PS4 Has No Power Brick, Size is “Very Close to the 2nd Gen PS3, and PS4 is Slimmer”, Says Shuhei

"Quick to remind everyone that it doesn't have one, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, said, "The power is inside, so no brick outside."" - PSLS

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doctorstrange1041d ago

It really does look like a 2nd gen console, how did they manage to keep it so sleek?!

abzdine1041d ago

Damn! they manage to make it so small from the first version!!
so maybe PS4 slim will be as slim as PStwo? I am amazed, really!

gaffyh1041d ago

Smaller and more powerful than the Xbox One, and no power brick. Just shows you the level of Sony as a hardware company compared to MS.

Cirehpsa1041d ago

A slim ps4 as slim as a ps2 would be great, but i imagine it's pretty jam packed as it is currently.

Need4Game1041d ago

Made Xbox One look more like a Brick.

Sitdown1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

How come some of you can't just enjoy the ps4 on its on merit, instead of always having to bring up the xbox one. It's like you are obsessed with the xbox one, and then wonder while the trolls show up. The PS4 is nice. Period.

silenius1041d ago

once again... thank you. :)

mistertwoturbo1041d ago

People need to stop insulting a Brick by calling it an Xbox One.

I'll tell you, an Xbox One isn't going to be used to build houses with.

wastedcells1041d ago

Sony makes all kinds of great products and this really helps make playstation special.

CryofSilence1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

That's really impressive how they kept that small form factor with an internal power source.

I would liken the Xbox One to a VCR more than I would a brick.

alien6261041d ago

The on,y reason m$ when with a big system was for the future they could release smaller versions of the system. That somehow brings more money. Look at Sony they done it many times. Sony is starting small and slick and now I can't imagine how smaller could the ps4 could get. M$ made big and I bet a lot of space in it

GribbleGrunger1041d ago

The design is familiar but modern:

Now give me a variation on the PS2 boot up sound and I'll die a happy man.

thereapersson1041d ago

But they might be used to burn one down... ;-)


The_Con-Sept1040d ago

I'd like to see the PS4 get smaller... But what would it look like?

Groo1040d ago

and by the Power of Greyskull

gaffyh1040d ago

@Sitdownn - "It's like you are obsessed with the xbox one, and then wonder while the trolls show up."

You're right, because you showed up.

But to answer your question, both consoles are part of a new generation, and a launching at around the same time, so it's natural that there will be comparisons. The same thing happened with the PS3 and 360, and the Xbox and PS2, so don't see what is so bad about it.

If you're sad that PS4 is coming off as better than the Xbone, then that's your problem, and no one else's. I'm not saying you're wrong to want to purchase an Xbone, in fact I am considering getting one late next year, but early PS3 owners got the same stick from fanboys, and there was MORE of a reason to own a PS3 at that time i.e. cheapest blu-ray player on the market, and Sony's proven track record when it comes to games.

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Majin-vegeta1041d ago

Japanese are very crafty :P.

karl1040d ago

that reminded me of the south park city sushi episode

"kinda like pearl harbor.... that was sneaky too"

Qrphe1041d ago

Good engineering, graphical power and internal power supply all in that compact box is a great feat.

majiebeast1041d ago

THE POWER ZEH CLOWDS! No wait thats the other company good engineering and design i reckon.

clearelite1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

"TeH power of public relations gimmicks!"...

Sony is bringing us quality products as usual while others depen mainly on advertising.

I_am_Batman1041d ago

That's what I was asking myself since the E3 conference. Maybe someone at Sony invented the shrink ray.

Godmars2901041d ago

They had several years of development time. Were likely thinking about it since the PS3 suffered all of it's backlash.

Foolsjoker1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

I think Mark Cerny is a wizard, how else would they fit it all in that tiny box?

JoGam1041d ago

Im my Italian voice.... "Its in there". ;-)

Narutone661041d ago

Must be related to Harry Potter.

RBdrift1041d ago

Well,don't think Cerny had a say in design, because he explained that he didn't want to see the the PS4 design tell E3.

elhebbo161041d ago

dont give cerny ALL the credit, I'm sure there was some hardworking japanese dude behind it as well.

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Cernunnos1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

the CPU is clocked a lot lower than on the PS3, so that helps a lot with heat aswell. Coupled with a smaller die size.

SniperControl1041d ago

Ok, one thing I dont get, the PS4 is more powerful and has an internal PSU. On the other hand the X1 is less powerful, the size of a 80's betamax player with an external PSU.
What the hell is in side the X1?

Gardenia1041d ago

In every Xbox One is a Microsoft employee who is there to collect your money every time you turn on the system

I_am_Batman1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

Rocket science-level stuff.

sic_chops1041d ago

Haha... A big empty space with vents on half of the top. Might as well just cut a hole in the top. Sure it would stay cool then.

Narutone661041d ago

MS got burned with the RROD fiasco, so they anticipated and wanted to prevent that from happening again.

Vip3r1041d ago

It needs all that space for the clouds. I mean, are you a developer and have you SEEN titanfall?

LeRise1041d ago

You can see it by yourself:

Empty space here we go!
I'd mention another thing: PS4 has 8 cores @ 2 GHz, XBONE has 8 cores @ 1.6 GHz, still larger.

clearelite1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

Mostly shredded newspaper/packing foam and several liters of mountain dew.

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jeffgoldwin1041d ago

Small with no power brick? That is amazing. However, it is ugly as sin as far as the design shape.

T21041d ago

I don't really see how its ugly, its just a black box and thank god it's slim... looks a bit like a shape of some kind at least.

Ugly would be like a gamecube, or a sphere that just rolled off your stand. it should be slim and level, and fit within your mounting space. black matches most other electronics, safe color - stick a bunch of stickers on it if you want color...

Not sure what would have been better? The odd contour here and there or vent or bump means nothing....

R6ex1041d ago

I love the heavily-ventilated rear view of the PS4.

So sleek!

elhebbo161041d ago

I rather have a cool rhombus shape than an typical design.

ApolloTheBoss1041d ago

Here's a size comparison. :)

GenericNameHere1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

I'm blind!!. Where do you insert the disc??!! All I see are 2 USB ports. Is the disc tray somewhere between the two covers? The middle part's so dark, I can barely see anything.

Btw, no more little PS logo? :'(

LeRise1041d ago

GenericNameHere, here you go, Hi-res photos of PS4.

elhebbo161041d ago

@genereic we haven't had classic PS logos since the PS3 slim unfortunately.

karl1040d ago

thx for the hr photos.. the new dualshock looks impressive..

never seen the back till this pictures..

the texture looks really comfortable... and it has many interesting details..

im sure it will fit really well in my hands

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LocutusEstBorg1041d ago

There are 15" laptops with 10x the power of the PS4. It's not a big deal.

Hicken1041d ago

No there aren't. Especially not for the same price.

Persistantthug1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

A Radeon HD 7970M is the highest end Mobile (laptop) GPU that AMD has available.

JoeReno1041d ago

Borg must be somewhere out of left field, like your comment.
-1 off topic

elhebbo161041d ago

1) no there isn't.
2) even if there was, it would cost 2 to 3 times more than a PS4.
3) developers optimize there games to the fullest on console so even if the Laptop is technically stronger you could still get the same or even better visual fidelity.

jeffgoldwin1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

1.) Optmization wont be as huge of a difference for next gen compared with pc counterparts, since both consoles are using the same architecture as pc (x86).
2.) Laptop parts are a good amount slower than desktop versions (due do heat/power issues).
3.) Overall, cheaper initial price of consoles, soon catches up to paid online and more expensive games (but that's kind of subjective because you can find sales and bargain bins).
4.) All gamers will benefit from next gen (well unless you cant afford it).

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ziggurcat1041d ago

i'm curious to see what the slim version of this system is going to look like...

ramiuk11041d ago

the xbone power brick will b bigger than ps lol.
i jsut hope they have good cooling in it and we dont have heat issues

jeffgoldwin1040d ago

or yylod or firmware bricking

HugoDrax1040d ago

Funny you say that, because the XB1 doesn't have a power brick. So now you sound like a fanboy with that comment.

ramiuk11037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

it dont need a power brick though really,look at the size of it,
the reason it does all the tv stuff is because its so big u cant fit anything else on tv stand with it.

by the way i had a 360 since launch(well 5 due to rrod)and i have a ps3 for a few months so i assure you i love my 360,just ps4 gone gamers way and not entertainment.

jon12341041d ago

it was created by god to see who would be the best to command his forces!

SDS Gamerfiend1040d ago

Sony has really impressed me with the PS4! Feels good to be appreciated as a true hard core gamer!

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Relientk771041d ago

The consoles design, is just flawless

it looks like an advanced PS2

Thefreeman0121041d ago

Disagree with me if you will but i just find that the PS4 looks cheap to me...i honestly think both consoles look quite dull

orakle441041d ago

I dont think either look cheap, but they do both look dull to me as well, but i do prefer the ps4.

riseer231041d ago

I will kindly disagree with you.I love the Ps4 design as i stated before.It reminds me of the fat Ps2.I think the Xboxone looks something like the current 360 and a cable box.I won't trash on it tho,the only thing that matters to me fewer fail rates.I am buying a Ps4 tho,i skipped the 360 and most likely miss out on One.