First Bioshock Infinite DLC Info Will Drop At The End Of July

2K Games and Irrational haven’t said much about downloadable content for BioShock Infinite, but we may only be a few weeks away from an announcement.

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Prcko1401d ago

hmm,when can we expect dlc then?

Pisque1401d ago

Multiplayer mode has just been announced where have you been.

Prcko1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

sp dlc

CrimsonStar1401d ago

Lol why are you asking a question as the first comment on your own submitted article?

Relientk771401d ago

Can't wait to hear about the DLC

BioShock Infinite's amazing

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mydyingparadiselost1401d ago

Too bad they couldn't make it for the 4th, that would be great timing considering the games subject matter.

ajax171401d ago

Sounds legit. Especially since it's from the Dorito King himself.

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