Why People Love Call of Duty, And Why You Should Probably Hate It

CCC says: "Love it or hate it, the Call of Duty franchise—the very name—wields significant influence in the games industry. The series has maintained an incomparable standing in the FPS market, and has become somewhat of a poster child for the entire genre. Because of that reputation, it is also subjected to more intense scrutiny and criticism than the vast majority of games, much less shooters. Without fail, each new installment is met with cries of redundancy, inadequacy, and repetition. At the same time, each new CoD game is all but infallibly successful. With this paradox—heavy criticism and lukewarm review scores being paired with monumental sales figures—in mind, let’s take a look at what Call of Duty truly is to discern how the franchise (and its producers) affects gaming as a whole."

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USMC_POLICE1969d ago

I loved world at war but after that I didn't care for the series. Still big red one is my favorite.

buynit1969d ago

I don't understand all the hate this game gets, it's not bad at all online it's actually good IMO..

However, as much money as this game makes acti. I'm shocked at how little effort they put to push the genre forward, I mean damn not even a new engine for next gen and tried to lie about it!

Seems like acti. Just recycles its milk till heir is nothing left then on to the next.. They are already starting with destiny all that money into a new game, an IMO that's good, but not even a new engine for the game that made you all that money!?

sevilha821969d ago

Well ,the positive things that it has no longer overshadow the negatives.basiclly,the engine pre- historic,it´s problably the most famous online title in the world and it has one of the worst connections,some free4play real cheap one broswer games dont lag as much,they (the devolopers)refuse to invest ingame and fix this(dedicated servers.)it crippels the skilled gamers to show what they can do because you never know what to expect from theconnection,input lag (worst decision ever),unbalenced gameplay,too powerfull killstreaks,rewardind bad players,12year old´s screaming in voip,etc...etc...Icould go on for a long time.
resuming they make bad decisions every year,it´s obvious that the talent in infinity ward is gone(Titanfall anyone)this franshise is dead and Activision is preparing to reaplace it in the next gen.well at least i think so.

buynit1969d ago

I completely agree with the servers, still not dedicated that's just crazy and cheap..

The thing is I don't go in trying to be a pro I just play online just for the fun of it the game is just too Arcady, i think thats why its such a hit, to need true skills... Don't get me wrong some ppl have crazy skill at the game but I can't look at it like a ghost recon, rainbow six kind of skill level.

All you really have to do or what I do anyway is learn the map once you learn the map you get good enough to have a blast on it.. I think if they try to change the gameplay too much from what it is now it will lose that charm that it has, I'm more disturbed about the lack of support the ame gets considering the sales that game gets every year..

I heard battlefield is a little more strategic or can be so ill probably try it out on the ps4.

That's what I was getting at before, destiny is next...