Five Things That Could Improve Xbox Live

ZeroContinues Editor TalorB writes:

"Xbox Live is the most successful online console service to date. With over 10 million subscribers, it's hard to argue that. The reasons for its success stem from its ease of use compared to its competitors. A unified friends list and unprecedented functionality make it the #1 online service right now. Even with all of that, it still has a few pieces missing. Here are five things that could make Xbox Live even better."

The article covers many things concerning Xbox Live.

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Breakfast3672d ago write flaimbate articles so people can come to there site...tomorrow will be 5 things wrong with psn.

One thing that will make Live better...Home (in the long run)

toughNAME3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

"If any of these features were implemented, I know plenty of people who would sign up instantly."

lol sorry but that sounds like a Sony fan comment "all my friends traded in their 360's for PS3's!"


I disagree with #3 - Silver members have too much freedom as it is, pony up the $3/month.

TrevorPhillips3672d ago

they should improve the dashboard and also add new features

Deios3672d ago

1 thing that can improve Xbox live. Let all DLC be free.

v1c1ous3672d ago

this depends.

1) content already on the disc shouldn't cost money (ahem ace combat 6)

2) content made during development that would have been ready at launch shouldn't cost money

3) content made AFTER release should cost moderately well. (ahem horse armor)

4) small new content like a map or a weapon after the fact shouldn't cost more than $5 for a map $1-2 for a weapon

4) content that's HUGE and adds new content i would gladly pay for. (oblivion shivering isles)

Microshaft3672d ago

You should be able to preview themes and gamerpics before we buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

Skerj3672d ago

God yeah, I'm not buying some mysterious theme or gamerpic that I end up hating and you don't get refunded.

ArmrdChaos3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago ) can go online to and view a lot of the theme/pic sets. Although that is a pain and their website is not as up to date with the newer ones. Some kind of view page would be nice to ensure you know what you are other thing that might be nice would be some kind of popular/download counts. That would allow you to sort by quality/rating.

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The story is too old to be commented.