, leveloution, now add anything else going on in the level at the same time. Good luck doing that on a 360/PS3.
Grave  +   425d ago
hahaha. this game is bf3.5 if anything. if you want a real hardcore shooter go with ArmA 3 = PC ftw
younglj01  +   425d ago
Will PS3 and 360 have 64 players online also or this just an feature for next-gen console?
UNGR  +   425d ago
Next gen only.
seepamann  +   425d ago
I m very impressed with bf4 e3 2013 gameplay so i already preorder this game in ps4
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   425d ago
Fifa14 and watchdogs.. call of duty only in fall 2014 for me with some zombies and ill wait for a good shooter for the next gen.. waiting on rainbow six
InTheLab  +   425d ago

I'm good on Battlefield. So tired of the modern era. Game looks crazy good though, but I need something else.
TD_hastetheday  +   425d ago
Well deserved pre-orders!
It's just Battlefield 3.5 so it's not worth buying. Just another rehash that people will waste money on just like CoD.
Akuma2K  +   425d ago
BF4 is going own and take no prisoners, COD ghosts don't stand a chance....Ghosts will get their sales but not more than BF4, bank on it.
Maninja  +   425d ago
I have BF4 and Watch_Dogs preordered for my PS4, and don't forget all those F2P games coming out around launch!
TENTONGUN  +   425d ago
bf4 is gonna be the shit. hands down. i havent played cod in 4 years so im not burnt on modern war shooters yet.
PigPen  +   425d ago
Battlefield 4 is not on my get list.
Shuyin  +   424d ago
And no ones gives a fuck.
PigPen  +   424d ago
For the record, I do. I care about COD in all its glory. And I know you do to give a butt hurt reply.
Funnymonkey013  +   425d ago
Have to say not surprise cause A its one of the best looking game on next gen console and B 64 online players I mean really that going to be like the biggest MP game in console history can't wait to play it on my beastly PS4!
monkey602  +   425d ago
MAG had 128 players or something extremely close to that number
Ray186  +   424d ago
monkey602  +   424d ago
Damn that's right I was thinking of only one side haha
Hufandpuf  +   424d ago
"biggest MP game in console history"

DJLIVENYC  +   425d ago
Hope All The COD Fan boys Stay Away From BF4
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   424d ago
Why? Its better.
tompoulo  +   425d ago
The only game i will be buying with the PS4!(Thinking of buying Watch Dogs also but will wait to see how it turns out) Gonna be legendary!!! 300+ hours in Battlefield 3 and i am still loving it!!!
Geovanny  +   424d ago
COD has way less attention this time. BF4 deserved this.
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