Crispy Gamer: Bully: Scholarship Edition 360 Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "Scholarship Edition redoes the originally Bully with a few new extras, and for next-generation consoles Xbox 360 and Wii. For Xbox 360, this means updated graphics, new missions, new classes, the addition of multiplayer games, and achievements.

Sadly, some graphical issues and minor slowdowns serve to further pothole Bully on Xbox 360. Many players have also reported crashes and other gameplay glitches, so much so that Rockstar is preparing a patch, downloadable on Xbox Live, to fix the game's problems.

Smartly, Bully presents its challenges in bite-sized chunks, never miring its protagonist in the muck of extended missions. A wide variety of tasks ensures players will always find something cool to do, and best of all, the game never presses players to make haste or lose the plot.

What's Hot:
-New missions
-New classes
-Wonderful opportunities for both mercy and malice

What's Not:
-Game may require patching
-Biology class
-Stealth missions

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