IGN – PlayStation 4: Up Close and Personal

IGN have the PS4 in the IGN office, here's what IGN think

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abzdine1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

it looks sexier than i thought. I have to wait too long time this is becoming torture.

Donnieboi1991d ago

Hope they make white & silver versions

Omar911991d ago

If they do Then I'm screwed because I'm buying it at launch :(

minimur121991d ago

people say IGN are playstation favoured, but its because playstation are such a nice company - no fanboyism intended.

Shuhei yoshida - hangs out with them at a podcast and goes out with them how cool is this guy?

Do you REALLY think Don Matrick would ever do that? let alone get away with it

ABizzel11991d ago


No they're not PS favored, it's just the PlayStation team does more and has the better shows compared to the other teams. Greg, Collin, and formerly Ryan were always reports something PlayStation, doing podcast, and videos on PlayStation so it seemed IGN was more of a PlayStation site. Their Xbox team just doesn't do nearly as much. I've seen more from the Nintendo team than them.

PSjesus1991d ago

Not really most of US gaming sites support Xbox and it's exclusive....but that's it MS since 2009 didn't offer anything new or good exclusive other than Halo and Gears

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xHeavYx1991d ago

Word says they had an Xbox One too, but it went away because it was embarrassed

hellzsupernova1991d ago

Wish I had a ps4 :( damn you ign

jobboy1991d ago

yes but...with no games....i think it's even harder lol

colonel1791991d ago

Like I commented before, the blue light would look better if it was on along the entire console.

Relientk771991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I love the design

also thanx to this video I know where the power, and eject buttons are lol, never noticed them before

edit @ below: thanx glad to know I wasnt the only one

first1NFANTRY1991d ago

Same here, I was wondering where those darn buttons were.

THEDON82z11991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Funny I figured that out lookn at HD images but what baffled me was where exactly is the disk-load slot!!! Anyway payed mine off today now for that pesky release date so I can take a week off!!!4>1!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.