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How Sony Can Now Ride on Microsoft's Back

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are going head to head... so which company has had the best strategy? And has the PS Eye been left to die, or will it become more popular in the next generation? (PS4, Xbox One)

BananaEatingSquid  +   615d ago
I checked out The Playroom for PS4 and freaking loved it. It combines PS4 Eye and Dualshock 4, I'm sure there will be a lot of people loving PS4 Eye ;)
NoonEEE  +   615d ago
Those little alien thingies (whatever they are) were pretty cute. And I'm a manly man! "Cute" is rare coming out of my mouth.
NoonEEE  +   615d ago
Or.... out of my fingers when I type.
BananaEatingSquid  +   615d ago
Yeah... the robot thing too. Reminded me of a Portal robot. Always a plus. Speaking of Portal, wonder if we'll ever be seeing a Portal 3? Or Half Life 3?! On PS4?!!!?
The_Con-Sept  +   615d ago
If anyone remembers the survey that took place back 4 months ago before the reveal. Sony was asking us questions along the lines of console price, ps eye, online play, single player story lines and controller design.

Instead of asking us for our input on each subject they instead had us rank the importance of each aspect from 1 to 10. And it looks like Sony took this survey at heart and made their decisions based on what we wanted most, while putting things we wanted least on the back burner. Now the PS4 price was #3 for me with great stories in games at #1 and #2 was online functionality. Ps eye ranked #8 for me with multiplayer games at #4.
onyoursistersback  +   615d ago
(insert my user name here...)

xk77  +   615d ago
if the Eye doesnt have voice control then its gonna fail
Smoovekid  +   615d ago
Vinc360  +   615d ago
Weird assumption, you could do voice commands with just about any medium-quality microphone.
Wintersun616  +   615d ago
^ True and the PS4 controller has a mic.
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PigPen  +   615d ago
Which is sold separately and i'm sure there will be a lot of people not loving it. But to be fair I can't knock it till I try it.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   615d ago
There will be different bundles
One confirmed by Sony is that they'll bundle the ps4,controller,camera and an other like this but with the game knack as well
PigPen  +   615d ago
That's a over statement.
kewlkat007  +   615d ago
Lets be honest, not bundling the Ps eye is what made the PS4 cheaper in the first place. I doubt many buy it and I doubt many devs support it if the numbers don't pan out. That is the strategy Sony went with to undercut MS.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   615d ago
Then how come a PS4 + a $60 Eye is still cheaper than an Xbone? If it were bundled it would probably even come in at $450.
kewlkat007  +   615d ago
As long as enough people buy it, there will be incentive for devs to use or incorporate it.

I just don't think that will happen to the point where everyone goes out and buy one. We'll see.
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creatchee  +   615d ago
The 100 dollar price difference is due to the addition of Kinect 2 rather than simply the omission of Eye. Say what you want about Kinect, but it's expensive tech.
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Xer0_SiN  +   615d ago
i think once the naysayers realize and understand that sony is in a VERY comfortable spot this upcoming generation, the quicker they can accept what is. sony pulled all the right moves. xbox one can back track all they want. but for what? yes, they will always have their loyalist as with does any company. but in the end even those loyalist will support sony, without actually "supporting" sony. how? sony gets royalties from every bluray drive and bluray disc made. the perks of paving the way to new technology; technology that is now accepted as the standard.
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PigPen  +   615d ago
Wii U doesn't have Blu-ray. That's the only console that i'm interested in as of now. I might buy another when I start to see that i'm missing out on some gems, but don't feel like that as of now.
NoonEEE  +   615d ago
Valve's too afraid of the number 3 to make those games, Banana. It's like.... some kind of superstition or something.

Portal 2 was never on PS3 btw.
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BananaEatingSquid  +   615d ago
Uh, Portal 2 was definitely on PS3. I don't know if you were just kiddin' around... but... hold up... CRASH BANDICOOT can TALK?
1lawrence  +   615d ago
u must of never seen the commercials for crash
TheGrimReaper0011  +   615d ago
Yeah, remember when he first talked in the games?
thats when crash died for me =(
It wasnt funny, the games (crash of the titans and mind over mutant) sucked, story was bleh, animations were bad, repetitive, ...
Burrito26a  +   615d ago
"Portal 2 was never on PS3 btw."

Then what was I playing?
BananaEatingSquid  +   615d ago
My thoughts exactly. My insanity either went down the drain or this dude is full of lies.

@1lawrence, I have.... and that sucks. The Crash from MY childhood never spoke.

Edit: V Oh, I see. I still stand by my point, Crash ain't supposed to talk ;)
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Burrito26a  +   615d ago
@ Banana... They mean the original commercials promoting PS1. "Booya Granma!"- Crash Team Racing.
GenericNameHere  +   615d ago
Portal 2 was REVEALED on Sony's E3 2010 (or was it 2011?) conference. Portal 2 did release on PS3. PoStal 2, on the other hand, did not release on PS3.

Are you high or something?
Cuzzo63  +   615d ago
Portal 2 was never on PS3 btw.

WTF! You must don't get out much
Also could connect with the Pc guys and play together
JoGam  +   615d ago
I feel sad for the misinformed.
sic_chops  +   615d ago
I played portal 2 on ps3 as well as thousands of other gamers.
ThanatosDMC  +   615d ago
Head to head? Isnt it more like PS4's fist to Xbone's face?
BananaEatingSquid  +   615d ago
Good point ;) I'm all set to get a PS4 (pre-ordered and all) and still don't want to get the Xbox One... even after they reversed their DRM policies and whatnot. I might get it one day.... but for now, PS4 all the way.
ThanatosDMC  +   615d ago
The one thing they need to change out of their policy is the fact that they can change it to whatever they want later. I really hope they dont implement some sort of control/drm on games later for those who purchase the Xbone. But then again most of the online features are going to be behind that pay wall.
creatchee  +   615d ago

Sony has the same provision. Every console does. It's nothing new.
unworthy15  +   615d ago
That's ridiculous, Xbox One is better in most ways, as you could see today, it turns out the XBOX's power is BIGGER than the PS4, Microsoft has discovered that!!
PigPen  +   615d ago
It could be just like this current gen, but only time will tell. I do believe the controller is better.
theWB27  +   615d ago
I guess you hear it all when an article states Microsoft only included the Kinect cause they thought Sony would do it. Has he not seen how much focus and money Micro threw the Kinects way?

I wonder why it's so hard to accept that we have 3, very distinct companies making systems. Why do people want them to be so similar? I bought the PS3 knowing it was a different experience than the 360. If Microsoft wants to focus on the living room and a camera then let them. If Sony wants to go with power and game games games. Let Nintendo continue to offer their powerhouse titles.
Vinc360  +   615d ago
It's certainly not the only reason, but I'm sure it comforted them in the idea that it would be included with EVERY console, and would make the price higher.
unworthy15  +   615d ago
You're being ridiculous, read the article correctly before you talk. It does not say any of the stuff you say it does.
theWB27  +   615d ago
Another similar situation is the one surrounding the PS4 Eye, which was implied to be included in the console since the february reveal. That assumption most likely comforted Microsoft in their plans to include Kinect One with every Xbox One that they sold, as they expected Sony to focus on a similar device with lesser specs. On top of that, Sony even reportedly sent information to their retail partners mentioning that their target price for the PS4 was $499, and that it would include the PS Eye. This kind of information can reliably leak out to their competitors, and it looks like it may have been an intentional move by Sony this time around. Microsoft must have thought they had this in the bag, with a console launching at the same price, with a much more impressive motion sensor in Kinect 2.0. - See more at: http://www.gamefocus.ca/blo...

Direct paragraph from the article...the camera has been a focus from Micro since introducing the first Kinect...a huge focus. To think they'd pour that much money into a device that is integral to the system isn't based off anything other than their idea. Regardless if Sony did include the eye it wouldn't have been integrated nearly to the extent of the Kinect 2. So taking the stance that I read the article correctly and you mot likely didn't..Ill stick to my comment.
sincitysir1  +   615d ago
I will buy the eye when it's goes on sale! Too many games to buy the eye instead of [insert game name]
Vinc360  +   615d ago
I already have more PS4 games preordered than I ever had gamecube games in its lifetime. Not an attack on the GC btw, I love that system, and I did miss too many games on it :(
unworthy15  +   615d ago
Most definitely!
PositiveEmotions  +   615d ago
I never really cared for kinect nor ps eye but this time around im actually excited for the ps4 eye because when your typing a msg on your ps4 using your controller you can just move the controller around to type.

This what i mean http://www.youtube.com/watc... skip to 1:50 and you'll see what i mean.

Now just imagine what else you can do with the ds4 with the ps4 eye.
McScroggz  +   615d ago
The title of this article is ridiculous.
Vinc360  +   615d ago
Video games are serious business
BattleTorn  +   615d ago
The author is basically saying Microsoft bundling the Kinect is a blessing in disguise because it assures the PS Eye - a device that Sony thankfully made optiona cause one wants motion controls - will get support?

Isn't that like a contradiction upon a contradiction?
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Vinc360  +   615d ago
I wrote this article, here's my response to this:

Not really, the only thing that's a blessing in disguise is the fact that Sony gives us a choice WITHOUT losing out on support. The argument is that they shouldn't lose out on support since third parties have no reason not to easily port over their Kinect functions to the PS4, since they're already made anyway. It's not like the PS Move, which was different from Kinect, both cameras now offer similar basic functions, so a port would be easy (provided it doesn't use the more advanced Kinect features.)
BattleTorn  +   615d ago
If Sony removing it from the bundle is good, then that should automatically make your opinion that Microsft bundling it be bad.

But you're saying it's actually good, because it means the device that you were intially happy to not have bundled will actually have better functionality.

The contradiction pivots around you not wanting the PS Eye - admittely, something you never actually said.

I always respect authors who will discuss their pieces - props!
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creatchee  +   615d ago

Just because something is good doesn't mean that the polar opposite is inherently bad. It was a good move on Sony's part to omit the Eye and keep a 100 dollar price difference. However, it was also a good move for Microsoft to bundle Kinect because then everyone who has a One will have it as well.
unworthy15  +   615d ago
I think he meant it's an advantage for Sony that MS bundles it because it means Sony fans have a choice while still getting the support.
Hicken  +   615d ago
It means that more multiplats can use it, and there's no excuse for them to not have both a PS and XBOX version with motion controls.

It would have been a non-issue if the Kinect weren't built into the XBOne, but it being mandatory on that console means there's incentive for third party devs to make a version that would as easily work on the PS4.
candoa  +   615d ago
Well its been proven that the Xbox one is 50% more powerful, because of DX11. in fact they did a benchmark on youtube and it's show that game running on DX11 would increase frame rate significantly. The X1 ddr3 out perform the ps4 gddr5 when it comes to OS speed so that shows that the xbox1 will be smoother just like the xbox360 is smoother than the ps3. now the esram will increase the bandwidth of the ddr3 making even with the ps4 gddr5. That way the XBOX1 ram would be superior both ways.

KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   615d ago
Only Sony fanboys praise Sony as if they're perfect and setting standards... We all know MS sets the standards for gaming.. Kinect is the future and Xbox live is superior to psn/plus. X1 is clearly the future not ps4 and people need to accept facts. Praise Ms for always delivering to us gamers... There're the best!!!
PigPen  +   615d ago
I almost about 90% agree what I read.
thedon8982z  +   615d ago

The simple truth is that 3 OS/kernals along with the high overhead of DX11 is whats going to very quickly max out xbone!!! Sony allows both OpenGL and dx 11 and low level coding annnnd custom shader coding (developed specifically for ps4) and the final nail in the coffin is SPU run-time coding(PS3's specific strength) for the gpu... This means that not only is PS4 more powerful but you can code to it any style( or "to the metal")allowing vastly superior games!! You xbots, I tell you believe anything M$ says, once this infancy stage of next gen software is over( in about 2 years. You are going to feel like a complete jack-A$$...BUT as usual you will find someway to change the subject and talk about something that is absolutely irrelevant!!!

*EDIT* DID I MENTION ps4(7gigs of gddr5(176gb bandwith)> xbone(68 gbs shared /102 gpu to 32mb esarm = chopped up memory and developers straining to get everything running optimal performance)
#9.2 (Edited 615d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
thedon8982z  +   615d ago
SORRY...forgot to mention xbone has 5gig of ddr3 for gaming...but honestly that sh#t is so chopped up memory wise...I dame near got confused writing that sh$t!!!!! I can only imagine how developers are going to feel mid-way into this gen when the gpu starts to really get pounded!!!
unworthy15  +   615d ago
Props for the article because it made me realize some things, but I really believe the Xbox One is actually MORE powerful than the PS4, there's a story on digital foundry that came out today about this.
thedon8982z  +   615d ago
Just read the article... and its exactly like I said we are still in the infancy stage of this gen.....Both consoles still are not being pushed yet(that will take about 2years)after that you can only go so far with xbone specs. Mark Cerny said himself as they investigated esram also only they were going to par it with gddr5. The xbone spec is not future proof and what is going to happen is M$ is going to hit a brickwall just like on xbox360, while ps4 will allow Sony to just keep optimizing the hardware/software over and over allowing us to push gaming to another level..all you have to do is look at last of us thats why I respect Sony, they stick with there hardware and allow you to get your money-worth out of it!!! Whats funny about the article is they even say "for now" refering to Microsoft. I know what BS is and I see it all over M$, what they are trying to do is maximize this infancy stage and hope that by the time we get to Real nextgen games developers will either program to the lowest level(xbone)and/or convince gamers to believe that that xbox can directly compete technology-wise!!!!
Supermax  +   615d ago
In life there's always a leader and a follower.have a nice day bang bang

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