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Submitted by -Mezzo- 884d ago | opinion piece

The Gaming Industry Needs To Take The Google Console Seriously

Forbes - According to the Wall Street Journal, there’s big news coming to gaming. Google is building a console, possibly as early as the fall, and it’s going to run Android. Together with Apple ‘s recent announcement that iDevices will start to support dedicated game controllers, this paints a clear picture. Like Microsoft in 2001, the great tech giants of today are rumbling towards gaming. (Culture, Google)

The_Infected  +   884d ago
No they don't need to take it seriously. Google don't have the tremendous experience like Sony does in the gaming industry. Google cant expect to be the greatest at everything just because they did well with Android. Consoles makers like Sony have studios with amazing experience some of the best in the world and their exclusive something google don't have. If google wants to compete with the big console makers they have a long way to go.
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ThanatosDMC  +   884d ago
I bet it wont have a power brick.
fermcr  +   884d ago
What makes a good gaming console is the "big" exclusives and the best multiplatform games on it... and when i mean "big" exclusives, it certainly isn't those Android games.

Unless the Google Console has "big" exclusives and the best multiplatform games on it, the Google Console is not worth sh*t (at least for me).
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Donnieboi  +   884d ago
Ummm i hear ya, but not necessarily, Sony didn't have the experience either when they released the ps1. And yet it laid the smack down on the N64, Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast COMBINED.

So we can't count a newbie out. Sony listened to developers and created tools for them to work with. Google has done the same with their current software development teams. So I don't see why they can't be as considerate in the gaming field.

I'm not saying they will win, but they might actually have a lot to contribute.
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miyamoto  +   884d ago
Sony with PS Mobile, anticipated about this years ago :-) Its Android and iOS friendly.
That is why indy developers are flocking to PlayStation.
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clearelite  +   884d ago
Somehow I don't think I will fall into their targeted demographic.
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Foxgod  +   884d ago
Not really, Android consoles are a market of their own, their main target group are casual gamers who want to play their phone stuff on tv, and people who want a cheap xbmc center or an emulation device.

Main consoles are for hardcore gamers, android devices do not offer that.
Maybe from the perspective of a non gaming business man they do, but any gamer knows better.
finite  +   884d ago
Not another Android gaming system.... come on we have mobiles and Tablets for a reason.. to play these games... not a console that is not mobile.
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Gamerchik87  +   884d ago
Um! This was what the whole UNITY thing was about. At the M.S keynote they announced a partnership with UNITY to get crossplat form apps on all windows 8 devices this could be bringing windows store on x1. So u can download games and windows based apps( I.e...vlc, IE11,) also u would be able to play mobile phone games on xbox using kenect they said:) so I think M.S definitely saw this coming! Thier also trying to compete with apple , google.......that would be cool to see a highend android based console
extermin8or  +   883d ago
Sony saw it coming too with PS mobile and their recent indie Devs initiatives plus they've experimented with apps on PS bits and I'm sure will expand upon that. But let's be honest consoles to play games your 400 pound phone or tablet already plays...
DeadlyFire  +   883d ago
This is the reason for an ARM co-processor in PS4/XB1.

Only problem I see with Andriod gaming is the ARM processor. It lacks the bulk of power that most gaming platforms have utilized for years. Perhaps its just not enough coding experience behind it just yet. They cost less than $10 a piece in bulk. Very cheap.

high end GPGPU compute + Multiple ARM chips(2-4+ of them) could measure out to compete with the new gen consoles.

I expect Andriod consoles will have thier own bracket of competition. OUYA, Google, and Apple will be competing. Meanwhile Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will be competing for top spot.
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mydyingparadiselost  +   884d ago
So, how many consoles are coming out in the next few years? Competition is ok and all but too much of this stuff will hurt the industry instead of help.
extermin8or  +   883d ago
The irony is that as mobile games get bigger their development costs will only increase eventually they will end up costing as much to buy and develop as console games... Its inevitable the same issues the industry faces now will affect them too-long dev times and high costs-if they don't have that they won't be able to compete with the big ones and because of that it would cost a lot more to buy exclusivity/create studios than it did for Sony or Ms all those years ago-simple fact is that Microsoft and Sony aren't going anywhere and I doubt Nintendo are either-however I will say this if apple or Google do expand into consoles proper I see someone leaving the market hardware wise (my bet atm would be nintendo) as there really is only room for 3 unless the market gets drastically bigger and I don't for see that occurring. This isn't the mobile market over saturation and devices that cost way more than they should really just won't be swallowed well by gamers.

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