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Submitted by DoubleJumpAUS 952d ago | news

Microsoft issues statement to explain Xbox One headset compatibility

Microsoft has issued a new statement explaining that existing Xbox 360 headsets, that used the controller’s standardized 2.5mm audio port, will not be compatible with the Xbox One due to the new controller’s revamped accessory port. (Dev, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Tech, Xbox 360, Xbox Controller, Xbox One)

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Stryfeno2  +   952d ago
"Xbox plans to develop solutions in the near future to allow consumers to connect many brands of wired gaming headsets to the Wireless Controller for gaming and chat audio"
neoMAXMLC  +   952d ago
This just in, Microsoft partners up with Apple to manufacture and distribute adapters that allow you to connect your old Xbox 360 accessories to the Xbox One. It will launch for the low low price of $149.99!
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HammadTheBeast  +   952d ago
What is the need for such problems? Same sort of s*** Apple pulled.
onyoursistersback  +   952d ago
what the hell is the big deal?! Sony added a headset (that looks to be no more then 15 bucks...BUT IT WORKS)
Microsoft on the other hand makes its own drama!!!

....what ever the headset is gana be,

AlaaAlii  +   951d ago
Pfft. Meanwhile at Sony, the PS4 will support the official PS3 wireless stereo (surround-sound) headset, which also already works on any computer and OS (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS) because it uses a standard USB receiver. Also, the Dualshock 4 houses a standard 2.5mm jack, so I can connect my super awesome earphones if I don't like the PS4's one...that comes included in the package.

I like how, from the article, Microsoft says: "This also required creating a new expansion port design for headsets and future controller add-on devices which is different from a standard audio plug input". So basically, "We also changed the standard audio plug input to a proprietary one that will never work with anything you own, which will force you to buy our products even if they are broken or you don't like them. And we're not including any kind of adapter at the moment because...well...we're just not going to". Deal with it. It kind of goes along with trying to take control of everything like with DRM, they pulled out from that one though.
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MasterCornholio  +   951d ago
And PS4 has bluetooth which means that any bluetooth mic or headset will work with it.

I cant wait to hook up my Sennheisers to the system when i get it.
tigertom53  +   951d ago
am sure people would not bitch if they included a headset with the console. this port should make better quality connection as well as support better audio and mic quality.
AngryTypingGuy  +   951d ago
In other words, they're probably going to make an adapter that is 3.5mm compatible.

One good thing did come out of the whole DRM situation... Microsoft, at least for the time being has seemed to realize that they better be less arrogant and more consumer friendly. Their level of communication to the customer seems to be increasing. Prior to E3 they probably wouldn't have even addressed this and kept their controller port totally proprietary with no "solutions".
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wordthrower  +   951d ago
And by "solutions" they definitely mean proprietary adapters, as another way to monetize literally every aspect of this console.
Septic  +   951d ago
Actually....for those saying any Bluetooth headsets will work on PS4, that's not true. I've got Beats Wireless headphones and they do Mott/ cannot work with the PS3 with the exception of only acting as a headset for communication. That's it. No sound input which blows.
bviperz  +   951d ago

Translation: Apple does it and makes a killing ($$$), why can't we?
stage88  +   951d ago
+1 bubble for Michael Scott and yes MS is ridiculous.
aLucidMind  +   949d ago
Why don't people just buy the Turtle Beach X12's? They may have a 15ft wire but you can plug them right into the tv and listen to literally anything playing through the TV. I've played N64 games with my X12s on; so for $60, you get a headset that'll work for any console.

However, you may want to get the P11's if you're a PS3 gamer since the chat will only work for the console the headset is designed for. X12 is for XBox 360, P11 is for PS3.
KillrateOmega  +   949d ago
I actually have a pair of X12s. I've never been interest in the more expensive models; the X12s do what I want and need them to do well enough as is.
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King-Prodigy-X  +   952d ago
Gosh, everything is a problem with this company.
DoubleJumpAUS  +   952d ago
I am in no way a console person, I play both when the opportunity presents and really don't get the argument. However, I can definitely see that with the next gen, Microsoft just can't seem to find out how not to fuck up.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   952d ago
Karma's a bitch.
badkolo  +   952d ago
why? becuase you cant use your 360 headset, new system = new items for that system.
karl  +   952d ago
u cant use your 360 headset..

soo u better buy the new 100 bucks xbox one exclusive headset that wont work on any other device...

till they can find a solution to this problem...
cuz a plug is just to complicated for MS
Godmars290  +   952d ago
People are amazed at how unprepared MS seems to be to launch the XB1. Every time you turn around at this point, its like they haven't thought-out something which they should have.
InTheLab  +   951d ago
Dude...this is intentional. They want you to go out and buy the new wireless headset that only works for their machine. They plan on milking you just like they did with 360's proprietary accessories.

Remember that s*** wireless earpiece for $99?
Cueil  +   951d ago
there are significant improvements to audio fidelity so I'm fine with it. Also BT is a piece of crap next to WIFI Direct and I'm hoping that smart phones start leaning in that direction
Supermax  +   952d ago
I think I replaced my original 360 headset that was shipped with it the second day I had it,if your gameing with that more power to you. Next week it will be the color of the box the X1 is shipped in that will have people screaming and moaning.what a green box why didn't you ship it in all black.
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McScroggz  +   951d ago
I think you're underestimating just how many people used those mics. Sure, plenty of people eventually upgrade, but there were tons of people using mics the first couple years of the Xbox 360. Meanwhile, there still aren't that many people who use mics on PS3.

I'm not saying it's only because the Xbox 360 ships with a headset, but I do think it plays a huge part.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   951d ago
Yeah, but even if you plan on upgrading, what you gonna do? It's a proprietary format, which means, as of yet, MS only (it's either use Kinect or buy MS's supra-aural mono, similar to the one you replaced in 2 days).

I'm not sure any company had announced any Xbox One compatible headset, maybe Turtle Beach (as they have a history) but those are usually premium (i.e. not cheap).

So you have 3 option at best, one of which isn't even an headset but a camera. What if you don't like either?

Now if you had a common audio jack, allow USB headsets or use standard bluetooth, there's tons of options day one (also, tons of cheap adapters in case of any standard audio jack), not to mention a much better price range.
Wuket  +   952d ago
WTF do they need to issue all these clarifying statements? Their entire PR department needs to be given the boot.
NihonjinChick  +   952d ago
They need to come out and address everything that needs to be cleared up in a single interview. Too much confusion surrounds so much about this console.
TheHardware  +   952d ago
"How not to launch a console"; by Microsoft...

lest hope in a year or two, they have corrected most of these missteps.
Cueil  +   951d ago
no... Maybe "How Not to Present a Console" would be a better choice... the launch is still 5 month away
candoa  +   952d ago
Well its been proven that the Xbox one is 50% more powerful, because of DX11. in fact they did a benchmark on youtube and it's show that game running on DX11 would increase frame rate significantly. The X1 ddr3 out perform the ps4 gddr5 when it comes to OS speed so that shows that the xbox1 will be smoother just like the xbox360 is smoother than the ps3. now the esram will increase the bandwidth of the ddr3 making even with the ps4 gddr5. That way the XBOX1 ram would be superior both ways.

badkolo  +   952d ago
they will play the numbers game like last gen how the ps3 was more pwoerful yet only a handful of exclusives showed that power, but i think x1 will stand toe to toe and eventually outdo the ps4 gfx wise but that wont be known for a while. Its dreaming and having high hopes that makes them think ms would release a console that wouldnt be able to keep up gfx wise
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   952d ago
I 100% agree with you, MS always delivers with the Xbox brand....... Kinect/Xbox live and all there amazing exclusives... Praise MS!!
KwietStorm  +   952d ago
And about the headset compatibility?
jjb1981  +   952d ago
Microsoft is always delivers? Sony is never Loses!
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Shellcase  +   951d ago
Can you link me on the youtube video?
jeffgoldwin  +   952d ago
I know its the trendy thing to hate on MS here (alot of it deserved don't get me wrong), but did you haters ever think about they upgraded their wireless to wifi direct so maybe the adaptors are necessary, but in the end good because of the better technology?

Plus that new port for headsets, they said is for faster data transfers.
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McScroggz  +   951d ago
That doesn't mean they can't put the headset in with the console. I'd be willing to bet they won't retail for more than $20, and considering they really need to sell the idea of a console that is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One I would hope they would try to pack in as many things as possible. Last I checked, they weren't packing in a HDMI cable either (which the PS4 reportedly is).

Pure and simple there is no justification for the headset being sold separately as relatively minor as it is.
TKCMuzzer  +   951d ago
Options, that's what's best all round, cater for your customers, let them use what they have or upgrade if they want. It would have cost them next to nothing to include a 2.5mm jack, just let it do both,I mean it is supposed to be the all in one entertainment device.......
weirdo  +   952d ago
^°°^ a delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary
jeffgoldwin  +   952d ago
there are a lot of fanboys on this site, lol. no1 gunna deny that.
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weirdo  +   952d ago
my above post was in response to @candoa
JBSleek  +   952d ago
To be fair lots of the bad press is also the press either spinning news or putting their best guests of things as fact.
xActionBasturdx  +   952d ago
I wonder if the wireless blutooth xbox headsets will be compatible i really hate listening to people thru my tv.
jeffgoldwin  +   951d ago
I believe they are using wifi direct. Which is better technology (more accurate, longer range/battery life).
#12.1 (Edited 951d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
CoLD FiRE  +   951d ago
Whoever disagreed with you must live in a different world. Wifi direct is faster, has longer range and better battery life. These are facts yet someone disagreed!
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Tyre  +   952d ago
Do you all realise that Microsoft managed to F us every generation with console cables/mics/ports/joypads/memc ards etc etc. With the Playsation I can still use my PS1 cable (yes the one i got WITH the system back in the day) on the still works and is compatible. Now that is value for customer money. I swear those F'ing greedy bastards at Microsoft are doing the 'changeup the accessoires' every generation on purpose to generate money for the company and rob us again. WHY RENDER ALL ACCESSOIRES INCOMPATIBLE??? You could at least keep em usable on XB1 next to the new accessoires. And why no bluetooth compatibility? Greedy inconsiderable Fs! It's just a Fing mic. Be reasonable Xbox gamers...THIS IS WACK FROM MS. try to disagree F'ing Fanboys.
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Morgue  +   951d ago
They are going the way of SEGA.

Selling Endless Game Adapters
jeffgoldwin  +   951d ago
A $10 adaptor is hardly worth raging over, imo. Frankly, Im glad MS made the bold move to adopt the superior wifi direct. Took a play right outta sony's play book rite there.

Come on now, regardless of what fanclub console you like, all of us here love improved technology such as x86, even though we lost BC. I think the trade off is worth it.
Tyre  +   951d ago
@jeffgoldwin ??? What has that got to do with accessoires compatibility between generations? Changing the connector of a cable (that has the exact same capability as the new accessoiry) so it doesn't fit the new generation is F'ing people over. WE DO NOT HAVE ISO STANDARDS FOR NOTHING. You are the exact example of a dumbass that believes all the BS that MS tells. Progress lol. They pulled this BS twice already and still the cables and mics are doing the exact same thing but have different connections so they cannot be re-used. Forcing people to buy the exact same cable/mic again. This isn't so hard to see? TVs don't change ports with every new version either. This has nothing to do with improving. An pathetic attempt to make this again look like some fanboy rant. For the 2nd time...don't be so blind. I'm no fanboy just a dissapointed long time customer.
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Software_Lover  +   951d ago
Wow, you obviously missed the ps1 and ps2 era. Addons galore.
RandomDude655  +   952d ago
Are they going to comment on the GPU downclock?
Cueil  +   951d ago
I think that's been put to rest
greenlantern2814  +   952d ago
MS has also severely limited people making 3rd party accessories with new policies so currently it's their headset or nothing.
Although they have said they are working on a solution
sevilha82  +   952d ago
Amazing what greed does to a company.not even a 15 bucks 35mm jack headset they offer,they force you to buy a "new tech"headphone if you just wanna to talk to your friends,they look just like apple.and i dont know if the people that possess a 5.1 or7.1 headset will be able to use them on the new console.this is just me guessing,i´ve seen nothing confiming this.theorectly they should work fine just by pluging them to the opctic cable port.
Bellcross  +   951d ago
That third console curse..
RandomDude655  +   951d ago
Microsoft always has to outdo the competitor.............their curse is the worst I've ever seen
Demobot  +   951d ago
Holy cow. Talk about a site full of whiners. The mic on the Kinect sensor act as the mic on a headset. What's the effin problem?
oldassgamer  +   951d ago
The problem is I now have a set of headphones that will be useless with X1, and MS is asking me to spend more money on another set of headphones that are only compatible with the X1. I'm not going to yell at a Kinect sensor that is across the room. Also, Kinect is only half the equation. Kinect doesn't cover the audio output portion of the chat. What if I don't want everyone in the house to hear the chat?
dethpuck  +   951d ago
Because you headphones are old tech and x1 has better audio. Yes it sucks but the audio on x1 wil be awesone
Cueil  +   951d ago
you'll be getting high quality audio... 7.1 surround sound can run through 120mbs that WIFI Direct give the controller... expect a lot better audio probably direct audio even
jessupj  +   951d ago
It's like at the board meeting when MS were fleshing out the Xbone, they asked...

How can we fk up every single aspect on the console?

I genuinely cannot comprehend how anyone could support such a console. Literally cannot comprehend how they think.
Vip3r  +   951d ago
So far the Xbone has more accessories than mardi gras.
Cueil  +   951d ago
NOTHING has more accessories then Mardi Gras or more T&A
KingKevo  +   951d ago
This is bullshit.

Remember back when the PS3 came out and the controller did not have rumble, Sony said it was not possible because of the six-axis technology, but that was a lie, they just had been sued for copyright infringement over the rumble.

This is a similar case. Microsoft is just lying and the real reason is that they want to get more money. They want to sell licences to headset manufactures to be able to ship headsets with the adapter and they want to sell these adapters themselves separately to be able to get that money out of the headset market and that stinks. MS is restricting something that has not been an issue for us gamers before and they are just doing it for their own good, cause they want to make an aspect of gaming more profitable that they did get nothing out of before (unless you bought a MS headset. Don't get fooled guys; MS is EVIL!!!!!
#21 (Edited 951d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DivineAssault  +   951d ago
Just looking to get every damn cent they can from consumers.. I hate M$ & wont support them this upcoming gen.. They were pretty good in the beginning but about half way into 360s lifespan, they became money hungry tyrants & stopped putting out exclusives that i like to play.. The xbox one is indeed a nice machine, its just overpriced & i know that i wont get as many great exclusives i like as i would with PS4..

PS4 has bluetooth, thus it will work with previous bluetooth headsets or the pulse wireless headphones that are out now ( i love them & they make playing games sooo much better).. M$ chose to make a new system that wont work with previous 360 headsets so you have to spend even more money on adaptors or new ones.. Why doesnt xbox one have bluetooth? Theres no excuse for that.. PS4 works with older headphones & comes with one just in case you dont already have a pair.. Thats a great bonus! It looks like a basic mono headset but its modern, sleek, & better than nothing!

M$ is making some really big mistakes with this console by only appealing to people who like sports, online shooting, & kinect casual style motion games. I dont think its TV features are anything gamers will care about either.. PS3 didnt come with headsets & sony paid for it by having lifeless network when playing online.. Looks like both companies are following each others footsteps.. Sony took the correct things M$ did while M$ took the wrong like by being cocky & greedy..

I wonder how this will all turn out.. Im pretty sure xbox one will not do well outside NA & will lose some of their fan base as well.. Sony has em beat in every way
Software_Lover  +   951d ago
.............. They upgraded the audio and how it's accessed. They will get an adapter out for you. It's not that serious.

I agree it should have bluetooth, but that is another argument for another day.
#22.1 (Edited 951d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
CaulkSlap  +   951d ago
In other words they wanted to use a proprietary peripheral port to force people to buy new headsets.
edonus   951d ago | Spam
jackdaddy  +   951d ago
It's not really a big deal. I'm getting a PS4.
iliimaster  +   951d ago
just like apple realized they cant make money on leaving the new ipods and ipads and iphones charge port so they could make up money lost and screwed everyone.... M$ did just that its just another B$ excuse to charge more its already a nightmare price wise....
buynit  +   951d ago
Man... Ms has lost their way.

What ever, im not buying an xb1 any time soon when it launches anyway and that's even if i decide to get one, Its just one fuck up after another..

Its going to be interesting to see if ms can come back down to earth before they float away into space.
#27 (Edited 951d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
hazardman  +   951d ago
To me its no big deal. I mean i bought a bluetooth headset for my PS3 and didnt cry about it. That Polk Audio Stereo wireless headset is sweet. Im just gonna get that. If you haven't see it go xbox site.

I got my camo bluetooth and im happy that i wont have to upgrade tho that Sony Stereo is great! Maybe a Black Friday buy!
badvlad  +   951d ago
how many statement are they gonna announce fking monkeys
timl241  +   951d ago
I just don't understand people. Why is this a problem??? If you're getting the X1 it will come with Kinect that you can talk and hear people through. I would much rather have that than those terrible looking ear buds. It's like you guys are shitting on MS for making more advancements. They made a new port that is better than the last. That's bad?

NEWS FLASH PEOPLE - Talking through something so other people can hear and you can hear them is BETTER technology than the standard ass ear buds that PS is providing. They couldn't even design them better? Why couldn't they make them with the rubber tips? Instead they look like old ass iPod headphones.

Typical Sony fanboys...
timl241  +   951d ago
And the PS3 didn't even have a port for headphones, you had to plug it into the console. Come on people, smarten up.
Petro  +   951d ago
SpinalRemains138  +   950d ago
You're joking right?
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