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Submitted by Prcko 960d ago | news

Precursor Games Founding Member Arrested By Niagara Police On Child Pornography Charges

Former Silicon Knights director of content and Precursor Games founding member Ken McCulloch has been arrested by police on charges related to child pornography, according to a media release from the Niagara Regional Police Service. (Industry, Precursor Games)

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zeal0us  +   960d ago
First they couldn't get their game kickstarted because majority of folks didn't like the fact that Denis Dyack was part of the project. Now one of their founding members found with kiddy porn, dafuq.

Man these guys started out this generation bad(Too Human ends up and failure, same for Xmen:Destiny and lost a lawsuit against Epic Games) and surely are ending it bad(SK barely standing if not already dead and Precursor's game is dead in water at the moment).
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Mr_Nuts  +   960d ago
Am I the only one who thought of this when I read the article

You dirty man Ken
-Mika-  +   960d ago
I don't know how I feel about this. Us humans can't really help who we are attracted to. Some people are attracted to the same sex, some are attraced to the opposite of sex. Some people have foot fetestish and some people are attracted to children. so if he was just looking at a pics to control his urges. That fine to me as long the pics weren't explict. Now if he harmed an innocent child, he definitly needs to be punished by the court of law.
NihonjinChick  +   960d ago
Are you suggesting that there is nothing wrong with a grown man wanting to have sex with underage children?
-Mika-  +   960d ago
Omg, this is exacly why i was hesitant to write that comment because you guys were going to take it out of context. Im not saying it ok but they can't control those attractions. A gay guy can't just block out his attraction to man and become straight. That not how it works. Those attractions will always be there so if looking at a pic will stop him from going out and harming a child. Than im ok with that.

I did a research paper about this last year so im not just speaking non-sense. If you guys do some research about the minds of pedophiles, you would agree with me.
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Mr_Nuts  +   960d ago

You did a research paper :O

Shame you can't research your own comments before you post them....ZING

<ding> Check please
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RegBlank  +   960d ago
The problem with that is that those taking that photo have most likely harmed the child, so indirectly the consumers of child porn are also to blame.
Septic  +   960d ago
"Some people have foot fetestish and some people are attracted to children"

LMAO! Ah crack me up.
Mr_Nuts  +   960d ago
Mika you have said a lot of crap on this site but this......THIS, saying people can view child porn......WHAT THE F*** man.

Would you like it if you found out the pictures he was looking at were your daughter/ you bloody well not.

Jesus christ man....hell your a girl, thats even weirder.

*** Now if he harmed an innocent child, he definitly needs to be punished by the court of law. ***

You do realise for people who view child porn this is usually the next would of lead onto that eventually. So your saying we should wait untill they harm a child before we do something, what's wrong with you.
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porkChop  +   960d ago
Wtf is wrong with you? It doesn't matter whether it was just pics or physical. Would you want a grown ass man even THINKING about fucking your little kid? Didn't think so. This is fucked up.
fsfsxii  +   960d ago
Wtf? What are you??
HammadTheBeast  +   960d ago
Alright, usually I find your trolling funny, but this is ban-worthy. Guys please report this.
SniperControl  +   960d ago
Blink_44  +   960d ago
every time I skim through the comments and I see one of yours, you get like 30 disagrees.

Fucking idiot.
Nocando  +   960d ago
I have heard of playing devils advocate, but wtf? Seriously, leave the internet.
Nocando  +   960d ago
And as if we as Xbox fans didn't get enough crap on this site, now we will be lumped in with you.Great.
flamehaze42  +   960d ago
Don't worry I agree with you.
Mr_Nuts  +   960d ago
Wow Mika creating a second account which only joined an hour ago...sad
flamehaze42  +   960d ago
I gave you a bubble as well said.
Gameatholon  +   960d ago
Mika, what happens when the pictures aren't enough to satisfy him? What happens then?

Let me tell you about Michael Rafferty, he used to "just" look at pictures because it was "harmless", he is now doing multiple life sentences for the murder and Rape of a 9 year old little girl.

Seriously what is wrong with you, are you honestly advocating CP, as long as it's looking at pictures that are harmless?

Where do you draw the line? What is harmless in your opinion?

It is all sick, and people need help, and I think you need help.

There is so much wrong in your first post, it literally makes me nauseous.

What really makes me sick, is the fact that five people agreed with your view on Child pornography being fine as long as the pictures aren't to extreme.

I also do not believe for a second, that you are a girl/woman, because no female would ever stand for what you just said, you are a terrible troll and extremely nauseating person, and you should be K-lined from the site.

Disagree all you want, it doesn't change anything, nobody on this site has any respect for you, you're at best the classroom dunce.

Really, all any of you have to do is ask yourself this, would you want this man near your children, or your younger sister or brother?
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grailly  +   960d ago
that's the video gaming crowd for you:

always defending violent video games saying they don't make you violent, that they can even be good at fighting certain urges, and that the media is ridiculous for even thinking at they can make you violent.

then says the minute a person runs out of porn, he will go rape everyones children.
Septic  +   960d ago
Mate don't take it seriously. Every post he makes is designed to gain attention.
flamehaze42  +   959d ago
There are multiple things to take into account
1 He never purchased the porn, so he didn't support the creation of it.
2 Would you rather him rape children for real.

People and there morals get to me, why is it that people can not understand common sense.
mydyingparadiselost  +   960d ago
I'm hesitant to say I agree with you but I don't necessarily disagree. Many people with this kind of fetish have been abused when they were children, and leads to an abnormal tendency later on to mentally relive those abuses. There's also been evidence that suggests this is an uncontrollable mental disorder, like being bi polar or OCD. I'm glad he has been arrested, don't get me wrong here he needs to be somewhere that he can't hurt others, but pedophilia is something that is not well understood and should be dealt with not just with jailtime but with therapy. Everybody has their problems, some worse than others, and I just hope he can get the help he needs.
Gameatholon  +   959d ago
Graily he wasn't looking at porn, he was downloading and distributing images and videos that featured CHILDREN participating in sexual acts. Sounds like you have no problem with that?

I am not sure if you misread what she/he wrote, but she was saying Child Pornography is fine as long as the images are not to extreme.

If you still disagree with me, whatever but I wouldn't tell to many people that you think Child Porno is okay as long as the images are not too extreme.

Try reading what she wrote next time if you missed the words CHILD, and again let me say this would you want this man near your children or your younger sister or brother?

There is no proof for Violent games making violent people, however their are numerous studies of child pornography and the effects on the brain. Eventually it isn't enough, whether it is 6 months or 60 years, eventually they will need more to satisfy themselves.

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DarkBlood  +   960d ago
@Mika,That's all fine and dandy *whatever the hell that actually means lol* but if your going to go with that mindset of sympathy, maybe you should apply that to the people on n4g and the gaming comapanies to an extent

perhaps you wont be dissed on so much because im sure deep down most everybody wants to get along with one another
GunsAndTheBeast  +   960d ago
i had to change it, cencorship lol
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SniperControl  +   960d ago
Jesus christ, what f#$king planet are you seriously on.
TheTwelve  +   959d ago
No, foolish one. We humans are not animals, and can curb and control our desires.
GreenRanger  +   960d ago
They caught him by making a trail of children from his house to the jail cell.
theDECAY  +   960d ago
Sorry, but I laughed out loud at that.
SNACK_SHARK_TROLL  +   960d ago
If he's looking at children porn, then he's not too far from molesting one or more. I'm glad they caught him before he even had a chance to.
cyclindk  +   960d ago
Not commenting on the article, buuuut.... Your logic...

I play violent games and watch violent movies and have witnessed violence personally, read about it and hear about it in the news... Therefore i will comitt acts of violence as a next step?
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InTheLab  +   960d ago
Not even close to the same thing. For starters, child porn is very illegal.

There is no link to violence and video games, but there is a direct link to child porn and pedophilia. They are one and the same with the difference being months in prison vs. a life sentence.

Surely you have more common sense than to compare games to sexual abuse.?
theDECAY  +   960d ago
Dude, you need to stop defending people who wanna sex up little kids.
cyclindk  +   960d ago
There is reading between the lines and writing lines that miss the target, many of you are doing both...

1) not defending anyone

2) no link between video games and violence... Correct kind of precicely my point. No link to people simply observing sexually explicit material and then acting on it, at least no more than anything else people look at or investigate and then consider pursuing in reality.

3) legality is another debate entirely

4) obviously there is no question as to the moral or legal aspects of this case, just a statement and now statements which defy logic unfortunately, though understandibly driven by some need to lash out irrationally when there's no need to abandon civilized conversation...

My girlfriend was a victim of sexual abuse as an infant and in her preteen years.. It is not a stirring subject for me at this point
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DarkBlood  +   960d ago
Thats like saying *as an example because i dont do this like i did when i being a teenager going through puberty at the time* watching sexual videos apparently im going to go out and do them acts to someone sure i have fanatised with a girl in the same boat through live text

but that doesnt mean i will and even if i could i wouldnt because i wasnt a very social person to begin with not in person anyways

now does that mean if i didnt have that social barrier would i have done something in the same manner as a troubled person would?

thats all up in the air depending on your moral and the enviroment of how you were raised by where and who that influences how you are if you werent already messed in the head to start with
SNACK_SHARK_TROLL  +   960d ago
Well my friends, the key words are "Not too far from" meaning giving a certain push, then they will act on it. You always hear (at least I do) in the news how when someone is guilty of molesting a child, Majority of the time the investigator finds collections of child porn stash away in the evil doer house or saved on their computer. A sexual desire is a lot stronger and more tempting for most people than a violent desire. @cyclindk No unless you have a strong desire to, anyway that is completely different. But you are not going to turn on any type of porn, that you have no desire or lust for.

When you know something is wrong, but you have a desire to do it, the only thing that stops & holds you back is the fear barrier. But once that desire gets the best of you, you're going to run yourself through that barrier and break it. Once you do, fear of that certain thing will no longer be able to hold you back like it use to.
greatcrusader44  +   960d ago
I thought it would be Dennis Dyack.
STK026  +   960d ago
I would simply like to mention this : since he was arrested in Canada, child pornography is a pretty vague term. In many countries, child pornography has to be picture/video of "real" people. In Canada, a naked drawn character counts as child pornography.

I'm not saying what he did isn't a crime or acceptable, I just wanted to make this precision, as things that are legal in other countries (like the U.S.) and easily accessible on the internet (think hentai) could be what he was in possession of.

Obviously, I do not condone such behavior, but he might not be the dirty pedophile you think he is.

But, in the end, a crime is a crime, and I'm glad he got arrested for it.
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cyclindk  +   960d ago
Just one question... Why are you as you say "glad?"

Just curious.

My girlfriend has some legal troubles and i cant imagine why a complete outsider with no vested interest in the matter might care if she were arrested for her situation... Are you just automatically on the "side" of any law or just this one expressly?

I have just begun seeing how many people seem so ready to root for incarceration especially when they generally have very little information on the particulars of a case.

Though i think your comment was mostly very informative.

To the morons... Nobody is defending anything about the articles subject content or content or subject matter for gods sake.
STK026  +   960d ago
Well, I guess "glad" wasn't the best way to put it. It was more of a way to say that I wasn't against his arrest. Knowing how some people react on the internet on this subject, I wanted to make it clear that I wasn't supportive of child pornography or anything like that.
mydyingparadiselost  +   960d ago
Quick, someone check his sanity meter

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