E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV: Where is the RPG?

There's still plenty of reason to be worried about Square Enix, despite their recent reveal of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III.

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kalkano1880d ago

FFXVI will also be an action-RPG. Bet on it.

I agree that FFX was the last truly great FF. In fact, it's really the last one that really was a Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy began a slow, painful death, when Square merged with Enix. Who could have known it would go so wrong?

Blankolf1879d ago

Yeah what I saw in the trailer got me excited but it was a clusterfuck of images I couldn't understand any of the gameplay.

Where's the timed RPG, where you would draw your tactic like FFVII or FFX or FFX-2, it's all gone.

Kalowest1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

This is a stupid article, from the get-go they said Verses/XV would be an Action-RPG like Kingdom Hearts. I you were following Verses/XV you should know this.
The gameplay looks awesome and the story seem to be interesting.

kalkano1879d ago

But now it's a main title, and they are clearly pushing the entire franchise in this direction. Spin-offs are fine as action-RPGs. But, main entries are supposed to be turn-based.

We already have a Kingdom Hearts franchise. Why do we need two?

Bimkoblerutso1879d ago

Turn-based RPG's just don't sell like they used to. To pull down a AAA budget nowadays, developers are..."urged" to design around proven trends, and the trend right now is cinematic action. That's the direction XIII hinted at and that's the direction XV is clearly going.

It could still be great, it will just be a great...action game. You're probably just going to have to accept that turn-based RPG's are going to be the almost exclusive domain of niche-Japanese developers for the foreseeable future.

FinalFantasyFan1872d ago


Which rule states tha main entries should only be turn based and spin-offs can be action rpgs? The way this game is going is the only way to save the series. And would u be happy if they made KH turn based and made the main FF series action? Personally I would. With how poor turn based rpgs became, they should take a back seat and allow action rpgs to evolve. It's best for both.

VileAndVicious1879d ago

"FFX was the last truly great FF."
No. Just no. Square makes one bad final fantasy game in the main series and all of a sudden the franchise is in decline? FFX wasnt exactly a bed of roses either (it wasn't as bad as XIII, but it had its moments)

kalkano1879d ago

X was fantastic. X-2 was an abomination. XII was pretty good. XIII was...ok, I guess. XIII-2 was not good. XIII-3 looks like a total piece of crap.

X was the last game that played like a Final Fantasy. That released in 2001. The series is not in decline "all of a sudden". It's been in decline for over a decade.

VileAndVicious1879d ago

So again. FFX wasn't that great it's was "ok".
I wouldn't exactly call x-2 an "abomination" outside of the story it was actually pretty fun. I would Say over all it was "ok".
FFii was good despite its weak story.
And XIII was bad not "ok"
FFXIII-2 was much better than its predecessor.

Do I don't see the series as in "decline" there has really been only one truly bad game abd a few so so entries.

Tiqila1879d ago

FFXII was also great!

Mounce1879d ago

Nothing wrong with Action RPG''s like a beautiful blend of good visuals, great artistic style that isn't filled with people like Vaan from FF12:


So, everything is respectfully set in place - and its gameplay is a blend of Kingdom Hearts and FF with the equip and level up/stat system, perhaps a job system too and the like.

What's not to love? a LOT of FF fans have been waiting for this. Those who still want Turn-based can play Lost Odyssey as it is a GREAT game that still retained the old feel of FF. That and to potentially wait and see if a Lost Odyssey sequel or prequel comes out ;_;

AsheXII1879d ago

Battle system has nothing to do with the fact its an RPG, Final Fantasy has always had experimental battle systems, and they will keep that trend. Thats what makes those games fresh.

If you want a traditional Turn based franchise play Dragon quest.

levian1879d ago

I don't understand why so many people dislike or dismiss FFXII. In my eyes it was one of the greats, on par with FFIII/VI. It had a ton of secrets and option content, and was more open world than a lot of FF games.

The combat was a lot better than most FF games, where you just attack and cure when you need to. This game magic is useful, you can actually status effect enemies and some bosses, adding tactics to fights. It wasn't an action game but had aspects of an action game.

VileAndVicious1879d ago

I agree. I've put more hours into ff12 than any of the others in the series. I thought the game was brilliant.

levian1879d ago

I find it strange how hostile people are towards the game. Most likely because they were against the change to the combat system, but IMO it was the best change they've made to a FF game, and I'd be ecstatic if they made combat similar in all future games.

FinalFantasyFan1872d ago


"FFXVI will also be an action-RPG. Bet on it."
And I hope it will be. We don't want the next generation to be a repeat of SE's failure in this generation.

Also, action rpgs became the favored genre this generation, and FF15 has a chance to shine, since most of the past action rpgs had boring tasteless stories and/or boring combat, FF15 could be the game to deliver both a great story and fun gameplay.

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Need4Game1880d ago

SQUARE ENIX have no Money to make the RPG that Fans wanted.

Few Possible ways to have a proper FF RPG is;
1. Kickstarter

2. MMORPG component add-on for FINAL FANTASY XV.
That'll attract Investment, because FF11 was SQUARE ENIX most Profitable Game.

I expect SQUARE ENIX do everything,
and MMO that have customizable Battle Airships sounds fun.

FFXV AirShips Battles !

die_fiend1879d ago

Have no money? Did u see the Agni's philosophy. Or the quality of the cutscenes and graphics of Final Fantasy XV. Let me tell you that that stuff isn't cheap

aetze1879d ago

You acknowledged that "Agni's philosophy" is not cheap.

Plus, its clear from SQUARE ENIX continuosly falling stock price that they have no money, to make the RPG that Fans wanted.

kalkano1879d ago

I would think it would have been slightly cheaper to make it turn-based...

kalkano1879d ago

Anyone want to explain why they disagree?

Neo-Axl1880d ago

... I've been waiting for this one for far to long, was amongst my original reasons to buy a PS3 back in the day.

It looks incredible thus far, all that time seems to pay off indeed!

Neo-Axl1879d ago

Disagree crew are on the march, Beware!

PeaSFor1879d ago

Wheres the RPG?

uh....its the same gameplaythan KH, so yeah its a RPG.

Firan1879d ago

There are hardly any RPG elements in KH games.

PeaSFor1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

...look like some peoples doesnt know the meaning of RPG, theres is a LOT of different types and thats just too bad that we see peoples thinking that the ONLY "real" rpg are turn based.

whats next?? will we stop to call a 2d platformers "real plateformer" simply because you have more option than being forced to go from the left to the right?

gamers these days...... what a bunch of confused silly kids.

Firan1879d ago

Who the hell said anything about turn based? Not me so why you are throwing a tantrum about that is beyond me.

Tell me why KH games are RPGs then. There's a leveling system and uh... What else?

I do know there are different RPG sub-genres and all but that doesn't mean a few RPG elements make any game a RPG.

arronax-11879d ago

Hardly any in Crisis Core and people were okay with that.

The Great Melon1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Practically every game is an RPG if you consider the fact that you almost always assume a ROLE and PLAY a GAME. You need to add more letters or adjectives to the acronym in order to prevent Mario, Call of Duty, and Assassin's Creed from falling under its reach.

zerocrossing1879d ago

Not really. When most people think of an RPG they expect some kind tactical battle system where you need to plan your actions ahead of the enemies, use buffs and such, or better yet a turn based battle system. Lost Odyssey already proved the old system still works perfectly well.

FF-XV looks like a straight up action game to me, with some light RPG elements just like Kingdom Hearts was. Nothing wrong with that I suppose but it's just a shame to see Final Fantasy completely turning away from what had drawn so many gamers to it to begin with, simply to gain mass appeal... I suppose that's just the way the industry is right now.

VileAndVicious1879d ago

THANK YOU!! rpg doesn't mean turn based!! Lol glass someone else understands this.

MoveTheGlow1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Here we go. Ontological arguments on what it means to "be" an RPG carried angrily by whiny fanboys (or, not be, because the negative side of it is the most fun to scream about). You guys know that buffs, experience points, elemental attacks, and HP were all in Borderlands, right? I want a *traditional Japanese turn-based RPG* just as much as any of you, but I'm not going to sit here and complain that an E3 video of an upcoming game for an unreleased console isn't an RPG in the broadest sense. Nearly every new game out there co-opted the traditional RPG in some way. Jesus Jones.

Look, if you haven't played FF7: Crisis Core on PSP yet, go do that. That was a Final Fantasy game with action elements, real-time menu options for which weapons, skills, and magic to use, and it was great. Was it repetitive and grindy and really silly by the time you were dealing 99999 damage? Absolutely. But it was fun. It was way better than anything else past Final Fantasy X, that's for sure. The right guys are designing this particular game, so sit back, relax, and let's see what this is all about once it's playable. If it sucks, then they're the wrong guys, and we can lambaste their next attempt at a game.

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Enemy1879d ago

It's an action game with RPG elements. Get used to it, Square-Enix don't know wtf they're doing anymore.

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