The world’s most realistic gaming gun upsets the hosts of The View

The Delta Six gaming gun controller is not something Barbara Walters likes.

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FullmetalAlchemist1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I don't hear any of these people talking bad about the metal cap guns that people have been playing with and giving to 4 years olds for the last 50 years. And the only thing showing that its a toys is an orange cap that pulls right off. http://thumbs4.ebaystatic.c... These old people are whack. Besides alot of these video games are rated M 17+ these games aren't even intended for KIDS.

I_am_Batman1997d ago

I don't think toy guns are the problem. The only thing that really is a problem is that a lot of people have access to real guns. I've never seen a person running amok armed with blu-ray discs or toy guns.

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aliengmr1997d ago


Right, but trying to stop people from buying guns illegally is against the 2nd amendment, which as we all know was penned by the Lord himself.

Majin-vegeta1997d ago

So WW2 was started by video games??

jeffgoldwin1997d ago

Was started by Nazi's wielding guns...just sayin lol.

TekoIie1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

First known video game was in 1947.... Since then there have been no World Wars...

We as gamers are totally going to take the credit for that :3

jeffgoldwin1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Vietnam, Korean, Cold War, Iraq War say hi, lol. Don't get a free pass on a techinicality of not being a world war. : P

On side note, more were killed in the Civil War than both World Wars combined. Think about that one.

But anyways gun/video game control is a waste of time.

TekoIie1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

There are reasons why all of those wars aren't referred to as a world war. I think its obvious why.

"On side note, more were killed in the Civil War than both World Wars combined. Think about that one."

I thought about it and now I think that's impossible. WW1's death toll was over 37 million and WW2's was over 60 million.... If the US had lost 97 million in the Civil War then it would look nothing like it does today.

Your link clearly only accounts for US casualties which isn't the best statistic to use. Its like me saying "Well I think the Civil war was one of the most Peaceful because no Japanese people died".

"But anyways gun/video game control is a waste of time."

I disagree. I think that we need to have mature and civilized discussions and when we do so we will find the clear answer to our problems.

jeffgoldwin1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

There already have discussions going on for around 100 years and the consistent is disarming law abiding citizens is highly ineffective no matter what creative spin or blame game the media comes up with.

Never understood why politicians think removing guns from law abiding people and putting up signs at a store or bank saying "no guns allowed" is a good idea. I mean criminals always gunna have guns, knives, of just over power you. Kinda common sense they wouldn't follow telling them what to do.

TekoIie1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

There have been discussions but none of which have contained much maturity. I have many a time debated this but I'll leave you with some facts. how about we compare countries that are so very similar to the US and have gun control.

The US has 10.3 firearm related deaths for every 100,000 people. Lets compare it to 2 countries which have an extremely similar society and culture:

UK: 0.25
Australia: 1.06

Australia went through the exact same situation the US is going through now except they actually got something done and now look at the country. But would you also believe that in the aftermath the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS are actually happy about it? Even those who opposed gun control in hindsight say they overreacted and are now happy with the decision.

"I mean criminals always gunna have guns, knives, of just over power you."

So true! I mean what is the point of any laws because criminals wont follow them. Its quite possible that there are people who wont commit a crime because there is a law against it and a punishment. There was a great line on the Daily Show which is a perfect response to what you said as well:

"Well y'know what they say, if at first you dont succeed F*** it"

This is getting Off-topic now so I wont respond to your next message but you may respond to mine if you wish :)

jeffgoldwin1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

US is full of people who want a lot, but want to work very little to get it. That mentality alone explains a lot of crime. Many other things in the population that are unique to the US and no other countries, like these social issues of relative poverty and past slavery making people think they are still victims and are entitled to free stuff. Things like this which have nothing to do with guns at all.

Stastics and "facts" are commonly misrepresented to prove one's point. All to attempt to show you can pound in a square peg into that circle hole. Even though we know it just won't fit.

Also not to mention this huge backlash the US population will have if gun banning is taken too far and the constitutional right to bear arms is trampled on too much. Many police officers and military members including myself would quit and no longer choice to defend that type of government. You would be criminalizing people and see backlash 10 fold what prohibition was in the 1920's. Another factor to consider right there.

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Jarhead17761997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Liberal bitching at its best.

Btw. That thing is badass!

ChipChipperson1997d ago

Wait until the commenters on this site start blaming guns too. This controller is definitely badass. It's no different from the old Nintendo gun controller, the Silent Scope PSG-1 controller in the arcades, the Time Crisis gun controller,the PS3 move controller SMG looking accessory, the Wii gun, and the various arcade guns that even simulated recoil.

SITH1996d ago

Yeah because the prerequisite to be a conservative is you must like guns, and to be a liberal means you hate them. Fascinating logic you have with my FN Five-Seven on my hip right now and I am a social liberal democrat. Fascinating indeed.

Mikeyy1997d ago

I'm not shocked. That show is for brainwashed liberals.

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