Game Vortex: Army of Two Review

Game Vortex writes: "Army of Two is the latest release in the up-and-coming "Buddy Game" genre of games. Similar to its movie analog, the "Buddy Movie", the game focuses on a somewhat awkward pairing of individuals and shows how they somehow manage to get along and function together. This time, the focus is on Salem and Rios, two disgruntled Army Rangers who decide to enter the exciting world of "For-Hire" mercenary work.

Visually, Army of Two looks great. It doesn't quite reach the same heights as some of the PS3's best-looking games, but it comes incredibly close. There are a few texture issues and some of the areas aren't particularly interesting, but everything that matters looks great. Most of the attention is paid to Salem and Rios, who are huge and full of small details. Animations are smooth and transition nicely. The same can be said for enemies. Even though there isn't that much variety, enemies still feature a number of stand-out details and smooth animation."

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