Wii Would Like To Complain

BC Magazine writes:

"First, let me preface by saying that I am a huge Wii fan.

It is the first console I have owned in over 10 years. In my gaming career I have owned an Atari 2600, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super NES, and the Nintendo 64. Every console that came out thereafter had controllers with about 523 buttons on them (more added with each generation) and this odd joystick that took ages to master unless you could hold your tongue just right. It was about this time that I became a PC-only gamer: If I have to use a controller with loads of buttons, it may as well be my keyboard. And controlling with a mouse is so much easier.

Here are two reasons that my anger burns with the Wii..."

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meepmoopmeep3676d ago

you have to be pretty stupid to not be able to learn buttons on a controller. he must fail in all sorts of things in life if learning button maps is a chore.

forum_crawler3676d ago

He said he was a PC gamer, so guess what, a keyboard has more buttons than an XBox controller. I am sure his comments about buttons are 'exaggerations.'

GCNSeanFoster3675d ago

He's owned 1 game console in the last 10 years... why is he even writing this?

Snipes203676d ago

He makes a good point. Everything he doesn't like happens to be something Nintendo could easily fix. Especially USB ports. How hard is it to write a small patch code so that USB stuff works? I don't know why, but Nintendo is choosing to leave these things out for the time being, and as a Wii gamer, it frustrates the heck out of me.

forum_crawler3676d ago

I agree with his complaints too. I can't believe that there is a USB port that the wii just wont use for anything other than that silly ethernet adapter. My guess is that Nintendo will eventually release the patch that will allow users to use an external hard drive, or to connect other devices such as a keyboard to the wii.

Nintendo did mention in the past that they have many features left to reveal on the wii. It might just be that they will allow for external storage. Well, at least that is my hope.

KeiZka3676d ago

Isn't there already a possibility to use a keyboard with Wii? At least I've thought so for a long time now... (mainly for internet channel, though. Don't know.)

GCNSeanFoster3675d ago

You can use the USB port for #1 a wire internet cable jack and #2 a USB keyboard

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3676d ago

Every console that came out thereafter had controllers with about 523 buttons on them (more added with each generation)

PS1 had 16,PS2 had 16, PS3 17(the ps button) yeah tons of new buttons there and its also really close to that 523 he pulled out of his ass.

PR0F3TA3676d ago

not to nitpick here but the PS1 (dual shock) and the PS2 (Dual shock 2) had 17 if you count the "analog" button.

either way, you're right. He makes it sound like the PS3/360 have so many buttons that the average. hand and human mind can't comprehend it, Then again... he is a Wii owner. You know how THEY get

forum_crawler3676d ago

...some just don't get it...

PR0F3TA3676d ago

when will Wii owners get it through their think childish skulls... If you TRULY want a Next-Gen experiance you NEED to own either a PS3/360 (whatever your preference is)

You cannot enjoy all the great games that come out this gen owning a sh*tty as* console like the Wii.

Does it have good games? yes.. all made by Nintendo. Does it have good 3rd party games? Hell no!

Do your selfs a favor... buy a next gen console

Competing with PS3/360 =/= Next Gen

RecSpec3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

His two gripes about the Wii were the lack of a PSN/XBL service, and storage space.

I don't see where controller buttons come into this, especially since he is a PC GAMER! Since it's late at night I guess people don't pick up sarcasm too well huh.

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The story is too old to be commented.