The Last of Us Patch 1.02 Released, Includes Multiplayer Changes and Sex Phone Number Tweak

Naughty Dog deploying patch 1.02 for The Last of Us today. It will be available globally at 5pm PST.

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Donnieboi1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Multiplayer needs a shoulder swap memory option. Third person shooters tend to have that right-hand advantage, so it would be nice if there was an OPTION for the game to memorize what the last shoulder was that you aimed from (whether left or right). Only as an option. It helps when your on the left side of cover or a wall.

Mgo had this option, so does RE6 and other Third person games. It helps me keep my character's body from obstructing my view incase enemy creeps from my left side.

xHeavYx1572d ago

Anyone who needs buddies to play send me a PM. Tired of playing with COD like noobs, also please only people who play TLOU mostly, most people who add me are always playing some other game

Syntax-Error1572d ago

There's strength in numbers when you play multiplayer. That solo mission shit is not going to work. It's like playing GR:FS all over again. You wander off by yourself and the next thing you know you're getting stunned and hacked exposing the rest of the team. In this game you teammate tries to save you before you bleed out and you expose him to getting killed too. Pure selfishness

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TrendyGamers1572d ago

That would be helpful in certain situations for sure.

Ducky1572d ago

I think there is some kind of shoulder swap memory.
Usually when I aim and shoulder swap, then stop aiming, then aim again, it remembers the shoulder swap.

It just resets after a while, usually due to moving.

ExposingLames1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

this. if you hit L2 while aiming down sight it switches sides. I just wish there was a true third person option with a centered character. Not a fan of OTS.

Donnieboi1572d ago

@Ducky: u mean when aiming while in cover. I meants when aiming at any time.

@IcePick: yeah I know how to switch shoulders lol. The problem is that it changes back to default everytime I aim again. The time I take to aim left could leave me dead due to the delay. That's why it would be nice for the option of the game to remember what the last shoulder that I aimed on was. Just optional.

ExtoVert1572d ago

There is a shoulder swap....while aiming press R2

Dunpeal1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

it does stay on a shoulder if all you're doing is shooting but i think it does reset to the right the second you do something else (ie. backpack or swap weapons) kinda a bummer, but everyone has to deal w/ it so evens out i guess

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ftwrthtx1572d ago

Naughty Dog's servers are getting hammered right now.

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trenso11572d ago

there is still glitched trophies though, i got scavenger, the comic book trophy, and firefly with out getting the artifact one like wth?

Prophet1121572d ago

My friend had his trophies glitch on him, he had only finished TLoU on easy and unlocked the craft all items trophy yet all the single player trophies unlocked for him, only the Multiplayer trophies didn't pop.

I however didn't have any glitched trophies, I had to earn them all the hard/enjoyable way.
Finished Survivor + at 2am this morning, now I just have to earn the Fireflies and Hunters Journey trophies for the Platinum.

DarkBlood1572d ago

i better hope i get that trophy when i finish on hard lol would make a nice 17th plat

trenso11571d ago

The firefly trophy has been glitched for me since launch i litterally did the requirements in that weekend and didnt get the trophy i then did hunter and got that trophy, for any single player trophies(this worked for since i used it to get the one that glitched) is too delete any patch you have on TLOU then do the trophy requirements and it will pop up. This is for single player though idk how to fix multiplayer glitched trophies. Also when you delete the patch and re download it you will also how to re download your online pass as well, im not sure why this is but its not that much of a hassle since there is an in game store.

soniqstylz1572d ago

I have the "craft all items" in-game unlock, but not the trophy.

However, I'm starting my Survivor+ game, so I'm not too worried about even patching just yet.

ShwankyShpanky1571d ago

Funny... I got the "all collectibles" trophy after picking up a comic book... and I still have one comic book left to pick up, as well as a training manual and a few pendants.

rainslacker1571d ago

If the artifact one didn't pop it's may be because you didn't view all the artifacts that Ellie has at the start of the Winter section. You have to open her bag and go through each item, reading and flipping each one. That seems to be the common consensus at least.

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belac091572d ago

my MP isnt working now, says ERROR CONFIGURING FILE, or something similar.

Conan-O-Brady1572d ago

I had the same a few hours ago. A refresh on both my modem and router fixed it. Hopefully it works for you as well.

belac091571d ago

yep. i fixed it. thanks.

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