Jak and Daxter Collection (PS Vita) - Review

Three wonderful games wrapped in a buggy and broken package make it difficult to recommend trying out this title on the PS Vita.

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BuffMordecai1967d ago

The people who handled this port should be ashamed of themselves.

Xaphy1967d ago

wont there be a patch? If not im not buying it.

dodo1011967d ago

There are some tecnical issues indeed but if you can look past them you will have a great experience!

pedrof931967d ago

Omg I miss this trilogy so badly :C

Every time I think of the greatest game I've experienced, I think of Jak 3. But I've played them all in proper order 9-10 years ago.

shivvy241967d ago

Man jak 3 was like half my childhood ! It will always hold a special place in my heart :)

pedrof931967d ago

Exactly, a very special place indeed. I have beaten that game like 10 times in a row.

mastershredder1967d ago

I Jak-ed with this at E3 for a level and was surprised how bad the port was. Not sure how they messed this one up. Sly and Rayman are on Vita.

truthteller1967d ago

It really isn't. I don't know why is everyone judging the game over this shitty review.

WeAreLegion1966d ago

Yeah. I don't get it. There are some frame rate issues in the first one, but that's about it.

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