PGNx: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

PGNx writes: "Ubisoft Montreal is ready for its second night in Vegas. Rainbow Six Vegas, originally released during the 2006 holiday season, was quite an accomplishment and one of the year's best shooters. The combination of amazing graphics and stunning gameplay made it a must have for shooter fans. Being released less than a year and a half later, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 can be accurately summarized as more of the same, which reduces the original's game wow-factor. Still, though, Vegas 2 delivers some of the best gunplay out there.

In Vegas 2, you play as Bishop, a character you can customize at the beginning of the game. The game's plot has some twists and turns, including some genuinely cool moments, but for the most part all you need to know is that terrorists are trying to take over Las Vegas and it's up to you to stop them. Fans of the first game will remember that the game ended in a cliffhanger but fortunately Vegas 2's story is nicely finished at the end of the game."

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