Game Stooge: Major League Baseball 2K8 Review

Game Stooge writes: "If you want a single sentence review of Major League Baseball 2K8, it would be: "The worst baseball game in recent history." Not since the Triple Play series has a baseball game been so underwhelming for the platform for which it was developed. Most of the blame falls on the misguided priorities of Ben Brinkman, who was the lead developer for the overrated MVP Baseball series, and the Kush team; the developers made the sort of corporate focus group decisions that were parodied in the creation of Poochie in The Simpsons. In short, stability and good gameplay were sacrificed for completely irrelevent cosmetic bullshit."

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longduckdong3764d ago

this article is full of gas. But 2k8 really does suck

shysun3764d ago

WOW i loved 2k7..... man i was going to buy this game! :(


if you own a ps3 go get the wont be disappointed. If you dont own a ps3 do like my friend did trade in all of his xbot shiiii and go buy a ps3 and the show.....