Female Representation in Games: An E3 Acknowledgement

Excerpt: Games with male-only lead options sell 75 percent better than games with female-only leads. So yes, some of the fear that exists on the publishing side is founded. But you also need to consider the fact that this is a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, given that games with only female protagonists were merely given close to 40 percent of the marketing budget as the male only games. That's right, not even half. And they wonder why those sales are not as good? The game industry is stifling advancement by using outdated, "safe" formulas.

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Dagobert1998d ago

Yay more feminist bullshit where they bleed all over the place over stupid shit that a lot of women don't give a fuck about other than their fisting feminist groups and men who have gag balls in their mouths.

CrossingEden1998d ago

don't know whether to bubble down for immaturity, bad language, or trolling

Dagobert1998d ago

Aww did you feel offended?

DragonKnight1998d ago

You know, this has become beyond sad. I really say that we should ignore this blatant attempts at stirring up problems completely from now on.

If there are women out there who have nothing better to do than be offended by games, let them become game designers and actually lead the industry in change instead of crying about it and getting their manginas to stand up for them too. I'm sick of these poorly researched whine fests about how women aren't represented properly in the industry or games.

Representation requires doing something to represent yourself. Don't force others to shoulder that burden for you.

MikeMyers1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Sure they can do better but it also doesn't help in a field filled with males and the stereotype of gamers being teenage boys.

Stuff like this also doesn't help,


Then you have someone like Jade Redmond who gamers oogle over her looks rather than her accomplishments.

DragonKnight1998d ago

You're wasting our time again.

cyguration1998d ago

So you're saying that men shouldn't oogle over Jade Raymond because they think she's hot? Okay that's like saying Kate Upton is only popular because of her brains and guys should only react to her because of her intellectual accomplishments in society.

And there's no barrier to entry for gaming. The indie scene is a "do what you want how you want". There's nothing stopping any invested developer from making a game and getting it on Steam greenlight. If the game is good gamers will support it. It's as simple as that.

Starting small with a good concept and sound execution will always garner you attention one way or another. In the age of the indie revolution there is NO EXCUSE.

ShaunCameron1998d ago

Yeah. And forcing men to compromise their artistic vision to accommodate a crowd they weren't even talking to in the first place, or forcing men to lower their standards to accommodate someone who couldn't be bothered to develop enough talent to hack it on their own merits and blame their shortcomings on being female in the name of "diversity" is gonna solve it.

spartanlemur1998d ago

Realistically, most people are gamers in some form these days (you could call anyone who accepted a facebook candy crush saga invitation a "gamer"), so as was said above, this "55%" figure is meaningless.
This article seems to be attacking high-spec AAA games though, which are very different type of experience from those described above.
Most of the "hardcore" gamers are indeed white males (given that Europe and North America are still the largest gaming markets in the world (and lets not forget that the article exclusively refers to Western-made games)) and as most people like to play a character they empathise with (better looking of course, though same gender/country generally) most characters are logically white males.

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