Top 10 Heroes That Need Their Own Game

CCC says: "We have all witnessed super hero movies that have been turned into games that released with their big-screen debut. But how many times has that formula worked out? The big-screen-hero-to-game market is a wasteland littered with immediately forgettable titles with only a very blessed few rising above the crushing disappointments that generally come when a movie game releases. So we decided to take a new direction with this process. Let’s build some cool games featuring super heroes worthy of their own title. Then maybe Hollywood can make a movie that sucks about these games (cause they’re good at that, too)."

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minimur121968d ago

Ghost Rider was on PSP, and I think PS2.
Who's X-O Manowar?
Who's Lobo?

To be honest, if it was an open market, you people would buy it. But being as you'd have to be over 25 to know most of these characters, sorry, none of those games will be bought (maybe Venom)
For example, the most recent 'sighting' of hawkeye was in avengers. Before that? in the comic, I gguess.

badboy7761967d ago

I want A Spawn game!!!
Created by>> David Jaffe or Cliffy b.

1968d ago