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IGN – PlayStation 4: Up Close and Personal

IGN have the PS4 in the IGN office, here's what IGN think (PS4)

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abzdine  +   396d ago
it looks sexier than i thought. I have to wait too long time this is becoming torture.
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Donnieboi  +   396d ago
Hope they make white & silver versions
Omar91  +   395d ago
If they do Then I'm screwed because I'm buying it at launch :(
minimur12  +   395d ago
people say IGN are playstation favoured, but its because playstation are such a nice company - no fanboyism intended.

Shuhei yoshida - hangs out with them at a podcast and goes out with them how cool is this guy?

Do you REALLY think Don Matrick would ever do that? let alone get away with it
ABizzel1  +   395d ago

No they're not PS favored, it's just the PlayStation team does more and has the better shows compared to the other teams. Greg, Collin, and formerly Ryan were always reports something PlayStation, doing podcast, and videos on PlayStation so it seemed IGN was more of a PlayStation site. Their Xbox team just doesn't do nearly as much. I've seen more from the Nintendo team than them.
PSjesus  +   395d ago
Not really most of US gaming sites support Xbox and it's exclusive....but that's it MS since 2009 didn't offer anything new or good exclusive other than Halo and Gears
xHeavYx  +   396d ago
Word says they had an Xbox One too, but it went away because it was embarrassed
Relientk77  +   396d ago
Seems legit
JoGam  +   396d ago
hellzsupernova  +   396d ago
Wish I had a ps4 :( damn you ign
jobboy  +   395d ago
yes but...with no games....i think it's even harder lol
colonel179  +   396d ago
Like I commented before, the blue light would look better if it was on along the entire console.
Relientk77  +   396d ago
I love the design

also thanx to this video I know where the power, and eject buttons are lol, never noticed them before

edit @ below: thanx glad to know I wasnt the only one
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first1NFANTRY  +   396d ago
Same here, I was wondering where those darn buttons were.
thedon8982z  +   395d ago
Funny I figured that out lookn at HD images but what baffled me was where exactly is the disk-load slot!!! Anyway payed mine off today now for that pesky release date so I can take a week off!!!4>1!!!
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vikingland1  +   396d ago
Purdie,Slick,Beautiful, and many more adjectives that I can't think of with my limited vocabulary.
FullMetalTech  +   396d ago
It does look great. Reminds me of a ps2.
k2d  +   395d ago
I does, doesn't it?

img.tapatalk.com/d/13/06/13/9 ynaba2e.jpg
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Destrania  +   396d ago
I need a PS4 now!
Majin-vegeta  +   396d ago
Reminds of the original fat PS2 but more stretched out.

Can't wait for this.Day 1 baby.
Waddy101  +   396d ago
They mentioned the power brick, shuhei just said that it is inside the console so no power brick outside :D
Why o why  +   396d ago
It's Rocket Science
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thechosenone  +   396d ago
It looks so damn good! And the controller....omg the controller!
Clarence  +   396d ago
It actually looks better than what I thought.
Blankolf  +   396d ago
This is the true heir of PS2, the one worth of siting on the iron throne.
thebigman  +   396d ago
Interesting that they weren't allowed to show the back of the console. Doesn't Sony already have pictures put up?
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younglj01  +   396d ago
yea that was kind of strange that they are not allowed too show the back of the console.
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PirateThom  +   396d ago
Maybe there's something different they're waiting to show off?

Pure speculation though.
thebigman  +   396d ago

Who knows? Could be an engineering concern where they don't want pictures other than the officials being released so that people can't get a look inside the vents.
GribbleGrunger  +   396d ago
I'd say it was just because it was an empty casing.
mark134uk  +   395d ago
i think is because they dont want to show off the oculus rift port :)
karl  +   396d ago
haha those shoes dont go with the suit m8..

but hey.. i only noticed after like four minutes of not being able to stop looking at the ps4 =P

looks awesome
jcnba28  +   396d ago
I don't like the look of it, looks like a massive eraser.
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threefootwang  +   396d ago
To erase the xboner 1 from history
carmelo43  +   396d ago
Why can't they show the back of the unit?
edonus  +   396d ago
And where are the vents. I know gddr5ram is carved from unicorn horn and the gpu uses stardust but every computer I ever seen or had that was really powerful had some good venting. This thing has nothing.

Maybe there is a occulus rift port in the back. I would have to get one then.
BKsecret  +   396d ago
Actually there's vents throughout the console, but they are cleverly hidden. The biggest vents are on the back, obviously.
Parapraxis  +   395d ago
The whole back of the thing is vents.

Not that you'd care, you're too busy being "clever".
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iceman06  +   396d ago
They stated in the video that the prototype "case" was running on batteries. I am assuming that this was indeed just a case...nothing inside except a battery to power the LED light. Therefore, there would be nothing to see in the back.
drsfinest72  +   395d ago
Ps4 is not attractive at all
CaptainPunch  +   395d ago
Looks good, reminds me of the PS2.
HmongAmerican  +   395d ago
Help! the video doesn't play for me. click play but video not loading just black screen. I am using Chrome.
KontryBoy706  +   395d ago
I can't freaking wait to get my hands on this thing
SpinalRemains138  +   395d ago
I love the ps2 eque look of it. Return to greatness.

DivineAssault  +   395d ago
Ive never wanted a system so bad in my life! There were some great launches in the past that made me want the console but none made me drool as much as this.. Theres over 5 games i want on day 1 (even though ill only buy 2) & Sony finally made a new dual shock that i cant wait to hold..

They finally changed those rounded nubs for a much better set of analog sticks & the triggers look absolutely perfect now! LED bar, 6axis, accelerometer, gyroscope, touchpad (thats a button too), & a lil speaker for added sound effects up close.. It is such an advancement over the xbox one controller that its no contest.. Ill gladly take all these features over some rumbling triggers that i read were a bit oversized & not as comfortable as 360.. The dual shock 4 has over 5 more features than the x1 pad..

I am going to be one happy ass mo fo when i pay for this thing & walk out the store with a fresh new box.. That rare great feeling when you open up a new console is unparalleled.. Then turning it on to optimize your settings is just an amazing experience.. PS4 Life! Day 1 baby!

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