Up Close, The Last Of Us' Infected Are Even Grosser

Kotaku - You only really see them in the dark, or moving fast, or when their heads are exploding, so there aren't many points in The Last Of Us you can really appreciate how gross the infected really are. Let's fix that.

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vikingland11398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

The infected are ugly. You don't get too see them that good in the game because your to busy trying too stay alive.

Williamson1398d ago

The infected that eventually die and give out spores are disgusting.

bigtrucknd1398d ago

Anyone ever see tree bark man? He is the real life infected from the Last Of Us.

Hazmat131396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

those fungus growth in areas of spores is like gross as fuck. haha every time i go there and see those i go. Honey Bunches Of Nope.
Edit: also there are some art work you can buy in the game and the infected gas mask one, is very disturbing.