Crispy Gamer: Bully: Scholarship Edition Wii Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "In Bully, players get to be hero and villain, savior of the school and scourge of Bullworth Academy. As Jimmy Hopkins, equal parts saint and sinner, they get to take the role of a troubled 15-year-old boy dropped off at Bullworth Academy, aka Hell on Earth.

The game works on many levels, but mostly because it's self-aware enough not mire itself -- or players -- in extended missions or multipart challenges. Players can complete most tasks in five or so minutes and move on. Or they can have a perfectly fun time running around the school and its outlying areas causing mischief. This, then, is a game that does the open-world adventure correctly. More to the point, it does the open-world with gusto."

What's Hot:
-Wii remote functionality
-Game has heart and brains

What's Not:
-Watching the school lunch lady sneeze in the stew
-Horrible stealth missions
-Game is in need of a patch

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